Treat Your Feet With Balenciaga Sock Sneakers

A Few Good Gum Drops 5/12 9:29A Betsy Brown
Balenciaga may rest at the pinnacle of high-end fashion, but several of the designer s latest offerings also integrate athletic-oriented features to promote the perfect blend of style and functionality. There s no need to sacrifice aesthetic or...

Signs You Might Not Be Healthy, Even If You Think You Are

A Few Good Gum Drops 5/5 12:04P Betsy Brown
Maybe you’re losing more hair than normal or have gained some extra weight. Maybe you’re always tired or your partner is complaining about your snoring. There are probably perfectly harmless reasons for these everyday things, but there could also...

Time To Go Bold With Gucci Lipstick!

A Few Good Gum Drops 5/2 12:12A Betsy Brown
Intense colors and long-lasting finishes make Gucci a compelling choice when you re on the hunt for high-end lipstick. These bold options are especially worth adding to your makeup collection: Rouge de Beaute Brilliant Shine Glow and Care...

Bright Green Gets a New Lease on Life This Spring

A Few Good Gum Drops 4/25 6:04A Betsy Brown
Jill Green is about to take over in a big way in the spring. Emerald and neon shades, in particular, will make an impression, especially in the form of cashmere sweaters and leather bags.  Arch4 The Ivy Cashmere Sweater This sweater is...

Unique Wedding Details To Wow Your Guests

A Few Good Gum Drops 4/19 4:05P Betsy Brown
Most brides want your wedding to be something that really stands out in people’s memories when they look back on your big day. The fact that it’s your wedding automatically makes it special, but adding some unique, interesting touches that match...

Make Your Home As Wonderful As It Can Be This Summer!

A Few Good Gum Drops 4/12 11:44A Betsy Brown
Have you given a thought to the fact that summer is fast approaching? Blink and you’re going to miss spring entirely, because that’s how fast time is flying at the moment. Due to the fact that summer is coming, you need to start preparing now. In...

Is Your Home Feeling A Little Boring? Here’s 3 Easy Fixes!

A Few Good Gum Drops 4/11 12:07P Betsy Brown
Is your home feeling a little boring? Are you bored of being bored? Good, it’s time to do something about this. Whether you go to work in the morning and return in the evening, or whether you stay home all day, you still don’t want to live in a...

Top Tips For Luxury Vacationing In Dubai

A Few Good Gum Drops 4/7 10:56A Betsy Brown
While your wardrobe may be overflowing with luxury clothing and creative outfits, it s important that you make the rest of your life as stylish as you are. One way in which you can achieve this goal is by treating yourself to a luxury vacation,...

Gorgeous Perfume Packaging: Worth Every Penny

A Few Good Gum Drops 3/23 6:38A Betsy Brown
Beautiful perfume packaging is a quintessential component of the fragrance experience. There s something lovely about seeing your collection displayed in a special location, particularly when the bottles are as artistic as the iconic selections...

Top 3 Reasons You Need To Jump On the Floral Wallpaper Trend

A Few Good Gum Drops 3/16 5:22P Betsy Brown
Floral wallpaper has become a huge trend in recent years. From Instagram to Pinterest, everyone wants to add some color to their walls. But why should you invest in bold floral wallpaper? What does it really offer? Flowers are beautiful, but they...

It’s Time To Close The Door On These Common Closet Issues

A Few Good Gum Drops 3/15 12:22P Betsy Brown
Looking good is all about having the space to both store the latest fashions and spend time getting your style right. Walk-in closets have been providing precisely these benefits for decades. However, common closet issues can quickly mean that...

4 Home Improvements To Do This Spring

A Few Good Gum Drops 3/10 11:32A Betsy Brown
While we ve all been locked inside more and more, attempting to enjoy our surroundings, many of us have wished to start DIY home projects to improve our surroundings. Some DIY projects are successful, while others are not. However, enhancing your...

Still Thankful For Spanx!

A Few Good Gum Drops 3/6 4:38P Betsy Brown
We are accustomed to thinking of Spanx as being worn underneath our favorite outfits — but the most impactful Spanx products don t need to be covered up. We re loving these trendy looks, which are, as always, form-flattering: Distressed Ankle...

It’s Time To Go Bold With Chain Necklaces

A Few Good Gum Drops 2/28 4:41A Betsy Brown
The bold chain necklace in gold or silver is the latest trend making a reappearance. There is an old saying what’s old is new again , and this surely is. If you want a striking way to spice up your day or evening attire, go bold with stunning...
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