4 Body-Boosting Supplements That Really Work!

A Few Good Gum Drops 8/4 6:44A Betsy Brown
Do you have low energy? If you do, you’re not alone. It’s something that affects countless people, even those who profess to live a healthy lifestyle.  There are many causes of low energy. In fact, there are so many, that running through them all...

Keep It Casual With the Balenciaga Paris City Cap

A Few Good Gum Drops 8/2 1:50A Betsy Brown
The all cotton baseball cap and represents the ultimate casual wardrobe staple. That doesn t mean it can t feel sophisticated, however. The simple name Balenciaga should do the trick. It s embroidered across the front of this simple white cap, as...

The Definition of Athletic Prep: Burberry

A Few Good Gum Drops 7/28 4:47A Betsy Brown
The Definition of Athletic Prep: Burberry TB Monogram Vintage Check Baseball Cap When you picture sporty style, you probably think of the classic baseball cap or the bucket hat. This certainly adds athletic appeal to your favorite outfits, but it...

Best Tips To Improve The Curb Appeal Of Your Home

A Few Good Gum Drops 7/13 3:41P Betsy Brown
The exterior of your home is the first thing that people see when they visit. Therefore, it s essential to make an excellent first impression! However, if your home doesn t look its best on the street, it can be challenging to sell. The following...

A Quick Guide on Designing The Perfect Home for Entertaining

A Few Good Gum Drops 7/9 4:09P Betsy Brown
There s nothing better than having friends and family over for a night of fun and laughs. But, to ensure your guests have a good time, you need to have the perfect home designed for entertaining! This quick guide will cover some tips on making...

Add a Touch of Whimsy With the FRAME Cotton Frankie Tee

A Few Good Gum Drops 7/7 6:23A Betsy Brown
When you picture whimsical style, you probably don t think of the color black. It would be a shame to skip out on this unique opportunity just because you re accustomed to girly looks in white or pastels. Integrate fanciful details into a black...

Go Edgy With the Cotton Citizen Distressed Crewneck Tee

A Few Good Gum Drops 6/27 1:29P Betsy Brown
The distressed look may dominate the denim world, but why should it be limited to jeans alone? Take the concept a step further with a crewneck tee that s just the right amount of edgy. Its distressed trim is visible at the sleeves and neckline....

Let’s Talk About Your Yard This Summer!

A Few Good Gum Drops 6/22 7:11P Betsy Brown
What does the perfect sophisticated yard look like for the summer season? The jury is still on, but there are certainly some essentials you want to have on your list. Indeed, as the weather stations are recording heat records throughout the...

Flared Heels: Live the Drama

A Few Good Gum Drops 6/22 1:23A Betsy Brown
Chunky heels made a roaring return a few years back, and now, they re taking on exciting new shapes.These shoes have been referred to as a smaller version of a horse s hoof. I think they are very cool and can be seen on several celebs. Believe it...

Gold Hoop Earrings Are This Summer’s Staple

A Few Good Gum Drops 6/18 3:34A Betsy Brown
Over the summer my look is pretty casual. I like to step it up with a pair of earrings and a necklace. One of my favorite summer styles is a pair of jean shorts, a white tee, sandals, a baseball cap, and simple but elegant gold channel set...

5 Ways You Can Beat Summer Damage to Your Home

A Few Good Gum Drops 6/17 3:01P Betsy Brown
The hotter weather is excellent for enjoying the season. However, Summer damage to your home is a risk. Here are some tips for preparing your house for the worst the season has. Inspect and Prepare Your Roof A damaged roof is the worst thing that...

Pamper Your Feet with Rubber Shoes

A Few Good Gum Drops 6/16 12:33A Betsy Brown
When fashionable summer footwear comes to mind, you probably don t picture rubber sandals. Maybe you should — this year s designs offer a lot to love. Designers are getting in on the action and, so far, they have yet to disappoint. Beware rubber...

Add Spice to Your Summer Wardrobe With These Sizzling Pants

A Few Good Gum Drops 6/9 1:15P Betsy Brown
Summer isn t just for dresses or shorts. Lighter fabrics and dreamy colors allow you to keep longer pants around. This is your opportunity to show off some truly daring styles. Pair with your favorite sandals and get ready to make a statement....

Drop Dead Gorgeous Earrings to Show Off

A Few Good Gum Drops 6/6 5:19P Betsy Brown
Bring a bit of artistry to your jewelry collection with help from gorgeous drop earrings. We ve seen some lovely designs as of late, with many integrating vibrant colors to great effect. Whimsical or sophisticated, these earrings always hit the...
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