Teddy Celdran, "PucKix" has completely revolutionized the world of nfts in recent months. Thimoj has become the brand for which major brands and the greatest musical artists are snapping up. Everyone wants to have a collection or a share in one of the metaverses of this universe.

Thimoj is above all a story, the story of a young astronaut who we will see growing up and living great adventures across the galaxy. Still looking for a star called "Junny". This finally gave birth to several musical collections (Blackbear, Boywithuke, Twentyonepilot...) but also and above all to the largest and most graphically worked metaverses on the market.

The list is long: Astroverse, Nfast, Bunars, Junny Toys Universe, Second life... and many more.

Many brands are fighting to have a place in these universes as varied as they are immense (Louis Vuitton, Nike, Coca-Cola...)

All these worlds have real movie quality trailers which you can find here.

Teddy, under contract with Binance.US and for a total of 18 Collections, ends his main story tonight. We do not know what will become of the astroverse as well as the world of Thimoj. Thousands of investors who have access thanks to the tickets they were able to buy before the premiere ask themselves the same questions!

The young man has also become the first French NFT creator and the first ETH whale in France thanks to the explosion of these universes with investors. They are also waiting for a textile collaboration with anti-social club and a possible short film announcement with, hang on tight, Disney!

Teddy "Puckix" would have planned to announce his departure after the end of the main story which features its main characters. Who will take over the leadership? will we see a sequel? So many questions...We will certainly have the answers this evening during the last live event since the astroverse where no less than 15,000 people are expected!




This July 9th starting at 7:30 P.M., New York City plays host to the Exuberant Theatre Company. The show will be held at National Opera Center, which is located at 330 7th Ave, 7th Fl, New York, NY 10001. There is another performance on July 23rd at7:30 P.M., it is an open-ended run with performances continuing weekly after that.The drama production company will be presenting a theater show entitled Adventure Story: Improvised! Actor Sean A. Mulvihill, a solo improv comedian/actor will perform every character in an adventure story.

In Adventure Story: Improvised expert physical theatre actor Sean A. Mulvihill works with audience suggestions to create a hilariously satisfying tale in the vein of the popular adventure films of recent years.

Suitable for the whole family, the theater show, according to the organizers, promises to make the adventure come to life. “See and hear your own hero come to life and grapple with villains and surroundings based on your suggestions,” said Exuberant Theatre Company Artistic Director, Sean A. Mulvihill.

It is a totally-improvised show that promises entertainment and laughs. Lovers of Indiana Jones The Alchemist, Pirates of the Caribbean, Austin Powers, National Treasure or The Mummy are expected to adore this show–and it is different for every audience!

The show is not just entertaining but also educational, with the audience expected to learn some of the finer points of genre Hollywood storytelling.

“Eat this, Spielberg! Forget the special effects. Physical theatre actor Sean A. Mulvihill plays Indiana Jones, all the bad guys, and even transforms himself into objects like boats and hand grenades!” said the Exuberant Theatre Company Artistic Director.

While explaining what to expect, the show creator said, “I’ve combined physical theatre, improv comedy, and storytelling to bring a unique show to families in the New York City area.

Like most activities, theater shows were affected by the pandemic. At this time, Exuberant Theatre Company stayed afloat with funding from The Actor's Fund, the state of New York, and other charitable organizations with the mission to assist artists. They also developed a partnership with the non-profit NGO Hello Future, developing arts curricula for displaced Syrian refugee teens in Iraq.

In 2021, The Exuberant Theatre Company’s documentary feature film about applied improvisation, Act Social, won the “Film Heals” Award at the Manhattan Film Festival. The film, directed by Sean A. Mulvihill, stars legendary actor and improv comedian Colin Mochrie.

In 2022, the company is back to the physical theater by launching the latest improv comedy show: Adventure Story: Improvised!

“Come join us with your suggestions for one of these preview performances. Snacks (by Fern’s Thai Street food and refreshments will be available,” said the representative while inviting the theater enthusiasts to buy tickets at

About the performer

Sean A. Mulvihill is a theatre/film actor who has performed professionally on stage and screen in the United States, Europe, and Asia. His work has been seen on numerous platforms like Amazon Prime, Sony PlayStation, and RAI Italia. Sean has acted in other plays, such as Living Luminaries: On the Serious Business of Happiness a docu-drama starring Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now onstage for the Venetian Casino Macau, the Italian National Tour of Action Theatre (Torino, Italy), and various regional theatres in the United States. He holds a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Physical Theatre from Accademia dell’Arte in Italy and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Theatre (Acting) from the University of Southern California.

