October, 2020 -- Blue Jay Nutraceuticals, LLC is proud to introduce the most effective CBD and Kratom products in the market. As the world’s first nano CBD and Kratom Nano Tabs, these are the industry’s first pharmaceutical grade, micro emulsified CBD and Kratom rapid dissolve tablets with fast acting rapid absorption rate in under fifteen seconds.

Blue Jay’s newest advanced absorption cannabidiol (CBD) and Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) Nano tabs are the most effective CBD and Kratom products in the market today. Their product uses a fast dissolving base that offers immediate absorption a few seconds after intake. The fast absorption rate of this premier Nano emulsified product outpaces any other similar products on the market today. Every Nano Tab is formulated with USP pharmaceutical base that is designed to enter your mucosal membranes at a rapid pace to achieve full absorption.

NANO TABS is an important innovation for people who take CBD to supplement their health. The medical community supports the fact that CBD receptors exist widely in the body, especially in the central and peripheral nervous systems, including the immune system. There are a number of comprehensive study done to investigate and prove the potential impact of this non-psychoactive compound to our health. At present, studies are still continuing to identify its real effects on mood, pain, neuroprotection and the immune system in general.

Nano Tabs are made using Nano emulsified herbal extracts to boost the effectiveness of every product. NanoTabs come in SLEEP, ENERGY, CHILL, and Kratom variants to meet everyone’s needs. It delivers an all-natural, great tasting sublingual tab that is packaged in a blister of 20. This innovative product can be bought online at and is also available at a growing number of Pharmacies and health product vendors across the United States.


Blue Jay Nutraceuticals products are all-natural Hemp Oil Broad Spectrum with over one hundred different organic compounds, botanical terpenes, and flavonoids. We source our ingredients from organic farms in Colorado and Oregon to provide you with the purest genetics available. Our proprietary Nano-emulsification technology guarantees that you are getting the best results “to feel better naturally”. Our process begins with managing the entire process from seed to market, by maintaining a high concentration of CBD Hemp Extract Oil (CBG, CBN, etc.), terpenoids, amino acids, and essential oils.

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October 3, 2020 --Stack Sports announces active partnership with USA Elite Sports Network (USA Elite) to launch “Stack Sports Member Benefits”, a nationwide youth sports platform designed to offer sports organizations access to a variety of tools, perks, and discounts. With the ever-increasing expenses in managing and operating a sports club or league, Stack Sports Member Benefits will be a huge help in decreasing expenses while increasing their revenues for organizations in any sport. This will also provide a much-needed solution to find new ways to effectively streamline operations.

USA Elite is a youth sports consortium with a nationwide operation. By lowering the cost of operating a sports organization it ultimately helps promote youth sports participation. With this mission to offer families and sports leaders access to a variety of tools that supports the organizations’ underlying goal of promoting youth sports participation, it matches perfectly with Stack Sports’ desire to provide an industry-leading solution to lower the cost of operating and managing a sports organization.

“We are continuing to look for ways to lower the everyday cost of running sports organizations. Our innovation focuses on saving volunteers time and this partnership is targeted at saving them money on the things they use most. We are excited to launch this new benefits program as so many organizations are returning to play,” said Jeff Brunsberg, Chief Revenue and Strategy Officer.

By launching, sports clubs and leagues now have an easy to access platform where they can find solutions to decrease expenses, increase revenues, and streamline operations. Stack Sports has grown to over 50 million users in 35 countries by providing members with access to leading industry partners and technology that support youth sports organizations’ goals. These partners, like USA Elite Sports Network, help lower the everyday cost of sports and/or create best practice materials that can help support youth sports organizations.

"It has been awesome to work with Stack Sports on launching this new product. They deeply care about sports organizations and it shows in the way they approached the thoughtful launch of this program. We are proud to be associated with the Stack Sports brand and work with their teams," said Josh Racette, President, USA Elite Sports Network

By becoming members, clubs and leagues have unprecedented access to discounts and best practices for their organizations. This website is a member benefit of being a part of the Stack Sports ecosystem for only $99/yr. Clubs and organizations can view new products and offers free at any time.


