An original new work and contemporary vaudeville play is set for the LA Fringe Festival premiere in 2022. While making the announcement, Cassandra Moselle, the Playwright/Producer, said that Buskers Ball is an LGBT+ themed play and features an ensemble cast of nine women.

Presented by Whatnot Theatrics, the one-hour original play is written by Cassandra Moselle. On its theme, Cassandra said that it is based on women's issues and feminist story-telling.

Buskers Ball, whose world premiere was in Seattle in 2018, will be making its Los Angeles debut on June 5-25 at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Cassandra, who has been described as an emerging female playwright, said that she is happy to be back after the two-year break caused by the pandemic.

"When rehearsals for Buskers Ball started, it felt like being home again. The two-plus years of the pandemic was the most time I've ever spent away from the stage, and to not only get to produce one of my shows but to have the first play I wrote have its LA premiere at the Hollywood Fringe Festival is amazing. Beyond amazing!" said Cassandra, who is also the Artistic Director of What Not Theatrics, apart from being the playwright.

One unique quality of play is that it makes space for collaboration with actors by leaving sections designated in the text for the actors to devise a moment to propel the story and their character forward. As explained by Cassandra, these sections are labeled as The Parts That Are Routines in the script, and these are true moments that allow the actors to use their special skills like dance, juggling, singing, etc., to contribute to the narrative. This component ensures that no two productions will ever be the same. The Parts That Are Routines are woven throughout the script and give it a vaudeville feel.

The event dates are: June 5 at 5 PM, June 11 at 10 PM, June 17 at 11:30 PM, June 19 at 6 PM, and June 25 at 8:30 PM. Tickets are $15 at:

What not Theatrics has been supporting actor-produced works since its formation. It has been emphasizing new and original works, classic stories, and performances in a vaudeville setting.

This is demonstrated by sentiments aired by one of the actors, Karen Shantz, who said it was an honour to be part of the cast. "I'm very excited to be starting rehearsals for this show, not only after two years of not doing live theatre but to also be included in a fantastic, all-female-identifying cast!" said Karen Shantz.

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The play revolves around Mikey, who has been the boogeyman of the streets for months, terrorizing women who are unlucky enough to cross his path. That is, until Anora North, a street busker, tipped off the coppers as to Mikey's whereabouts. That should have been the end, with Mikey behind lock and key. But one night, Mikey escaped, and the word on the street is that he's not too happy that Anora ratted him out. News of Mikey's escape breaks at the Busker's Ball, an annual party where Johanna Tart showcases top busking talent in hopes of recruiting new buskers. But Mikey's out there somewhere. He could even be at the party looking for that busker that ratted him out.

About What not Theatrics

Started in 2017, Whatnot Theatrics is a Seattle-based non-profit organization powered by Shunpike. Based on an actor as creator ethos, Whatnot Theatrics looks to support actor-produced works through ensemble-based performances and cabaret/burlesque Style Theater. It puts emphasis on new works, the reimagined retelling of classics, and actors as creators of solo/duo/group performances in a vaudeville setting.

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Cassandra Moselle




A petition calling for action on racism and discrimination at the Society of St. Vincent de Paul has gained 11, 659 signatures.

The petitioner says the society failed to act against racism within its structures. The petitioner says that one of the largest charitable organizations in the world - The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, has allowed a culture of racism to thrive within its structures. The petitioner adds, "we want to make sure that the community is active in addressing racism and discrimination. Society has successfully covered these vices for years. Somebody has to call them up." The petitioner explains that he was inspired "by the courage of those who brought into limelight the sexual abuse scandals that rocked the church. Somebody stood up against these heinous crimes and said enough is enough." The petitioner also adds that he will be pleased to share what is happening in society with anyone willing to listen.

The petition calls for the change of policy on racism accusing the chapter of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul - Blessed Sacrament Conference of failure to appropriately respond to reports of racism inside the conference, as well as other complaints of unequal treatment made to the organization’s Los Angeles District upper council.

Since the petition was started, the previous Parish Life Director Dr. Yolanda Brown resigned and a new acting director was appointed. While acknowledging the achievement, the petitioner says they will continue until all the demands are met.