About The Exuberant Theatre Company

The Exuberant Theatre Company are artists passionate about lifting the spirits of human beings through the celebratory act of theatrical performance. Exuberant Theatre Company started in 2017 when Sean moved from Torino, Italy to New York City. Artists believe that theatre and film are restorative, purifying, and unifying media. Currently, the Exuberants can be seen touring the tri-state area performing “Your Life: Improvised!” at private parties and events.

Media contact info

Sean A. Mulvihill

Artistic Director, Exuberant Theatre Company



All Driving Test Centers are alike? Are certain Driving Test Centres better than other centres? What exactly is an Driving Test Centre in the first place? What should you be looking for when you are planning the Driving Test in Ireland.

First off, each Major Town in Ireland has its own Driving Test Centre therefore you'll be within a short distance of the nearest Test center, no matter where you reside.

An Driver Test Center is the place where you start the practical portion of your Driving Test and does not have anything to do with relate to The Theory Test Centres, which are widely distributed across the country. Driving Theory Testing Centres are run through a contract with the Government and began operations in the year 2001.

The Driving Test centers are under the control to the Department of Transport and are set to be a part of the newly formed Road Safety Authority which will oversee the whole process of licensing Driving Tests, and the examination, Regulation and monitoring of Driving Schools and Instructors beginning in 2007.

The Driving Test Centre isn't located in the main streets of the Town or City and is located in the suburbs. However, it will be a frequent part during the Driving Test to cover a portion of the town's central area with a lot of traffic encountered. Although the Driving Test Centre could be located in a tranquil area of town, it is away from many of the commercial traffic it is essential to be aware of the surrounding area when preparing for the Test. Get more info about dun laoghaire driving test routes.

The facilities are varied considerably, which is why it is important to research your Test Centre that you have selected prior to. There are a variety of reasons for this. For one, older Test centres might not have toilet facilities like the one at Limerick's principal Test Centre at Wooodview Shopping Centre. Therefore, it's important to be aware of where you can rest and take an opportunity to use the bathroom prior to the driving Test. Finding a place to get excited to take your Driving Test before you actually arrive at the Test Centre is a good idea .When you hire the school car for candidates for the test, we always make a cup of coffee at the hotel closest to us to think about any last issues that require clarification. There's always something to talk about.

Driving Test centers are private properties that are sometimes owned by the Government, but sometimes not. If there is a custom constructed Test Centre is operating, it is not allowed access to the area to examine the condition or to practice. On the notice boards of Test Centres you'll find explicit instructions to avoid practicing on Test Routes during normal times during which the Test are held. This is specifically targeted at Driving Instructors, many of whom love to whimper idle by guiding their pupils around and around Test routes. Click here

It's a country that is free so long as your license and vehicle are in good working order, then it is perfectly legal to familiarize yourself with the areas where tests occur. It's not always possible to practice during regular driving Test timings. If you're practicing in the morning on driving Test routes, there are some guidelines to follow. If you encounter another learner Driver on an Test Route assume they are practicing for their Test and steer clear of them. Don't be a follower .

There are a variety of things learners can do to enhance the chance of passing taking the Driving Test and one of the most crucial is familiar with your area's Driving Test Centre and the region within a 2 mile distance. If you're familiar with the main elements within the Driving Test location, you'll have an excellent possibility of obtaining a Pass certificate. The certificate isn't available to who are learning Drivers who don't consider seriously the driving Test with enough care.


If you are forced to pick an electrician, which one are going to do? How do you pick an electrician? It's not an easy job since there are several intricate aspects to consider when making a choice. Making the wrong choice could result in serious issues.

Here are some suggestions that can assist you in selecting the appropriate electrician

1. Make sure you hire an electrician with a license. When you employ an electrician who is licensed this means that he's completed the required education that will allow him in order to be an expert. You should make sure that the cork electrician you choose to hire is licensed. It is also essential to make sure that the electrician is licensed and has a valid number.

2. Be sure to choose electricians who are members of any electrical organization. When you employ an expert, it is a guarantee that he is sure provide you with top-quality services.

3. Each state and nation has their own rules and laws regarding handling electrical and electronic equipment. It is not everyone's right to deal with electrical issues. Only those who have been professionally trained and certified to provide these services need to be employed.