With nearly 50 million users in 35 countries, Stack Sports is a global technology leader in SaaS platform offerings for the sports industry. The company provides world-class software and services to support national governing bodies, youth sports associations, leagues, clubs, parents, coaches, and athletes. Some of the largest and most prominent sports organizations including the U.S. Soccer Federation, Little League Baseball and Softball, and Pop Warner Little Scholars rely on Stack Sports technology to run and manage their organizations. Stack Sports is headquartered in Dallas and is leading the industry one team at a time focusing on three key pillars -- Play, Improve, and Engage. To learn more about how Stack Sports is transforming the sports experience, please visit


The USA Elite Sports Network, the parent company to USA Member Benefits, USA Elite Sports Travel, USA Perks, and USA Sports Communities; is a national leader in supporting youth sports organizations by helping to decrease expenses, increase revenues, and streamline their operations. Headquartered in Columbus, OH, the USA Elite Sports Network is a youth sports consortium designed to offer families and sports leaders access to a variety of tools that supports the company's underlying goal of promoting youth sports participation. The USA Elite Sports Network offers access to 25+ industry leaders in verticals that directly benefit youth sports organizations.  From facility development to payroll, online registration to travel, and field maintenance to indoor/outdoor branding ... the USA Elite Sports Network has the best strategic partners to support youth sports organizations. To learn more about the USA Elite Sports Network, please visit

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An app that allows its users to locate and reach out to the people in their lives easily has launched a crowdfunding campaign. While announcing the launch of the app on crowdfunding platforms, namely Indiegogo; Peter Pham, the founder of InSircle, said that they are addressing the “where” question in contact and communication app.

Narrating how the idea of inSircle came about, Peter, who is a software engineer and an entrepreneur, says that the app was born out of an idea to communicate with his wife and coordinate things at home. “At times, my wife was driving, and she couldn’t answer my calls. With kids having to be picked up from school among many other activities, I was left wondering what to do. So, I thought of an app that allows people to locate and contact each other without the need for a lot of interactions with the phone.” Peter also added that he came to realize that such a feature would help to remove many inconveniences in those situations that cause people unnecessary stress and anxiety.

With the smart contact app, users will be relieved of the stress and anxiety of not knowing the whereabouts of their loved one, or the agony of spending time wandering around looking for someone at work or in a meet up place. “You may be travelling together with a friend or a loved one, and when you part ways you may find it challenging to reconnect. The app solves all this! There will be no need to spend time looking for one another. This smart contact app can do all that and more by saving on time, driving-in-circles gas, and even unnecessary worry. “said Peter adding that the app will also help small business owners improve their business efficiency, as employees can use it to deliver and collect anything while they are on the move.

The app also includes messaging and video call features seamlessly integrated for smooth user’s experience. Making it a complete contact tool, from locating to making contact in a few simple steps. Video conference call is also supported with up to 5 users on the same call.

While explaining how the app works, Peter confirmed that several language option are available on the app, including English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, and Vietnamese; promising that more languages will be available in the near future as inSircle grows.

With the crowdfunding, Peter intends to reach the masses, deploying their services across North and South America as well as other continents.

The app is currently available on the App Store and Google Play.

For more information please visit:

About inSircle

inSircle is a Silicon Valley, California-based software development company that was founded by Peter Pham, an experienced technology entrepreneur.


With the need to curb the spread of COVID-19 at the top of the agenda, masks have been recommended for their effectiveness in preventing infections in places where social and physical distancing are not possible. Health experts and scientists have said that wearing a mask reduces the chances of infection significantly with authorities all over the world encouraging people to mask up. In this spirit, came up with an idea of encouraging every member of the family, including the youngest ones, to wear a mask. “With a sudden need to wear masks in public places, we thought of a way to make wearing masks enjoyable for families and kids,” said the company representative while announcing the availability of their animal masks.

Iryna Shkira, the co-founder of explains that they have launched a new brand of fun animal face masks that are machine washable and 100% cotton with feature filter pockets. “Kids love wearing our masks, and parents are relieved now that they don't have to struggle with ‘making’ their kids wear them anymore,” said Iryna.

Iryna further explained that, “We are not only providing playful animal masks that will make it fun for the kids but we are also contributing to helping those that have lost a part of their income,” acknowledging that there are indeed people who have lost a significant amount of income due to this pandemic.

