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How to manage stress during the NBA playoffs

CBS Boston (Health) 6/12 11:45A Mallika Marshall, MD
BOSTON -- With the Celtics leading 2-0 in the NBA Playoffs, both players and fans are feeling the heat. While playing sports can certainly be risky for your health, being a die-hard fan can, too -- especially if a game is close and exciting....

How safe is the air quality at your gym?

CBS Boston (Health) 5/9 11:39A Mallika Marshall, MD
BOSTON - The next time you hit the gym, you may want to think about the air you're breathing. A new study in Beijing found that the air in indoor gyms contains more organic aerosols than outside air, including tiny particles of lubricants used in...

Steward Health Care files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

CBS Boston (Health) 5/6 12:01A Matt Schooley
BOSTON Steward Health Care , the struggling hospital group that owns nine facilities in Massachusetts, announced Monday that it is filing for bankruptcy. Steward, which is millions of dollars in debt , said it has "commenced an in-court...

A social media break could be good for a woman's body image, study says

CBS Boston (Health) 5/2 11:44A Mallika Marshall, MD
BOSTON - Taking a break from social media could have a huge impact on a woman's body image. Researchers at York University recruited 66 female college students and had half of them continue their social media use as usual, while the others were...

Research finds anger can have negative impact on blood vessels

CBS Boston (Health) 5/2 11:35A Mallika Marshall, MD
BOSTON - A new study finds that negative emotion can impact the health of your blood vessels. Researchers at Columbia University took 280 healthy adults and randomly assigned them to recall feelings of anger, sadness, anxiety, or remain neutral...

Could women approaching menopause be at higher risk for depression?

CBS Boston (Health) 5/2 11:29A Mallika Marshall, MD
BOSTON - New research finds that perimenopausal women, or women approaching menopause, could be at higher risk for depression. There are three main stages of menopause. Perimenopause is when periods start to become irregular, menopause is when...

Survey: Young people misinformed about skin cancer symptoms and prevention

CBS Boston (Health) 5/1 11:44A Mallika Marshall, MD
BOSTON - A new survey finds that young Americans are falling prey to skin cancer myths. The survey by the Orlando Health Cancer Institute finds that nearly a third of Americans agree that a tan makes people look healthier, a belief that can lead...
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