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Nurse Stabbed By Patient Pleads For More Hospital Security

CBS Boston (Health) 7/19 12:15P Health – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS) An emergency room nurse who was brutally attacked on the job is now one of the driving forces behind a bill that would require safety plans for healthcare workers. Elise Wilson says she...

Southbridge Nurse Hurt In Stabbing Attack Shares Photo Of Her Recovery

CBS Boston (Health) 7/18 10:06A Health – CBS Boston
SOUTHBRIDGE (CBS) The nurse seriously injured in a stabbing attack at Harrington Hospital in Southbridge last month is sharing a photo of her wounds to raise awareness about violence faced by health care workers. RN Elise Wilson , 65, was stabbed...

Nurse Strike, Lockout At Tufts Medical Center Ends

CBS Boston (Health) 7/17 1:10A Health – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS) About 1,200 nurses returned to their regular shifts at Tufts Medical Center at 7 a.m. Monday, after a 24-hour strike and four-day lockout left them picketing outside for the last week. There is still no contract agreement between the...

Sense Of Smell Plays A Role In Weight Gain, Study Finds

CBS Boston (Health) 7/12 6:26A Health – CBS Boston
CBS Local   The sense of smell plays an integral role in the enjoyment of food, but is it possible that a person will gain more weight if they have a better sense of smell? According to a University of California, Berkeley, study , smell does play...

Tufts Medical Center Hit By First Nurses Strike In Boston In 31 Years

CBS Boston (Health) 7/12 1:30A Health – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS) — More than 1,200 nurses at Tufts Medical Center went on strike at 7 a.m. Wednesday after last-minute negotiations between the union and the hospital failed. It s the first nurses strike in Boston in more than 30 years . The one-day...

Paramedics Use New Machine To Save Heart Attack Victim

CBS Boston (Health) 7/10 12:57P Health – CBS Boston
PEPPERELL (CBS) A new, lifesaving machine did its job for the first time in Pepperell this weekend. It’s called the Lucas 3, and it plays a crucial role in CPR. It is also the reason a 67-year-old man...

Health Watch: Sandbox Bacteria Warning

CBS Boston (Health) 7/10 10:15A Health – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS) It may not be all fun in the sun and sand this summer. That neighborhood sandbox may be a breeding ground for germs. A study out of Spain found that many of the playground sandboxes that they tested contained a bacterium which can...

Gonorrhea Becoming More Difficult To Treat With Antibiotics

CBS Boston (Health) 7/7 4:52A Health – CBS Boston
CBS Local Gonorrhea is becoming more difficult to treat with antibiotics and for some patients it s become impossible, the World Health Organization (WHO) said. Three forms of bacteria known as superbugs that cannot be killed by the best...

High-Tech Patch Changes Color Before You Get Too Much Sun

CBS Boston (Health) 7/6 3:59A Health – CBS Boston
NEW YORK (CBS) – Want to know when you re getting too much sun? A new high-tech patch may be able to help. The “My UV Patch” has photo-sensitive dyes that change color when exposed to ultraviolet...

Mosquito Season Could Be Worse Than Usual In Northeast

CBS Boston (Health) 7/3 7:35A Health – CBS Boston
PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A wetter-than-normal spring in the Northeast is producing a bumper crop of mosquitoes, leading to worries of a corresponding spike in mosquito-borne illnesses this summer. The...

Harvard Study: Clean Air Can Have Deadly Consequences

CBS Boston (Health) 6/29 11:33A Health – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS)  There is a lot of talk about climate change but we often forget that the same pollutants warming the earth are also making it hard for us to breathe.  As Dr. Mallika Marshall reports,...

Smoked Out: Cambridge Restaurant Forced To Shut Down Grill

CBS Boston (Health) 6/21 12:52P Health – CBS Boston
CAMBRIDGE (CBS) A local restaurant is being forced to turn off their wood fired grill after neighbors complained the smoke was hurting their health. Everybody has sensitivities, but this is a city,...

State Lawmakers Consider Taxing Soda, Sugary Drinks

CBS Boston (Health) 6/20 11:48A Health – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS) State lawmakers are considering a new tax on soda and other sugary drinks. The higher the sugar content, the more money you ll pay. The bill s sponsor said the tax could help promote...
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