For this reason, all their masks are hand sewn by local Portuguese seamstresses as opposed to turning to one big manufacturer. With their model of production, the funny face mask makers are providing work to a number of people. “Through buying our masks, customers will not only be reducing the spread of COVID-19 but also the economic effects it has meted out on people. Our mask makers will get remuneration that will help to compensate for their loss of earnings,” observed Iryna, who also added that part of the proceeds they get from sales will be donated to the World Health Organization.

“We wondered how else we could contribute to fight COVID-19 and decided to donate part of our income to the COVID Response Fund – with each purchase from our website one Euro or one Pound (depending on the currency of sale) goes to the fund,” said Iryna.

Because the face masks are made of 100% cotton, they can be washed and recycled. This, according to the company representative, makes them safer for the environment. To make the face masks more effective against infection, the reusable face covers come with a pocket for changeable filters or surgical masks. While acknowledging that the face masks may not offer full protection against the virus, the company spokesperson cited WHO advisories that recommend adding more layers on a cloth mask.

Parents that have bought the funny kids face masks say that the children love wearing them, confirming that they used to have a hard time convincing them to wear a mask. “My son cannot get enough of his mask – I had to buy a couple of extras, so he can choose a different animal every day!” exclaimed one of the parents.

It’s not just the kids who are having fun wearing the face masks either. Adults are also getting compliments on the street. “A beautifully made mask with lots of stunning details. I've gotten compliments wherever I have worn it, and my 4-year old son likes his mask too. There is plenty of elastic and you can tie a loop to adjust the size of your mask,” said one of the customers, who also described them as adorable and comfortable to wear.

The masks are available at

About is a Portuguese, Lisbon based brand; a mother-daughter company born out of a sudden need to wear face masks. Its mission is to take this necessity (and the grim attitude towards it) of wearing masks and turn it into a fun experience – be it wearing twinning masks with your kids, or significant other; walking the dog wearing a puppy face mask, or going grocery shopping with panda face masks on.

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Toute, a unique Sustainable luxury general store, has launched an exciting virtual art gallery, called Toute Art, allowing emerging artists to show their work. While welcoming the vibrant artists to their international collection, James Thompson, one of the platform founders, said that Toute Art is proud to present unique and exciting works of art by their family of contemporary artists.

“The platform is dedicated to the talented new, emerging artist. We are giving them a platform to showcase their talent to the world,” said Thompson while announcing the launch of the art gallery.

While acknowledging that there are many talented artists out there who lack a platform where they can showcase their artwork, Thompson said that at Toute Art, they wanted to connect artists with art lovers.

“Artists need global exposure, and most often they get lost in the social media superhighway. We are creating an atmosphere for art lovers to get up close and personal with a potential piece they are interested in buying and potentially connect directly with the artist,” said James Thompson. He also encouraged artists and art enthusiast, saying that Toute Art welcomes vibrant artwork into their international collection.

While observing that art is an expression of life, Thompson said that it would not mean anything if it did not get to the intended audience. Toute Art is taking care of that by providing a Virtual 3D Art Gallery with a difference. The artist showing in the gallery proves that in the use of various techniques, art can be presented effectively allowing art lovers to appreciate the meaning of the pieces and finding what they need in them. For more info, visit here:

Currently Toute Art is offering two installations: a creatives’ rise, emerging artist showcase & United Angels, which are sculptures of people lost in 2020 to tragic accidents, unbeatable sickness, police brutality & senseless violence.

Toute Art is looking for emerging artists, ready to show the world their talent. Those who would like to showcase their art are required to complete an application and once approved, they can get started with a set out within two days.

About Toute Art

Toute Art is a space dedicated to exceptionally talented& emerging artists – a platform giving these artists a chance to show their work to the world. The platform offers a unique experience of color, imagination, and positivity.


Inaugural SIT Furniture Design Awards 2020 submissions are now open. While making the announcement, the awards spokesperson said that registrations for the first edition of the awards for best in furniture design is now open.

Created to recognize the efforts of talented international furniture product designers, manufacturers, and brand implementers; SIT aims at celebrating creativity and sharing furniture designers’ innovative SEATING visions to the world.

“SIT focuses on rewarding strategic thinking and imagination that goes into making great equipment,” said the spokesperson, adding that industrial designers help in improving our daily life; therefore, their efforts should be recognized.