The demands included:

1. Archbishop Jose Gomez ordered the Blessed Sacrament to close the racist Society of St. Vincent de Paul conference for good.

2.The Acting Parish Life Director at the Blessed Sacrament Church can easily ask Pamela Hutton (Johnson) to close the conference; as well as Maria Herzer (Conference President), LaNordo Conn (Conference Vice-President), Nancy Miller-Stellos (Conference Secretary), and Jan Sooter (Facilities Manager) to resign from the conference.

3.Ray Sweet (SVDP Board President) can ask David Garcia (Executive Director of Operations), and Susan Santana (Executive Deputy of Operations) to resign from their positions with dignity or remove them for failing to resolve this situation. Their performance was not copacetic.

4.The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Los Angeles District (OLAN; OLAS) must write and implement a new policy on handling racism, or any prejudice, and make it visible to the public with a public apology to Mr. Martin Miller and Silva Rico (another victim who was forced out of the conference when she complained to the upper council).

The petition is available at:

About the petition

To ensure the community's active participation in addressing discrimination based on racism, the petition aims at encouraging taxpayers and business owners to refuse to donate to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (including its thrift stores) until they visibly change their policy on racism.

The issue of racism and discrimination affects the Los Angeles/Blessed Sacrament Church community, and this needs to be changed now! Please sign and share with others!

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Martin Miller, MBA

Petition Manager

iPhone: 323-491-3929


Who doesn't long for the serenity and peace of Nature in a busy world? Nature's changing quality is what we enjoy the most. From our first glimpses of it, when our mothers plant a garden and pick foodstuffs that are in season, to our own observations about the growth of a puppy or kitten given to us by someone else, to the joy of seeing the beauty of Nature. These memories are brought back into our lives through nature paintings. When we have the opportunity to own our home, we will want a nature painting to keep them all in mind. Nature painting is even more appealing if you live in an apartment that is separated from Nature for most of the day. Apartment dwellers are known for their love of small pets and house plants. Our inner desires often come out when we go to a pet shop or nursery. Nature is what we want, and art can help us achieve that. Get more info about DIY Wooden Models.

We agree, but in what format do we want our nature paintings? You can do a painting on a piece or slate, a piece from gnarled driftwood, or a mirrored ball. All of these are beautiful, but traditional painting on canvas takes up the most space due to its adhesion to the walls. Walls deserve some decor, too! We trim our criteria to choose a painting on canvas. How do you start? Decide which color scheme you want to complement. This could be the warm yellow in a kitchen, or cool tones in a bedroom. It is possible that the color of a subject will suggest a subject: an orange study with draperies and throw pillows might find a natural affinity for the autumn colors: rust, gold or umber. A sunny kitchen like the one above will look better with greenery or flowers in bright colors, such as red or pink. For rooms at the cooler end of the spectrum, a complementing touch of purple or indigo will enhance the interest.

Next, consider the size of your nature painting. The room should be able to accommodate a wall-spanning three-dimensional design. This is a painter's view of a forest divided into three frames. This would look great in a living room, but it is not possible to do the same thing in a smaller hallway or room. Panoramas require the right space to visualize and back it up. A miniature nature painting is a good option for smaller areas. It could be one of a single daisy or a simple field. The artwork should be small, even though it may have a filigree frame that gives it some interest. More info:

A home-made nature painting will increase your appreciation for the outdoors and inspire you to return. Choose carefully when choosing your nature painting. It will be a statement about your sensibilities and elevate the culture in your home.


Rick Murphey the Jeweler is celebrating 172 years of service and it is doing it in a very special way. The company is the longest-running business in East Texas and is marking this anniversary with the official Texas Historical Marker Dedication Ceremony. While making the announcement, the company representative said that the public is invited to the free event to be held on May 19th starting at 2 pm at their store in Green Acres Shopping Center. Address: 1725 Troup Hwy # C, Tyler, TX 75701.

While narrating the company’s history, Robert Dodd says Rick Murphey the Jeweler was founded at a time when the country was trying to get back on its feet after the Civil War. He adds the Industrial Revolution brought a new innovative aspect to American lives. In this manner, with grand ideas of providing a valuable service to customers, A.M. "Arch" Murphey opened his first jewelry and watch store on the north side of Tyler Square. The founder dedicated himself to providing his customers with high-quality products while offering personalized and friendly service.

