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Short walk after eating can reduce diabetes risk, researchers say

CBS Boston (Health) 8/10 11:52A Mallika Marshall, MD
BOSTON - A quick walk after eating can reduce your chances of developing diabetes. When you eat, you get a spike in blood sugar followed by a rise in insulin levels to control that blood sugar. In excess, this can eventually lead to diabetes....

Study: Being married, educated can help men live longer

CBS Boston (Health) 8/10 11:49A Mallika Marshall, MD
BOSTON - Women outlive men by an average of five years in the United States, but some factors - like being married - can help close that gap. One to two out of every four men can be expected to live longer than women. However, a new study finds...

Kids may have secret weapon in fighting off COVID

CBS Boston (Health) 8/10 11:44A Mallika Marshall, MD
BOSTON - Children may have an advantage when it comes to fighting off COVID, and their secret weapon may be their noses. Children tend to experience milder symptoms of COVID compared to adults, and Australian researchers may have discovered one...

Video: Cooler air finally moves in (Health) 8/10 2:54A
The heat wave has come to an end in Massachusetts, and cooler air moved in. Get the latest Boston-area weather forecast.
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