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L.L. Bean Boosting Production Of Iconic Duck Boot

CBS Boston (News) 8/17 2:57A News – CBS Boston
LEWISTON, Maine (AP) — L.L. Bean hopes to give the boot to backlogs of its most iconic product. The Maine-based retailer is expanding production to keep up with demand for its leather-and-rubber duck...

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Fab ladies are the Bomb(shells)!

Boston Herald (Inside Track) 8/16 7:00P By Olivia Vanni / Inside Track
The heat throughout the Hub was sky-high yesterday — and it had nothing to do with the summer weather. The fifth annual Bombshells Against Breast Cancer went down, bringing...

We’re gonna need a bigger harbor

Boston Herald (Entertainment) 8/14 7:00P By Olivia Vanni / Inside Track
The pristine view of Boston Harbor is going to be temporarily obstructed, thanks to a megayacht owned by Sears CEO and billionaire, Edward Lampert that’s moored near...

Michael Winterbottom’s latest ‘Trip’

Boston Herald (Entertainment) 8/13 7:00P By Stephen Schaefer
England’s prolific Michael Winterbottom—41 directing credits since 1988! -- returns with THE TRIP TO SPAIN , his third semi-improvised collaboration with Steve Coogan and Rob...

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Phantom Gourmet: Speedwell Tavern In Plymouth

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 8/16 10:57P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
PLYMOUTH Jordan Chabot loves to tell a bad joke. So two peanuts walk into a bar. One was a salted. Horse walks into a bar. The bartender says why the long face? He won t be headlining a comedy club...

Phantom Gourmet: Great 8 Sushi Restaurants

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 8/15 11:25P Food & Drink – CBS Boston
Sushi has gone from a food trend to a must-have meal. From entertaining to authentic, these are the 8 Greatest spots Phantom has found for sushi. Fuji Multiple locations At...

Phantom Gourmet: The Diner At 11 North Beacon In Watertown

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 8/13 6:18A Food & Drink – CBS Boston
WATERTOWN (CBS) – Every town needs a restaurant that isn t fancy or fussy or too full of itself, just a simple spot where the food is great, the prices are low, and the people are friendly. And in...

Phantom Gourmet: Surfside Smokehouse In Plymouth

CBS Boston (Food & Drink) 8/6 10:58A Food & Drink – CBS Boston
PLYMOUTH (CBS) Barbecue and beer, seafood and the sea Surfside Smokehouse is where surf truly meets turf. Located on historic Plymouth Harbor, Surfside Smokehouse offers up one of the most stunning...

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Will Any Patriots Starters Play Against Texans?

CBS Boston (Sports) 8/17 2:59A Sports – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS) The Patriots hit the practice field with the Houston Texans this week, leading to some rigorous and occasionally frustrating sessions for the New England offense....

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How To Protect Your Eyes During The Solar Eclipse

CBS Boston (Health) 8/16 11:33A Health – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS) On Monday, August 21, all eyes will be on the solar eclipse, a spectacular sight, but even though the sun will be shaded, it will still be dangerously bright. As Dr. Mallika Marshall...

Study Finds Half Of Workers Find Jobs Taxing

CBS Boston (Health) 8/14 11:00A Health – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS) A new study says the workplace can be physically and emotionally taxing. Researchers at Harvard surveyed more than 3,000 working Americans. About half said their...

What Men Eat May Determine How Good Or Bad They Smell

CBS Boston (Health) 8/14 11:00A Health – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS) Listen up guys: Do you pass the sniff test? Researchers in Australia had women smell the sweat of healthy, young men and found that the ladies preferred the scent...

HealthWatch: Intense Exercise May Suppress Appetite

CBS Boston (Health) 8/10 11:00A Health – CBS Boston
BOSTON (CBS) If you re exercising to suppress your appetite, you may want to work out harder and for a longer period of time. A new study finds that prolonged, vigorous...

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