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Phantom Gourmet: Mercy Tavern In Salem

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 9/22 11:12P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
SALEM Just one bite of their burger, a mere spoonful of the onion soup, or a taste of the fried chicken will have your waistline begging for Mercy. Located on Derby Street in historic Salem,...

Phantom Gourmet: Antonio’s Bacaro In Hyde Park

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 9/21 11:47P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
HYDE PARK As you walk around Hyde Park, the suburban feel can make it easy to forget you are still in the city of Boston. If you step into a restaurant named Antonio s Bacaro, you might just think you...

Phantom Gourmet: PubliCo In South Boston

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 9/20 11:47P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
SOUTH BOSTON Fire pits and ice cold drinks; garden style seating that brings the outdoors in; and a menu boasting everything from hot dogs and hamburgers to whole fried snapper. There are so many...

Phantom Gourmet: Less Than Greater Than In Hudson

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 9/19 2:04A Food & Drink – CBS Boston
HUDSON Handcrafted cocktails, incredible cuisine and a truly quirky story. Less Than Greater Than is an eccentric little restaurant and bar in Hudson, Massachusetts, that is pretty hard to find. A few...

Phantom Gourmet: Frenchie In Boston’s South End

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 9/17 11:43P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
BOSTON A red-hot neighborhood; an icy, boozy treat; and Parisian sophistication without pretense. It is time you said bonjour to Frenchie. Located on trendy Tremont Street, Frenchie is the latest...

Phantom Gourmet: Ipswich Ale Brewer’s Table

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 9/17 10:58A Food & Drink – CBS Boston
IPSWICH (CBS) At Ipswich Ale, it s pretty clear, they re serious about beer. In these tanks we have a million 12 ounce beers, says Ipswich Ale President Rob Martin. Brats at Ipswich Ale s restaurant,...

Phantom Gourmet: Monument In Charlestown

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 9/15 11:47P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
CHARLESTOWN While the Bunker Hill Monument is impressive, Charlestown just got itself a new Monument that is doing one delicious battle on your taste buds. Located on Main Street, Monument is a...

Phantom Gourmet: Great 8 Places For Bread

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 9/15 3:07A Food & Drink – CBS Boston
Man cannot live by bread alone, but at these places, it would be worth a shot! These are the 8 Greatest places Phantom has found for bread lovers. Bricco Panetteria North End Located down a narrow alleyway just off Hanover Street in Boston s...

Phantom Gourmet: Mission On The Bay In Swampscott

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 9/13 11:17P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
SWAMPSCOTT Restaurateur Marty Bloom was a man on a mission: to create the ultimate ocean front dining destination. With Mission on the Bay, it s mission accomplished. With breathtaking views of the...

Phantom Gourmet: Brelundi In Waltham

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 9/11 11:29P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
WALTHAM You could call Michael Colomba the Arancini King of America. At Brelundi in Waltham, Michael and his team make just about every kind of arancini you could imagine. Forty-eight to be exact....

Phantom Gourmet: Honey Barbecue Taste Test

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 9/10 10:38A Food & Drink – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS) Phantom recently purchased four bottles of honey barbecue sauce from a local supermarket. The sweet and sticky contenders were KC Masterpiece, Kraft, Newman s Own, and Sweet Baby Ray s....

Phantom Gourmet: Great Road Kitchen In Littleton

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 9/3 6:19A Food & Drink – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS) – It’s a restaurant in a small town, but with a big city feel. There are some great things happening in this kitchen, which is why you should make a visit to Great Road Kitchen. Located...

Phantom Gourmet: Brunch At Altea’s Eatery In Worcester

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 8/24 11:31P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
WORCESTER Chef Enton Mehillaj and his wife Oriola Koci are the king and queen of the brunch scene in Worcester. A few years back, the couple opened their first restaurant, Livia s Dish, named after...

Phantom Gourmet: Seafood At Il Molo In Boston’s North End

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 8/23 11:12P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
BOSTON Located in the North End just across from the piers that stretch into Boston Harbor, Il Molo is a stylish spot for superior seafood, utilizing the tremendous product plucked from the waters...

Phantom Gourmet: Great 8 Spots For Southern Food

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 8/22 11:26P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
Downhome barbecue, Cajun, country and more. Southern cuisine is taking the Northeast by storm. These are the 8 Greatest places Phantom has found to get a little south in your mouth. Lulu’s Allston Kicking off the Great 8 is Lulu s in Allston,...
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