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Phantom Gourmet: Roxy’s Grilled Cheese & A4cade In Cambridge

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 7/20 11:43P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
CAMBRIDGE If you happen to be on Mass. Ave in Central Square Cambridge and suddenly experience a snack attack, it s easy to know where to go. The grilled cheese gurus at Roxy s have just opened a...

Phantom Gourmet: Verts Mediterranean Grill In Boston

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 7/19 11:20P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
BOSTON Just because your food is served fast, does not mean it can t be fresh. At Verts Mediterranean Grill, they are doing just that. This national chain, with roots in Austin, Texas, is bringing...

Phantom Gourmet: Great 8 Spots For Local ‘Fast Food’

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 7/18 10:55P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
Nothing is better than great food, fast, and when it s made in a local spot, it tastes even better. These are the 8 Greatest homegrown restaurants, serving up tasty eats quick. Bonapita Downtown Crossing Bonapita, on Franklin Street in Boston s...

Phantom Gourmet: Tom’s Bao Bao In Harvard Square

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 7/17 11:20P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
CAMBRIDGE Harvard Square in Cambridge is home to higher education and high culture. Now it s also home to the next big food phenomenon, a unique Chinese style sandwich known as the bao. You can get your fill at Tom s Bao Bao. A bao is something...

Phantom Gourmet: Steaming Tender In Palmer

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 7/16 10:12A Food & Drink – CBS Boston
PALMER (CBS) With a name like Steaming Tender, it s a pretty safe bet this isn t your typical restaurant. And as you drive down the dirt road and arrive at the old train depot that houses the place,...

Phantom Gourmet: Sea Level Oyster Bar In Salem

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 6/25 10:00A Food & Drink – CBS Boston
SALEM (CBS) Nothing says New England like seafood by the water, and it doesn t get much better than Sea Level Oyster Bar. Located on historic Pickering Wharf overlooking picturesque Salem Harbor, Sea...

Phantom Gourmet: Superfine In Manchester-By-The-Sea

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 6/22 11:30P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
MANCHESTER The name on the outside says Superfine, but based on what s happening inside it should probably say Super-FUN . Superfine in Manchester-by-the-Sea is a casual restaurant that serves comfort...

Phantom Gourmet: Great 8 Tacos

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 6/20 11:23P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
Everybody s favorite Mexican street food seems to be taking New England by storm. These are the 8 Greatest places Phantom has found for tacos. Vida Cantina Portsmouth Vida Cantina in Portsmouth, New Hampshire is a bright, fun restaurant that s...

Phantom Gourmet: Precinct 10 In Weymouth

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 6/19 11:21P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
WEYMOUTH There s a bit of mystery surrounding the hottest new restaurant south of Boston. When you arrive at a strip mall just off Route 3 in Weymouth, and you see a windowless space marked by a sign...

Phantom Gourmet: The Nordic Lodge In Charlestown, RI

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 6/18 9:33A Food & Drink – CBS Boston
CHARLESTOWN, Rhode Island (CBS) Prepare yourself for the most epic meal you ll ever eat where the menu is filled with prime rib, Alaskan crab, shrimp, oysters and clams, succulent lobster, plus cakes,...

Phantom Gourmet: Chioda’s Trattoria In Worcester

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 6/16 11:37P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
WORCESTER There is nothing better than a restaurant where you feel at home. Whether you are Italian or not, you will feel like family when you re at Chioda s Trattoria in Worcester. Owners Steven and...

Phantom Gourmet: Vinny’s At Night In Somerville

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 6/15 11:25P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
SOMERVILLE One of the best restaurants you ve never heard of is a Phantom favorite for Italian food in Somerville. It’s called Vinny s at Night. For years, it was just a convenience store, but now it...

Phantom Gourmet: Tresca In Boston’s North End

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 6/14 11:26P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
BOSTON What do you get when you take a North End institution, an athlete owner with a passion for pasta, and a world-class chef who s bringing something different to the neighborhood? You get one...

Phantom Gourmet: Great 8 Spots For Affordable Italian

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 6/13 11:05P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
Nothing beats a big plate of comforting Italian food. When it s paired with a low price, it tastes even better. These are the 8 greatest places Phantom has found for Affordable Italian. Jack’s Malden Jack s in Malden is a come-as-you-are spot...

Phantom Gourmet: Touring Eataly Boston

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 6/12 11:15P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
BOSTON If you like Italian food, be prepared to be blown away by Eataly Boston. There are multiple restaurants, eateries, wine bars, bakeries, pastries, pizza and everything you love about Italian food inside of one massive 45,000 square foot...
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