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Phantom Gourmet: Comfort Food At Lucy’s

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 1/14 3:20A Food & Drink – CBS Boston
DORCHESTER (CBS) In the heart of the busy Adams Village section of Dorchester, there s a big, beautiful restaurant where people in the mood for comfort food always seem to end up because few places...

Phantom Gourmet: Oak Barrel Tavern In Worcester

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 1/11 10:37P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
WORCESTER Burgers, beer, and bourbon lots and lots of bourbon. That is what they are serving up at Oak Barrel Tavern on Grove Street in Worcester. Oak Barrel Tavern is a kind of a contemporary rustic...

Phantom Gourmet: Great 8 Spots For Comfort Food

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 1/10 10:15P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
When the temperature drops, Phantom needs to be comforted, and there is no better way than through his stomach at these 8 Great places for comfort food. Winthrop Arms Winthrop Kicking off the Great 8 is the Winthrop Arms. Located inside a quaint...

Phantom Gourmet: Southern Food At Smokin’ Betty’s In Salem

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 1/9 10:31P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
SALEM A belly busting BLT, state fair style Fried Twinkies, a twister of tastiness referred to as The Meat Tornado, smoked meat sandwiches, and one smokin lady. It seems a little piece of the South...

Phantom Gourmet: Certified Meatball Company In South Boston

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 1/8 3:06A Food & Drink – CBS Boston
SOUTH BOSTON At a brand new restaurant in South Boston, it is safe to say that everyone is having a ball, because at the Certified Meatball Company , they have gone mad for meatballs. Located along...

Phantom Gourmet: The Smoke Shop In Cambridge

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 12/31 3:49A Food & Drink – CBS Boston
For Andy Husbands, serving great barbecue isn t just a job. It s an obsession. Connect With Phantom: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Anybody can cook barbecue, but to cook great barbecue is a real craft. And at The Smoke Shop in Kendall Square...

Phantom Gourmet: Hot Chocolate Taste Test

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 12/17 3:33A Food & Drink – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS) Phantom recently purchased four packages of gourmet hot chocolate from a local supermarket.  The comforting contenders were Dagoba, Ghirardelli, Sillycow Farms, and Swiss Miss.  See if...

Phantom Gourmet: Great 8 Restaurant Bargains

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 12/14 10:29P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
Phantom loves getting tasty eats on the cheap. These are the 8 Greatest places he has found for great grub at bargain prices. Harrows Multiple Locations Kicking off the Great 8 is Harrows. With six locations throughout Massachusetts, Harrows is...

Phantom Gourmet: Pepe’s Italian Restaurant In Worcester

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 12/13 10:16P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
WORCESTER In an Italian household, where there s food, there s family. At Pepe s Italian Restaurant in Worcester, that has never been more true. Teresa Travaglio and her family are the folks behind...

Phantom Gourmet: Renegade’s Pub In East Boston

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 12/12 11:02P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
EAST BOSTON To work in the restaurant business, sometimes you have to be a Renegade to deal with the hours. So when industry lifer Peter Ackerman and his team were coming up with their newest place,...

Phantom Gourmet: Tallulah’s Taqueria In Providence

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 12/11 10:36P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
PROVIDENCE, RI I think if I had a last meal it would definitely be tacos. For Chef Jacob Rojas, there is no such thing as Taco Tuesday. It s more like Tacos Everyday. After growing up in Texas and...

Phantom Gourmet: Double Chin In Chinatown

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 11/26 5:42A Food & Drink – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS) – Boston s Chinatown has been undergoing a face-lift over the last few years. And the best part of the transformation is its Double Chin. Whenever someone comes in here for the first...

Phantom Gourmet: Frozen Mac And Cheese Taste Test

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 11/19 6:28A Food & Drink – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS) – Phantom recently purchased four boxes of frozen mac and cheese from a local supermarket. The creamy contenders were Banquet, Lean Cuisine, Smart Ones, and Stouffer s. So which brand...
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