When you employ someone who is certified licensed, certified and a member of at least one internationally or national electrical organizations, you will receive high-quality services from the person. In addition, whatever the professional is going to do, it'll conform to local laws and regulations.

4. You must ensure that the electrician you're hiring has enough years of experience. Some electricians do not have the relevant knowledge. It is vital to select a professional with previous relevant experience.

5. Insurance is another factor that must be considered. Always choose electricians who have adequate insurance. It is important to examine the insurance documents. Insurance protects you from all accidents and mishaps that could occur during the time your electrician is on the job. More info:

6. Then, here's an idea. It is more beneficial to employ an electrician business instead of hiring individual electricians. The company employs a variety of experienced experts and each is a different expert with different knowledge and skills. This means you have a greater chance of having a broad group of experts working for you.

Use these suggestions and suggestions if you are looking to choose the perfect and most appropriate electrician. Even though adhering to these suggestions and suggestions can be difficult and you may be unable to find someone with all these qualities, there's no harm in doing your best.


Naas Driving Test Centre, the only Driving Test Centre located in Kildare, draws candidates from Kildare. You can expect it to be busy, with 8 driving tests being held simultaneously. But there is plenty of parking, unlike other Driving Test Centres.

Driving Test Routes at Naas include the outer ring road and Main Street. You'll also be taken past the Naas General Hospital. Naas is a good place to test your driving skills.

To begin your test, reverse into a parking spot just outside the hotel. Your test drive will end with you driving straight into space. If you find that the car is not parked properly, simply reverse it and make corrections. But be sure to observe.

After leaving the Carpark area, you will see a Stop sign before the Roundabout. You will be immediately ejected if you fail to stop. The stop sign will direct you to turn right. You'll then go straight to the roundabout. Here, you can choose whether or not to turn left. This can be awkward if it's your first time, so practice leaving driving test centre.

The Naas Driving Test Routes' most notable features would be the speed bumps along with Main Street shopping areas and roundabouts. Speed bumps can be classified as hazards. Before increasing your speed again, you should check the mirrors and slow down.

Try to get over "cushion” bumps in 2nd gear at 20/25kmph. You can also go over larger bumps in 3rd, which will cover the whole width of the road. It is best to slowly slow down, coming up to it, and then release the brake a few metres before it hits. Then you can accelerate again once it has been maintained.

If speed bumps are sufficiently far apart, you may be able to shift up into a higher drive before going back down to 2nd/3rd. A Naas Driving Test Route's most frequent fault is hitting speed bumps at too high a rate. It is known as a Grade 2-Fault for Hazards. Read more:

Main Street is often very busy, with many hazards. That's why testers will frequently go there. Make sure you use the Mirror – Signal – Position – Speed — Look technique. And for every hazard: Look Assess ­ Decide and Act.

The Naas Driving Test Routes also have an outer ring road. These roads are designed to circumvent the city centre and include a series of roundabouts. You can choose between 2 or 1 lanes. A Grade 2 fault will result. They can be handled with little practice and do not get too busy compared to the Dublin Test Routes.


Mulhuddart operates 2 Driving Testing Centers. The M3 Services at a portakabin driving test centre is the busiest. The Carton Hotel Mulhuddart lies approximately 1.5km to the north. Before you head to the driving test, confirm the address of Mulhuddart Driving Test Centre. Driver test candidates are often wrongly directed to the wrong place and end up losing their driving test.

Mulhuddart Driving Test Routes resemble each other. Mulhuddart Village Shopping Centre Mulhuddart Village Mulhuddart Village is the route you will follow. Before taking the test it is important to practice merging onto/off the N3. It has a speed limit of 100 km and can get quite busy.

When approaching Mulhuddart driving tests centre Carlton hotel (see photograph above), you should slow down and observe both directions before making a right turn. The area is busy so slow down. For a quicker test, reverse into a parking area before the driving exam. The first five spaces should be left open to anyone returning from their test. They are the easiest areas to drive in. After your test, drive straight into the parking space. Parking errors can be rectified, but be careful.

Mulhuddart Driving Test Routes have speed bumps, shopping centres, hatch/road marks, and roundabouts. Speed bumps are dangerous. Be sure to check the mirrors before you increase speed.

In general, bumps called "cushion", should be possible to pass in 2nd at 20/25kmph. Avoid large bumps that extend across the road in third. Slow down and climb slowly to the bump. The brake should be released for a few meters after the impact. Continue to accelerate.

