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Boston Children’s Hospital Ranked No. 1 For 5th Straight Year

CBS Boston (Health) 6/26 3:23A Health – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS) – For the fifth straight year, Boston Children’s Hospital took the top spot in the U.S. News and World Report ranking of America’s best pediatric hospitals. Children’s ranked first in three of 10 specialty areas – neurology and...

A Visit To The Pediatrician Before Birth Can Give Your Baby A Health Boost

CBS Boston (Health) 6/25 11:00A Health – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS) A new report in the journal Pediatrics says visiting a pediatrician before giving birth could give your unborn baby a leg up when it comes to good health. Most pediatrician offices offer a pre-natal visit but only five to forty...

Study: 25 Kids Treated For Bike Injuries Every Hour

CBS Boston (Health) 6/25 11:00A Health – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS) Now that summer is upon us, many kids are going to be hopping on bikes, but a new study from Nationwide Children s Hospital shows that every hour, 25 kids are treated in emergency rooms for bike-related injuries. The good news is,...

FDA Approves First Cannabis-Based Drug

CBS Boston (Health) 6/25 9:30A Health – CBS Boston
(CNN) The US Food and Drug Administration approved a cannabis-based drug for the first time, the agency said Monday. Epidiolex was recommended for approval by an advisory committee in April, and the agency had until this week to make a decision....

As Loneliness Rises Among Americans, Experts Warn It’s Making Many Sick

CBS Boston (Health) 6/21 7:52A Health – CBS Boston
(CBS Local)-  Former Surgeon General Doctor Vivek Murthy brought mental health to the forefront last September when he wrote in the Harvard Business Review   that loneliness is a growing health epidemic. Now a recent survey by health service...

Chemical Found In Toothpaste May Help Fuel Antibiotic Resistance

CBS Boston (Health) 6/21 7:45A Health – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS) Last month WBZ-TV reported that a chemical found in toothpaste could be linked to colon cancer . Now a new study finds that the same ingredient could be putting our lives at risk from dangerous infections. The inappropriate use of...

Taking NSAIDs Around Conception May Increase Risk Of Early Miscarriage

CBS Boston (Health) 6/21 7:34A Health – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS) A popular group of over-the-counter pain relievers could increase your risk of miscarriage even before you get pregnant. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) include ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil, and Aleve. They are medications...

Light Drinking May Prolong Your Life

CBS Boston (Health) 6/20 5:56A Health – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS) Enjoying a cocktail from time to time may be good for your health. A new study finds that light drinkers have the lowest combined risk of developing cancer and dying prematurely. Light drinking is considered one to three drinks a...

Not All Screen Time Bad Is For Kids?

CBS Boston (Health) 6/20 5:56A Health – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS) If you think screen time is universally bad for your kids, you may be wrong. According to new government research looking at the brain development of children and the effects of media, certain types may be more beneficial than...

Smoking Rates In U.S. Hit All-Time Low, CDC Says

CBS Boston (Health) 6/19 10:01A Health – CBS Boston
NEW YORK (CBS Local/CBS News)   Smoking in the U.S. has hit another all-time low. About 14 percent of U.S adults admit to being smokers last year, down from about 16 percent in 2016, government figures from the CDC show. There hadn t been much...

Weight Loss Improves Knee Arthritis Symptoms, Study Says

CBS Boston (Health) 6/18 7:13A Health – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS)  Doctors often recommend that overweight patients with arthritis of the knee lose weight to improve their pain and function, but how much weight loss makes a difference? A new study out of Wake Forest University in North Carolina...

WHO Classifies ‘Gaming Disorder’ As Mental Health Condition

CBS Boston (Health) 6/18 3:58A Health – CBS Boston
NEW YORK (CNN) Watching as video games ensnare their children, many parents have grumbled about digital heroin, likening the flashing images to one of the world s most addictive substances. Now, they may have backup. The World Health Organization...

Feeling Hangry? Study Says It’s A Real Thing

CBS Boston (Health) 6/14 9:23A Health – CBS Boston
(CBS LOCAL)  Have you ever found yourself getting angry after not eating food for a long time? It turns out that being hangry is a legitimate condition. According to a new study  conducted by doctoral students at the University of North Carolina,...
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