Robert adds that the family outlook of the business has helped Rick Murphey the Jeweler continue to grow and make customers smile, even six generations later. The welcoming atmosphere and personalized service have kept Rick Murphey the Jeweler the most trusted name in the business.  The family legacy is currently being carried by brothers Rick and Shannon Murphey with their father, George Reaves, who shares his extensive knowledge and experience with customers and family alike.

While acknowledging the Texas Historical Marker Dedication and the importance of this event Rick had this to say, “being a 5th generation jeweler serving East Texas has truly been an honor. This event is to honor our forefathers who started this business in 1850. We look forward to continuing to serve our community for many more years to come.” Similar sentiments were echoed by Shannon Murphey who said that, "being recognized by the great State of Texas with this historical marker is truly humbling. We want to thank all of our customers past and present for their continued support.”

Services Offered

Rick Murphey the Jeweler provides a range of services including jewelry repair, custom jewelry design, fine watch repairs. As a certified buyer, Rick Murphey the Jeweler buys gold, silver, and platinum broken jewelry, dental gold, gold watches, and antique Rolex watches. The company provides expert, on-location jewelry repair where they offer ring resizing, clasp replacement, stone replacement, rebuilding prongs, safety chain installation, repairing broken rings, chains, and tie pins, replanting, tightening stones, soldering among others.

Rick Murphey the Jeweler realizes that not everyone finds what they are looking for in the showcases, therefore, to cater to all kinds of customers, they make new designs using diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and other gemstones.  They start from scratch with custom computer-aided design. A customer only needs to provide the inspiration which can be from any form and out of their creativity Rick Murphey the Jeweler will give the piece that is a true reflection of who they are.

For more information about the event and company, visit:

About Rick Murphey the Jeweler

Rick Murphey the Jeweler has been a trusted name in jewelry for over 170 years. As the longest-running business in East Texas, Rick Murphey the Jeweler has lived up to its founders' principle of providing customers with high-quality products in a very personalized and friendly manner.

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Robert Dodd



[Lagos, Nigeria]: We are pleased today to announce the ongoing private sales of Ogasa Swap, Africa's first cross-chain decentralized exchange with multiple blockchain swaps and multiple use cases.

Ogasa Swap is Africa’s 1st cross-chain DEX platform that offers rewards for its users in Africa and offers a new way for African traders to easily and instantly swap their tokens. It uses hands-free processes and does not include any form of human intervention. It uses only one-sided liquidity to protect users form impermanent loss. The platform solves many problems for not only individuals in Africa, but also other continents been a DeFi, as part of its roadmap OgasaSwap will be  creating its own block chain that stops electoral malpractice thereby promoting effective democracy among African nations and some other countries that undermine the democratic system. Also, this platform provides a simple and easy way to liquidate tokens and protect her user from impermanent loss.

Another major advantage of this new platform to is that it is seeking for partnership with those who have block chain/crypto currency knowledge to become an Ogasa Swap Ambassador where they get a rewarding 15 percent (10% in USDT & 5% on Ogasa Token) commission on  people they refer to the platform during it Private Sales that is currently ongoing, for those who are interested in becoming an OgasaSwap Ambassador they need to send an email of interest to

“We are Africa's first cross-chain decentralized exchange with multiple blockchain sway (10 chains upon this launch and will be adding more than 20 more chains before the years runs out) and multiple use cases. Our platform features a one-sided liquidity to protect its users. Users can refer friends and earn commissions. Users can stake their tokens to earn more tokens, NFT (creating, buying and selling) , predict and win, no-loss lottery, liquidity mining,  DAO pool voting, launch pad, borrowing and lending, refer and earn and other incredible features.” says Ogbonna Rex Monday, CEO and Co-founder of Ogasa Swap.