You can speed up by moving speed bumps closer together. Before you go back to 2nd, or 3, it is possible to increase your speed. Speed bumps which are too fast can be a Grade 2 Hazards fault. It is also one of Mulhuddart Test Route's most frequent faults.

Blanchardstown Shopping Centre may get very crowded. It is also possible to use a busy roundabout that testers frequent nearby. You must be able see danger in advance and respond quickly. For omissions or other dangerous actions, you can be held responsible. Read more:

Mulhuddart Driving Test Routes also include the N3 Dual Carriageway. The N3 Dual carriageway is a feature on most test routes. It is dangerous and scary to merge at 100 kmph. You should practice this skill before you take the driving test.


The color and design are an essential element to sell a product. The colors you select will determine the success or failure of whatever you're promoting. Colors that are bold like red attract attention from people. Opting for more subtle colors such as pink is also a popular choice but it doesn't have as any impact. Similar to wooden puzzles, customers examine the designs first before making a decision to purchase it. Consider the cost is something else to keep in mind.

There are a variety of types of puzzles to pick from, and, surely, you'll discover the one that you enjoy most. Cartoon characters for children are popular with them. As kids are fond of items featuring the characters they love,, puzzles are definitely something that they can include in their collection. Puzzles for children aren't that difficult to finish since the pieces of puzzle are large and there are no shortage of them. The kids can finish the Puzzle Game quickly. You could even have the challenge of who finishes the puzzle in the fastest time. They will certainly enjoy playing with it instead of simply putting it in one corner of the room.

For adults There is a larger selection of options. If you are a fan of fantasy and fantasy, there are puzzles made of wood concerning unicorns and fairies. They emit a distinct aura when you look at the puzzles. They are so appealing that you you'd like to buy the item. You are awed by the aesthetics and beauty of the mythical beasts, and the closest that you can find are objects that feature the same design. Puzzles are available in a variety of dimensions, so pick which you prefer. It will be fun to finish the puzzle after you have started the task. The excitement will build when you realize that you're getting close to finishing.

Certain puzzles feature famous portraits or paintings in their design. The most viewed puzzles is that of the Mona Lisa. Her smile is awe-inspiring to everyone because she appears to is aware of something that others could not comprehend. The painting also became well-known after the publication the novel The Da Vinci Code written by Dan Brown. Another famous painting is called the Last Supper. It also includes The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, The Tragedy of Picasso and numerous others.

If you'd like your wooden puzzle to be distinctive You can make it unique. Certain stores provide customizing services to those who wish to own a unique puzzle. All they need is the picture they would like to be able to see on the puzzle. They also need to know the dimensions of the puzzle and often the number of pieces. After these details are set you can wait several days or weeks until your personalized puzzle is finished Show it off to your family and friends, and they could like to own one too. You can create your own puzzle using the help of DIY websites. It allows you to be complete control of the project from beginning to end. It's satisfying to feel proud that you created things with your own hands.

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June, 2022 -- Mu Delta Alpha Sorority, Inc. is hosting its Leadership Annual Summit 2022 celebrating girls and their achievements.

Founded by Samira Maddox on February 17, 2014, at the University of Texas at Dallas, Mu Delta Alpha Sorority, Inc. is a Muslim interest, professional and social sorority that was born out of a need of a network of Muslim women professionals in multiple fields. The organization believes in changing the world for the better and for the past six years, they have hosted their annual leadership summit for the empowerment of every girl who believe they can change the world and reach their full potential.

Girls aged 10 – 16 years old are invited to take part in this summit and dinner as One Girl at a Time Leadership Academy presents the 7th Annual Change Maker on the 27th of July 2022 from 10 AM to 4 PM. Every year, the organization brings star-studded speakers to the summit to motivate, encourage, and empower the girls with interactive workshops and a fun-filled day with many activities for girls. This year is no different. Among their speakers include Ain’t Afraid, a very talented girl band, Bushra Amiwala who is also the youngest Muslim elected official in the United States, the founder of Melanin Medics Khadija Owusu and Tiffany Gardner, CEO of Reflect US among others.

Apart from this wonderful lineup of stellar speakers, the summit and dinner event will be filled with interactive workshops, OGAT podcast live recordings, educational games, photo booths, raffles and various challenges for the young girls. The theme for this year is “Keep Shining” and this event has been prepared in order to inspire and empower hundreds of young girls by giving them a platform and tools to combat bullying, use their voices, and be great leaders and ambassadors of change for tomorrow.