While acknowledging that furniture will be a strategic tool in managing the current global health crisis, the founder of SIT Furniture Design Awards and CEO of its parent company, Farmani Group; Mr. Hossein Farmani explained how important it is to acknowledge the efforts and contributions of furniture designers and implementers. Hossein Farmani also observed that with the pandemic, there has been a major shift in how we use furniture, defining private versus working areas and how we had to reorganizing our lives from home while changing our habits to keep the infections at bay, “…all these will have an impact on furniture and interior design, ”said Mr. Farmani.

With the awards, Mr. Farmani added that they recognize the contribution of furniture designers, rewarding them for their talent and creativity, which also awards present exciting opportunities for both new talent and established creatives and architects.

Digital Innovation Center

SIT Furniture Design Awards have created the Digital Innovation Center, a concept with a unique blend of design, creative thinking, computational thinking, culture integration, and sustainability innovation.

The center is focusing on 3 topics to highlight new inventions every year, looking at today’s challenges and how to overcome them. The annual winner of the Digital Innovation Center in professional categories will receive a cash prize of US$4000 to realize a prototype or start production.

For its inaugural launch, the Digital Innovation Center will focus on these topics:

  1. Home office furniture: Combine living and working
  2. Technology integration: Upgrade your furniture
  3. Reuse and/or Recycle: Give a second life

Panel of Judges

Entries to the competition will be anonymously judged by an influential jury panel of experienced academics and established design industry professionals whose mandate is to recognize and award the absolute best designers. Each jury member will bring a wealth of knowledge and understanding to the table and with their combined insight and votes, the final winners in each category will be selected.

Winners will receive the SIT trophy, a digital brochure featuring their winning entry, an invitation to the bi-annual winner reception as well as extensive publicity, promoting their designs to a worldwide audience.


Entries can be submitted as conceptual designs, in progress, or as completed projects as long as they are no more than five years old. The submissions can be made as a professional or as a student, and the competition is open to anyone aged 18+, residing in any part of the world.

Professional entries will be judged against other professionals with student entries against other students. There is an early bird discount of 20% for applications made before the 14th of September 2020. The deadline for participation is set for December 5th, 2020, and another 10-day extension will be given for late submissions. Winners will be announced in February 2021.

About Farmani Group

Farmani Group is a company leading in curation and promotion of photography, design, and architecture across the globe. Established in 1985, the company aims at discovering and promoting talents in its areas of operation through competitions, awards, exhibitions, developing artist communities, providing networking opportunities, and education.

The Farmani Group, has organized several successful award events around the globe, including the International Design Awards (IDA), Architecture Masterprize, DNA, Paris Design Awards, London International Creative Awards, Prix de la Photographie in Paris, and the Annual Lucie Awards for Photography, which has emerged as one of the world’s most prestigious awards. And now the SIT Furniture Design Awards.

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(September, 2020) -  In 2018 Craigslist personals were completely shut down to stop the misuse that was constantly occurring after legal action was taken. Unfortunately, for responsible adults looking to make a friend or hookup, the shutdown halted many personal lives as if a foreshadowing of 2020. Catch founder, Zack, knew that responsible adults looking for friends with benefits desired the previous safety and anonymity of Craigslist personals CP.

Catch is the highest rated app alternative to CP. Many say they enjoy other personals apps such as FWB, Hookup, and Casualx; yet there’s something missing. Satisfied Catch users enjoy hooking up through this easy app, which allows anonymity to the degree preferred.

The categories in Catch are what CP users remember, including open-minded, couples seeking more, and casual encounters. Whether in a new town for business, seeking a local NSA hookup, or adult chat, Catch will help fulfill your needs. Start by perusing the personals or create one yourself. Straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, non-binary and all other sexualities are welcome at Catch.

As they say, there are plenty of fish in the sea. If your single, or in an open relationship, Catch is a perfect way to meet others who want to explore benefits with you. Who knows, you may even catch that attractive person you saw downtown the other day!

Download and register in a flash, then look at current personals before you post your own. If you hookup online but want to take it offline, you can chat and agree on a public place for your own safety. Keeping it all casual online is cool too, since most people will be hesitant to meet in real life right now. Just like old times, but in an app. 

Get the Catch Personals app now at the App Store or Google play store and start your next casual relationship today!


Founder, Zack
#1 213-375-3998