The benefits of using Ogasa Swap are:

  • You can refer and earn commissions of up to 15 percent of referral volume made by your friends and family
  • Provides a blockchain that puts an end to electoral malpractice among African countries.
  • Provides Africans and DeFi world with a secure platform that offers liquidation on all their tokens and which also provides protection from loss.
  • A chance to become a brand ambassador

Ogasa Swap will be open to traders in the DeFi world starting from June, 2022. For more information on Ogasa Swap, visit and join our telegram community (don't miss our community video chat every Friday 18:00 (GMT+1))

About Ogasa Swap: Ogasa Swap is a new cross-chain decentralization exchange platform in Africa with multiple blockchain swaps and multiple use cases. It makes the process of trading easy for Africans without the intervention of middlemen by using the blockchain technology.

Media Contact

Company name: Ogasa Swap

Phone number: +2340872310542



COVID-19 and the recent geopolitical events around the world have messed up the global economy. Financial problems in every part of the world are signaling an upcoming recession. To help people cope with the looming economic disaster,'s recent article offers tips on how to survive an upcoming recession.

While releasing the article, Jeff A. Emerick, owner, and CEO of, was quoted saying, "Staying prepared in any type of economic condition is tough and our writers have put together a valuable set of tips to survive the next economic recession. Many say one is just around the corner, so why not be prepared?"

“As Mortgage Loan Advocate, we are not lenders or mortgage brokers, nor offer loans and mortgages, but our writers are well knowledgeable on these matters. Their qualifications and experience in mortgages, personal loans, and credit rate improvement make them the authorities in this area,” said Emerick. As part of its mandate is offering this article to its readers and customers, allowing them to prepare adequately if a recession happens.

The article aims to educate readers on recession and whether we are about to experience one. The writers acknowledge the magnitude of the looming problem, with the fact that most people have no idea how to survive an economic disaster, making the matters worse. Faced with a high magnitude problem, the article aims at giving hope that it is possible to survive the economic crisis by taking effective measures.  “With these tips, you can survive the worst recession,” says Emerick while encouraging readers to read the article and get experts advice.

While adding that the article is only meant for informational and educational purposes, the online editorial company representative informs readers that it is not construed as financial, tax, legal, or insurance advice. He encourages readers to seek professional advice from financial experts.

The article can be accessed at

About Mortgage Loan Advocate

Mortgage Loan Advocate is an online editorial company that is dedicated to providing well-researched, quality, and current blog content on mortgages, personal loans, loan modifications, foreclosures, and ideas on resolving loan problems.

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Jeff A. Emerick




The Inbound Secret, the leading data-driven company, has revealed how their program is helping coaches turn their readers into applications and appointments.

According to Bryce Vance, the CEO and Founder of The Inbound Secret, their system is hundred percent proven to generate applications and appointments for their clients.

While explaining how it works, Bryce Vance observed that all good coaches need authority in order to sell to a potential client. Their system, he added, is designed to create authority-building content and present it to the targeted audience. Utilizing platforms such as Forbes, Huff Post, NBC, among other reputable outlets, the CEO said they help coaches build authority in their areas.

According to the company representative, the Inbound Secret’s system not only helps the coaches get in front of their prospects but also allows conversion from content consumers to appointments.

“Good content will provide the readers with the information that they need, but a coach who is running a competitive program needs to go further. The readers need to be prompted to click and make an appointment out of the information that they have accessed. Our software does that easily, making your visitors go a step further and book an appointment with the coach,” said the company representative, describing the steps that the Inbound Secret takes in the course of providing their funnel marketing-driven services.

In the pre-framing nurture sequence step, Inbound Secret software nurture the leads with authority building content, ensuring that by the time a coach is giving the prospects a call, they will be fully convinced that they are dealing with authority in the field. The company representative added that the authority content they generate reflects the true position of the coach, with no room for manipulation of the prospects. He said that their company is very keen on maintaining professional ethics where they are geared towards assisting their clients but with high levels of integrity.

Not only does the Inbound Secret software assist the coaches to build authority, capture prospects, and nurture them, they also give a seven-figure closing call script and training on its use. They also handle all the follow-ups, reminders, and even missed appointments using their systems.

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Igloo Spa is providing a simple and affordable product, the Volume Gel Nail strips that allow easy self-care. While making the announcement, Igloo Spa associates said that with the launch of their start-up, they are making self-care easy and enjoyable.

A firm believer of self-care, Igloo Spa acknowledged that self-care is not a luxury but a necessity. With what they described as the #PandemicNails, where it is not easy to make a trip to the salon, self-care is a necessary practice and part of daily responsibility.