“Girls are the future, when you empower a girl you empower a nation,” said the spokesperson of the event.

“This is a platform like no other where girls are encouraged to keep shining,” she added.

Tickets are at $35.00 with lunch included. To buy your tickets now, please click on this link or visit for more information.



One of the best-known companies in the trade show booth industry, XS Worldwide, is proud to attend Hannover Messe 2022 with the Government of Ontario. The company is more than glad to be back at the event. The last time XS Worldwide served for Hannover was in 2019 with HCL. XS Worldwide was about to build booths for the event in 2022, which later got canceled due to declining global health issues. Hannover Messe is starting from 30th May to 2nd June 2022. Taking place at Messegelände, D 30521, Hannover, the event is all set to begin. The company is extremely excited and looking forward to the show.

Hannover Messe 2022 is a called a real trade show for a reason. One of the most significant events in the world, the trade show, is all about Industry Development. Starting in 1947, the event has come a long way. Hannover Messe 2022 will cater to Automation, Motion, and Drives, Energy solutions, Digital Ecosystems, Engineered Parts and Solutions, Future hubs, Logistics, and much more. The event is being lauded for its carbon-neutral productions and energy supply under the energy solutions. Currently, the event covers all the areas of industrial technology. The most famous and prestigious award in industrial R&D is none other than the ‘HERMES AWARD,’ which has been presented as the technology and innovation prize at the Hannover Messe since 2004. The event is a huge success among exhibiting companies and visitors. The event is said to be attended by more than 250,000 visitors and 6500 exhibitors typically.

XS Worldwide is blessed with a professional team that works toward making the impossible come to life. The company offers a wide variety of trade show booth services, including turnkey exhibits, corporate chalets, sustainable exhibits, experimental marketing, and much more. The company’s services are designed to fit every budget while impressing the client with an experiential booth. The booths are aesthetically well put together and are a complete head-turner.

As per the company’s spokesperson, “Working for such a prestigious event is a golden opportunity for XS Worldwide. We are glad to announce that we have delivered a couple of booths to Hannover Messe in the past. Delivering booths for an event that caters to almost everything in the industrial development sector feels nice. Working for almost three decades, we feel refreshed when a project gets delivered according to the client.”

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Contact name: XS-worldwide

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Businesses that are trying to promote their latest products but are tired of a high costly searching engine or social media ads can now rest easy. Deltamon DBA KOLmon marketing is helping business kick start their branding. With its influencer marketing powered by AI, the agency prides itself on offering the next generation of marketing. As an influencer marketing agency, KOLmon marketing helps people and businesses promote their online services or products. The agency collects and maintains millions of Youtube/IG/Tiktok content creators and uses AI to filter the right influencers for its clients.

With the list of a vast number of influencers maintained by KOLmon marketing and content creators recommended by AI, KOLmon marketing can help find the most suitable candidates and assist the marketing campaign.

KOLmon marketing service turns the influences into a local sales team, helping boost the business reputation through the followers. "It reinforces your brand's reputation and fosters your credibility," said the agency spokesperson while adding that influencers can quickly introduce and covert traffic, turning them into potential users. With their creativity, careful planning, and execution of the campaign, the agency delivers an initiative that brings revenue that is twice the cost expended in the process.

While appreciating that influence marketing is one of the most popular trends in the digital world, the senior regional marketing manager in the company, Jessica Yu, said their agency service focuses on understanding the customers' unique needs and goals with the aim of building a customer program that delivers value. To achieve this, they do all the marketing analysis and assist customers in selecting the best influencer to accomplish specific goals. Their potential customers are people who have an influence on social media platforms.

The agency uses three steps to assist in customizing influencer marketing. First, they include planning the campaign where the customer tells them what needs to be promoted and the kind of campaigns that are preferred. Then, they find a suitable influencer. They have thousands of top influencers from different countries and industries at their disposal. They normally filter suitable candidates for the business, working with them to create a customized marketing campaign. After this, they release and take off.

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About KOLmon marketing

KOLmon marketing is an innovative digital marketing agency that has been helping brands develop and define their voice through influencer/ KOL marketing services. The marketing agency is driven by technology and innovation to ensure it fulfills the key mission of helping clients find their successful future.

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