Fake Legs Left Near Memorial Dedicated To Man Killed By Shark

CBS Boston (News) 7/19 5:28P News – CBS Boston
WELLFLEET (CBS) Fake limbs keep showing up at a Wellfleet Memorial dedicated to a man killed by a shark. Now Wellfleet Police are investigating. They say since March, three fake legs have been left at...

Two Delta Planes Clip Wings At Logan Airport

CBS Boston (News) 7/19 5:09P News – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS) – Two Delta planes clipped wings on the tarmac at Logan Airport Friday night. The two planes, a Boeing 767 and a Boeing 757, made contact at Terminal A at about 8:15 pm, according to the FAA. Delta flight 2488 had just landed from...

Surveillance Video Shows Red Line Train Derailment In Dorchester

CBS Boston (News) 7/19 12:46P News – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS) – The MBTA has released surveillance video of the derailment on the Red Line. It happened on June 11 when the train derailed just outside the JFK/UMass station during the morning commute....

Marshfield Teen Reels In Giant Tuna

CBS Boston (News) 7/19 12:24P News – CBS Boston
MARSHFIELD (CBS) Since the time he could walk, Anthony Tavares has had a fishing rod in his hands. Now that he’s 14, he usually shows up his teacher his dad. “He always catches either the bigger fish,...

Utility Crews Prepare For Weekend Heat Wave

CBS Boston (News) 7/19 12:01P News – CBS Boston
NEEDHAM (CBS) – As temperatures continue to rise, people are cranking up the air conditioning – giving utility crews plenty of work to do this weekend. “This is when the breakers start to pop,...

As Heatwave Hits, Don’t Forget That Animals Get Hot, Too

CBS Boston (News) 7/19 11:25A News – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS) – With temperatures expected to climb to 100, animal experts are warning people to keep a close eye on their pets. This morning, the animals at the Zoo New England were given ice treats...

Heatwave Begins: Oppressively Hot And Humid Weekend Ahead

CBS Boston (News) 7/19 9:36A News – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS) The heat is on. Temperatures on Friday rose above 90 in the afternoon, meaning the heatwave has officially begun. A reminder that to attain an official heatwave, you must hit 90 or higher...

World War II Warship Found After 75 Years Off The Coast Of Maine

CBS Boston (News) 7/19 8:57A News – CBS Boston
(CNN) The USS Eagle PE-56 was supporting Navy training exercises off the coast of Maine when an explosion tore it in half in April 1945. Only 13 people survived, and 49 officers and crew members went down with the ship. For 75 years, no one knew...

Red Sox Fans Take Homeless Man Out To The Ballgame With Their Extra Ticket

CBS Boston (News) 7/19 8:08A News – CBS Boston
(CNN) Three friends with an extra ticket were heading to Tuesday s Boston Red Sox game, looking for someone to give it to. Sean Wetzonis, Pedro Lugo and Francisco Rios and another friend, all from Malden, Massachusetts, had their whole evening...

Boston Police Looking For Missing 16-Year-Old With Medical Condition

CBS Boston (News) 7/19 7:36A News – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS) – Boston Police are asking the public to help find missing 16-year-old Frank Berry. The department said he was last seen around 63 Ritchie St. in Roxbury at noon on Sunday. Missing Person Alert: The Boston Police Department is...
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