Shopbop’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale ????????

A Few Good Gum Drops 11/26 6:18A Betsy Brown
Can’t wait to share Shopbop’s Black Friday-Cyber Monday Sale with all you lovely ladies! Doesn’t get any better than shopping for the latest trends, best in fashion, and must-have accessories at amazing jaw-dropping prices! Oh the weather outside...

Shearling Takes Over Sneakers, Heels, and Even Slippers

A Few Good Gum Drops 11/19 2:44A Betsy Brown
A little shearling can transform an ordinary pair of winter boots, adding both comfort and whimsy to any cold-weather look. The style is by no means limited to boots, however. We re loving the creative ways in which designers are integrating...

Of Course I Want Diamonds For Christmas!

A Few Good Gum Drops 11/17 2:31A Betsy Brown
With the holidays coming up sooner than later I like to get my gift lists ready for my husband. This list happens to be just for me! This year, I want all the diamonds! We all know “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”.  Last year I wanted a...

Bomber Jackets From Japanese Designer Sacai

A Few Good Gum Drops 11/9 2:31A Betsy Brown
As the ultimate layering tool for fall and winter, the bomber jacket is a wardrobe staple. It can be surprisingly sleek and sophisticated, as demonstrated by Japanese luxury brand Sacai. As you hunt for the perfect bomber jacket, keep these...

How To Become Better With Fashion Photography Using Just 2 Tips

A Few Good Gum Drops 10/29 10:37A Betsy Brown
Most people know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Fashion gives a thousand and one words. Fashion photography, as a subset of the photographic genre, has existed for a long time. While its origins may be older, its practice by renowned...

Hit the Town With These Colorful Designer Bags

A Few Good Gum Drops 10/27 5:14A Betsy Brown
We could all use a burst of cheerful color in our day-to-day lives especially during the drab end of fall-winter months. Why not add it in the form of a designer bag? Excellent options are currently available from Gucci and Balenciaga. We re...

The Benefits of ac-11® For Your Skin

A Few Good Gum Drops 10/25 10:29A Betsy Brown
Nature can be one of the most powerful tools in the world for those who are interested in skincare. Plants contain many of the essential elements and compounds that your skin needs, along with plenty of others that can improve the health of this...

How To Dress For Your Next Job Interview

A Few Good Gum Drops 10/18 11:07A Betsy Brown
Deciding what to wear to your next job interview can be difficult—especially if you’re not sure how formal the interview will be or if you’ve never interviewed at that company before. Is it okay to wear jeans? What about sneakers? This guide will...

Tips On How To Get Rid Of Bacteria And Germs In Your Home

A Few Good Gum Drops 10/14 3:30P Betsy Brown
We spend a lot of time thinking about how to keep our homes clean, even as a lifestyle blogger! But do you know the best way to do it? This blog post will give you some helpful tips on how to get rid of bacteria and germs in your home so that you...

Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend

A Few Good Gum Drops 10/11 3:47P Betsy Brown
This is one of the truest statements ever, isn t it? Diamonds really are a girl s best friend. When I go out to buy a piece of jewelry or my husband decides to go jewelry shopping, we always go right for the diamonds. I just love how they...

Shopbop’s Buy More Save More Fall Sales Event

A Few Good Gum Drops 10/11 1:02A Betsy Brown
We’ve all come to love Shopbop’s Buy More Save More Events. There are so many items that I’m loving. Perfect pieces for fall that you’ll live styling. This incredible event will take place from Monday 10/11 at 8:00am Eastern Standard Time to...

6 Clever Ideas for Living a Luxurious Lifestyle

A Few Good Gum Drops 9/27 6:53A Betsy Brown
When thinking about a luxurious lifestyle, what comes to your mind? For most people, fancy dinners, vacations, and high-end items like cars, expensive handbags, and designer clothing comes to their minds. And suppose that is what you picture too....

What To Wear To a Garden Party

A Few Good Gum Drops 9/25 9:36A Betsy Brown
A garden party is an amazingly fun, unique event that you’re probably incredibly excited to attend – the only catch? Finding something to wear, of course. While navigating a formal event that’s taking place outdoors might seem tricky, it’s really...

Birkenstocks: Comfy And Surprisingly Stylish

A Few Good Gum Drops 9/24 4:02A Betsy Brown
The Birkenstock used to be the ultimate function over fashion kind of sandal also known as the hippy-dippy earthy-crunchy shoe. These days, however, Birkenstocks are available in many designs, some of which are downright trendy. They remain as...

Throwing Shade in Colorful Balenciaga Sunglasses

A Few Good Gum Drops 9/21 1:06A Betsy Brown
Add a touch of pizzazz to your beloved designer sunglasses and ditch your usual black shades. The latest looks from Balenciaga include bright colors that are bound to attract attention. I wear sunglasses all year round so I’m excited to find ones...
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