Igloo Spa Volume Gel Nails were created with Multi-layered Gel Technology, which means that there are multiple layers of natural liquid gel to give its voluminous glossy effect. The special C-Curved design fits the natural curve of the nails and allows for longer adhesion for a wrinkle-free and non-lifting application.

According to the Igloo Spa representative, their nail strips have taken nature into consideration as they are cruelty-free, Leaping Bunny certified, with each package coming in 30 strips. They can be applied two times per package with no LED lamp required. They added that their products are also long-lasting and customers can have it for up to 14 days.

An Igloo Spa associate revealed that she is obsessed with nail art. As a person who also struggles with pretty weak nails, she personally loves the idea of gel nail strips and DIY Nails, especially with the cute and unique designs of the Volume Gel Nails.

One self-care enthusiast who has used the Igloo Spa Volume Gel Nails said in her review, "It was my first-time using gel nail strips, and I liked how it's super affordable and convenient for last-minute preps! I used this for a recent trip, and my nails looked on point the whole time. Overall, it was a fun experience using this!"

In another review, a customer described the volume gel nails as perfect for those who want a manicure but don't want to pay salon prices and don't want to go through the hassle of using glue and waiting to dry. She added that all one has to do is stick these nails on and file them down to size. "They're so easy to work with and look so pretty!" concluded the customer.

Similar sentiments have been echoed by a user who has bought the product. She observed that the nail strips are very easy to apply and remove at home. "It has different sizes for each nail and adheres perfectly to my natural nails. The texture is so unique. Unlike other stickers, these Volume Gel Nail strips feel thicker and more elastic," said the reviewer. She also expressed that she felt like she just did a fresh gel manicure but without the UV light.

For more information, visit

About Igloo Spa

Igloo Spa is a women-owned cruelty-free brand that embraces the beauty of our natural nails. Established in 2021, the brand was created for the everyday people who stand behind the philosophy of 'Real People, Real Nails.' As a brand, Igloo Spa's mission is to promote the importance of self-care and hope to kickstart that journey with something as simple and approachable as gel nail strips. The founder believes that self-care correlates to the grand scheme of taking care of one's wellness inside and out.

Media contact info

Amy Jeun

Business Development Associate


Gambling has been in existence for a long time. In fact, it's so commonplace in the world that it is considered to be part of the human culture. From the ancient Romans to the ancient Chinese to the modern-day civilizations, betting on gambling has been an integral part of history. In fact, many of the most well-known monarchs gamble, and some were addicted to gambling. Nowadays, you can see that many people across the world are now on the internet due to online gambling.

Online gambling is one of the most popular gambling industries. In reality, certain gambling sites online are larger than most famous gambling establishments in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Due to the fact that online gambling is able to cater to all players across the world, gambling online gained popularity.

When you play online you'll be able to test your luck in the comfort of your home.

In the case of gambling, there's an long-standing question that gamblers have asked for that is, how to win at it.

In essence, you must be aware that gambling is a gamble. There is no assurance that you will succeed when you bet. No matter if you gamble either online or offline, you'll always lose. There are many theories regarding gambling, but it is important to keep in mind that these theories do not guarantee you winnings every day. Some theories suggest the possibility of losing money.

You must face the fact that when you gamble, you're always taking risks in order to make money. In gambling, you'll see there are strategies to use to increase the odds of winning and reduce losses. Get more info about casino sponsored guest posting in Nigeria.

If you follow these guidelines by following these guidelines, you can be certain that you'll be able to play more and reduce the chance of losing lots of money.

The first thing to remember is that you shouldn't make a decision about the amount you can make in one day of wagering. In lieu, decide on the amount you will be betting. It is important to not ever set a sum of money that you can't afford to lose. Be aware that many people have gotten deeper into debt as a result of gambling. Many weren't dependent on gambling. Read more about casino SEO service in Africa.

Consider gambling as a means of entertainment. Actually, gambling can be an enjoyable pastime and very thrilling. But you shouldn't consider gambling as a method to make money. You should just play for fun. any winnings you earn take it as an extra bonus. You can also purchase something you like for example, new clothes or an updated pair of shoes. But if you win, don't consider it as a serious loss. It's a loss that you are able to afford to lose and then gain back in the next pay period.

