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Phantom Gourmet: Breakfast At Jac’s Cafe In Rockland

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 6/26 3:51A Food & Drink – CBS Boston
ROCKLAND When the oversized pancakes are topped with insane indulgence, the skillets are heaping and smothered in cheese, and the plates are overflowing, it is easy for an owner to make a promise like...

Phantom Gourmet: Sonoma In Worcester

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 6/8 12:50A Food & Drink – CBS Boston
WORCESTER One of the hottest new restaurants in Worcester is more than 20 years old, run by a chef who has spent a lifetime in the business. His name is Bill Brady, and his restaurant is Sonoma....

Phantom Gourmet: Great 8 Old School Restaurants

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 6/7 1:00A Food & Drink – CBS Boston
Sometimes flavor comes with nostalgia. These are the 8 Greatest old school spots Phantom says are still crazy delicious after all these years. Galleria Umberto North End Kicking off the Great 8 is Galleria Umberto. It doesn t get much better than...

Phantom Gourmet: Sumiao Hunan Kitchen In Cambridge

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 6/5 1:05A Food & Drink – CBS Boston
CAMBRIDGE Big, bold flavors in a dining room that is bright and lively. If you are looking to light up your palate and your mood, look no further than Sumiao Hunan Kitchen. Located in busy Kendall...

Phantom Gourmet: Breakfast At Fat Dog Kitchen In Dover, NH

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 6/4 4:34A Food & Drink – CBS Boston
DOVER, NH Customers will be sure to tell you there is no better way to start your day than a trip to The Fat Dog Kitchen. Located in Dover, New Hampshire right next to the Strand Theatre, Fat Dog...

Phantom Gourmet: Beef Jerky Taste Test

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 6/3 4:23A Food & Drink – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS) – Phantom Gourmet recently purchased four bags of beef jerky at a local supermarket for a taste test. The chewy contenders were Ball Park, Jack Link s, Krave, and Oberto. See if you can...

Phantom Gourmet: Asian Food At Kokeshi In Salem

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 5/4 12:15A Food & Drink – CBS Boston
SALEM When a restaurant serves Miller High Life in champagne glasses, cooks their food out of a shipping container, and projects old Kung Fu movies on the walls, you can be sure they don t take...

Phantom Gourmet: Great 8 Sandwiches

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 5/3 12:30A Food & Drink – CBS Boston
They are the greatest thing since sliced bread, especially when they re stuffed with meats, cheeses, sauces, and spreads. These are the 8 Greatest places Phantom has found for sandwiches. The Tasty Café Medford Kicking off the Great 8 is The...

Phantom Gourmet: Italian Food At Corfinio In Easton

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 4/30 3:11A Food & Drink – CBS Boston
EASTON Pasta made by hand, pizza from a wood fired oven, and a passion for authentic Italian cuisine on every plate. That s what s served at Corfinio. Located in Easton, Corfinio has quickly become...

Phantom Gourmet: Seoul Kitchen In Westford

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 4/29 3:34A Food & Drink – CBS Boston
WESTFORD (CBS) There s a restaurant in Westford serving some of the best Asian cuisine you ll ever eat. At Seoul Kitchen, the marinated meats are served sizzling, dumplings are made with a mother s...

Phantom Gourmet: Black Arrow In Manchester-By-The-Sea

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 4/19 11:43P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
MANCHESTER-BY-THE-SEA Chef Brenden Crocker is a straight shooter when it comes to the vision he has for his restaurant, so when he opened his new spot named Black Arrow, his mission was clear. We re...

Phantom Gourmet: Great 8 Spots For Sensational Subs

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 4/18 11:24P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
Spuckies, Hoagies, Subs or Grinders. No matter what you call them, you have to try these 8 Great places for sensational subs. Victor’s Deli Somerville Kicking off the Great 8 is Victor s Deli in Somerville. This family-run neighborhood spot has...

Phantom Gourmet: Shed’s BBQ In Boston

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 4/16 11:46P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
BOSTON This is what happens when Southern barbecue comes to Downtown Boston. Brand new to Bromfield Street, surrounded by office buildings and high rises, Shed s is a down-home, honky-tonk, real deal,...

Phantom Gourmet: Mainely Burgers In Cambridge

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 4/8 2:32A Food & Drink – CBS Boston
CAMBRIDGE (CBS) In Central Square Cambridge, there s a restaurant where the central focus is mainly on burgers and that place is named Mainely Burgers. While burgers are definitely what this place is...
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