DIY Projects Every Homeowner Can Tackle This Summer

A Few Good Gum Drops 7/29 9:31A Betsy Brown
Home is where the heart is, and it can be hard to feel that way if you don t love your place. Yet, every homeowner has those days where they wish their home looked different. Maybe it s the paint or the furniture- anything at all! If you are...

Crew Neck Tees are Trending For Summer… Here’s Our Favs

A Few Good Gum Drops 6/22 2:48P Betsy Brown
If you think you re the only one noticing crewneck tees all around this summer, you re not. Crewnecks have always been a super popular summer fashion piece, but this year they re exploding!  One of the main reasons for this phenomenon is the...

Still Committed to Pandemic Style?

A Few Good Gum Drops 6/20 1:19A Betsy Brown
Still, Committed to Pandemic Style? Of course! That s why we love Nike and Adidas Sweats. The pandemic has left an indelible imprint on every aspect of fashion. This is certainly true for athleisure, which, although important prior to COVID, is...

Bucket Hats-The Casual 90’s Style

A Few Good Gum Drops 6/10 5:50A Betsy Brown
Recapture the casual style of the 90s while wearing an effortlessly cool bucket hat. Ideal for the beach, this look delivers the perfect summer vibes. Remember the old adage? What’s old is new again! The Bucket Hat is a must-have for summer. The...

Designer Straw Hats: Feminine, Comfy, Cute, Versatile

A Few Good Gum Drops 6/1 3:00P Betsy Brown
Quaint in the best possible way, straw hats can be a surprisingly fashionable accessory. Wear with a cute sundress or your favorite pair of jeans as you hit the great outdoors for a day of casual fun. Wear it your way and make any of these fun...

Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends For 2021

A Few Good Gum Drops 5/26 1:29P Betsy Brown
Possibly the best thing about getting married is how many cool choices you have to make. It s honestly a time in your life where you feel truly pampered and treated like royalty. From choosing your wedding dress to picking flower arrangements,...

Bala Weight Bracelets: Train Like a Warrior, Look Like a Queen

A Few Good Gum Drops 5/24 11:37A Betsy Brown
Ankle weights need not be purely functional. Bala adds bright colors to its weighted bracelets, which are comfortable and versatile enough to be incorporated in a variety of workouts. From yoga to running, these fun Bala bangles can be added to...

10 Luxury Ideas for a Glamorous Staycation

A Few Good Gum Drops 5/12 7:15A Betsy Brown
If you’re not planning a vacation abroad this year, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy living the lap of luxury at home. You could book a trip to a local destination, or even just an amazing day out. There are also many ways to treat yourself...

4 Smart Ideas for Revitalizing your Backyard Garden

A Few Good Gum Drops 5/4 12:31P Betsy Brown
How often have you sat in your backyard garden and wished it had more life to it? Trying to revitalize it can seem like a huge task. And hiring your local gardeners to do the work, maybe an expense you can’t manage right now. But that doesn’t...

How to Pack Your Suitcase for a Vacation

A Few Good Gum Drops 4/26 5:29P Betsy Brown
Are you planning a vacation and wondering what you should or should not include? Probably, you ve found yourself on a trip having packed a lot of things but not enough of what you ll need. To avoid this: Take time to understand your travel...
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