These are the methods that are extremely reliable for on the internet to gamble. Be aware that gambling is fun and provides players with plenty of excitement and thrills. But don't treat gambling seriously. Enjoy yourself and don't think of it as a means to earn cash. A successful gambler constantly knows when to put down. Follow these guidelines and you'll know that you'll be able to increase your odds of winning as well as limit losses.

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You've made the right choice. You've chosen to take all the lyrics that you've been writing in your old spotted notebook of composition and put music on their words for all the world to enjoy! What now? You've probably already figured out that you must connect with music producers. Perhaps you don't have the funds to pay a producer for tracks. It's not as if you have the label backing. Perhaps you're nervous about soliciting a music producer to provide free music. The issue is "how do you obtain low-cost or free music that is within your budget today's music producers?"

There are currently two ways to interact with a producer, either physically or electronically. If you are physically connected to producers, there are some factors that could open the door to affordable or free music as well as a lucrative career.

• Artist development: If you've been in contact with a producer, inquire whether they are seeking a musician to develop or writers to write concepts or songs for their music. In some cases, producers may be looking to create an artist and could reduce fees and charges to create something that will yield a more lucrative profit. In this instance, it might be beneficial to provide a demo ready to present the services you provide. Always make yourself look like experienced music professional.

* Be prepared to pay. Reality: Producers will always offer a monetary incentive to artists. Producers could immediately "tune" your performance when they don't think you have something to provide. It can be a great beginning point to build a stronger relationship. The willingness to purchase the producer's product will earn them respect and demonstrate that you are prepared to invest in the pursuit of your dream. The process of bringing a dream into reality requires investments. There could be a moment where you'll get some respite, thanks to your dedication and the loyalty of your customers. If the price of the producer is too expensive, ask whether they're willing to negotiate an arrangement for payment. This will show the producer that you are serious and they'll be more inclined to consider you a serious buyer. (It's an excellent idea to have saved money if you are planning on purchasing tracks, so be prepared).

* Already have a buzz: If you're fortunate enough to be able to prove a buzz when you meet with an agent, they may think it is worthwhile to work with you. In this case, the publicity is beneficial for both sides. It could be a chance to receive a free production of the quality of your name or a reward for the effort you've already put into.

The Internet has opened up a variety of possibilities and it's now easier than ever to find the music you need to help your dream of becoming an artist become a reality. One option is to utilize an online search engine, and enter "free beats". You can further customize your search to include the genre you want to target like EDM, Rap, etc. You'll be surprised to learn that there are many online music producers that provide accessibility to "free beat" catalogs and permit musicians to incorporate their music into their own projects or demos. The music is typically delivered in a matter of minutes. When you decide to make use of this option, make sure to know the terms that the music producers are giving you permission to make use of their music. In most circumstances, the producers are giving you permission to make use of the music with a non-exclusive license which means that you're not the only person that can make use of the track. Even though it is the music is free, there could limitations regarding its use.

The idea of using a search engine to find free beats may sound appealing, however, you might want something different. Perhaps you'd like to collaborate in conjunction with an online music producer who provides a production style that's more polished or more mainstream. You'll still be able to use search engines to locate these producers and likely come across the lease/exclusive sales business model (music licensing). In these situations, producers will give artists the choice of either "leasing " the track(s) commercially, at a reasonable upfront cost or, in the case of a sole owner of each track(s) (for profit-making use typically with less or no restrictions but with a more expensive producer fee). The lease option typically provides instant download access to the track. The purchase of the exclusive option guarantees that no one else can use the track following the sale, and the creator can utilize this track for commercial purposes. Be sure to inquire with the producer directly for more details regarding the rights to license, though the licensing policy may differ. A lot of online producers provide email subscriptions, and once signed up, you will receive updates, discounts as well as free songs.

Soyjuane is one of the best known Hispanic independent artists who combines techno/hard/house with his American style. Currently this song "viene del cielo" has more than 20,000 visits on Spotify with only 2 month of its release.

For further information about Soy Juane and the recent projects, visit:

Media Contact
Contact Person: Soy Juane
Country: Spain