Rich and Rich Home opportunities L.L.C have a grand opening. The internet marketing business is preparing for its Black Friday Sale on Nov 26th from 7 pm to 10 pm at their new business location at 790N Milwaukee St. Suite 317, Milwaukee, WI, 53213. According to the company spokesperson, they will be making products available at their brick-and-mortar shop from their drop-shipping department of Rich and Rich Home opportunities L.L.C and will also have onsite product promotions, Botox from networking, and much more as we continue to expand.

The business started in 2009 and has since continued to expand. Rich and Rich Home opportunities L.L.C   seeks to be a leader in affiliate marketing, providing its customers with products they would love to purchase.

The business was started by Desiree Sims, who also serves as the current CEO. Desiree Sims is a baccalaureate-prepared nurse with 20 years of education and leadership qualities. She is also an MSN candidate for Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) and graduates Dec 18, 2021.

The affiliate marketing company has a long history with advertising. It has been offering a variety of services including ecommerce digital marketing, drop shipping, web development, social media marketing, among other digital marketing services. “We are committed to serving our customers as valued member of the team, ensuring they get the products that they need easily and conveniently,” said the company representative, who added that with the grand opening event, they are just extending the experience they have been providing their customers for the last thirteen years. As a company that started humbly with blog marketing, the company spokesperson says they have grown over the years to reach their current position. They are keen on helping small businesses market their product and reach their objectives. With the grand opening event, they are reaching far and wide in their quest to serve all.

The grand opening event will focus on apparel/accessories collections for men and women. The company spokesperson says they will also have gaming computers and other software for the techs that still want to be well dressed in front of a computer.

Veterans 'Connection

Owned by an African American woman veteran of 18 years in both Army and Navy, the company has the veterans’ affairs in its heart. They plan to help the veterans and their families by bringing products services to them in the Wisconsin area. The owner of Rich and Rich Home opportunities an active member of the veteran community and will do everything in her power to assist, to include an active application Nov 10, 2021, for a grant from the Small Business Association (SBA).  The grant would help fund concessions vendors procurement of products for veterans and their families.

Future Plans and Achievements

Rich and Rich Home opportunities L.L.C. is accredited by the Better Business Bureau as an internet marketing business. The company maintains a tax EIN for its offline/online marketing and ensures that merchants get maximum exposure.

When commenting on future plans, the company spokesperson said they would be advertising for jobs soon, where they will seek highly motivated individuals to join them and help them expand further. Since the company started, the spokesperson says they have been in an expansion mode, with the recent establishment being the achievement that has come from a hard-working and committed team. The spokesperson added that they have been financing their store with profits they have made over the years, a development she describes as a great accomplishment.

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About Rich and Rich Home opportunities L.L.C.

Rich and Rich Home opportunities L.L.C started as Rich and Rich Home Opportunities before becoming a Limited Liability Company (LLC). The affiliate marketing company started its operation in 2009 with one blog and has advanced gradually as technology continues to advance. Rich and Rich Home opportunities L.L.C.’s mission is to promote products and services that families and friends that add value to their day to day activities.

Media contact info

CEO Desiree Sums



At a time when the world is moving to cleaner and green energy, companies have been charging exorbitant amounts for their solar services. This has many people questioning the need to switch to solar potentially derailing their transition to cleaner energy. However, there is a silver lining; DIY Solar Company seeks to revolutionize the solar market by offering affordable solar solutions that best meets the needs of the individual customer. According to its founder and CEO, Matthew Ciocci, the company is operating throughout the United States with roots in six New England states and seeks to disrupt the solar industry by offering high end solar solutions at the most affordable price.

“Our company is putting the power in the hands of homeowners through quality, professionalism, and cost-effective solar solutions,” said Ciocci.

An analysis of the industry shows that most solar companies, on average, sell their services up to $25,000 more than DIY Solar Company, which is attributed to high markups and commissions.

“We are here to change the solar industry through unmatched installation quality at an affordable price”, said Ciocci, adding that they have the customers’ interest at heart as they seek to liberate them from the high prices that are derailing their switch to cleaner and greener energy.

Focus on Ethics

 “As a company, we forbid unethical solar sales, and ensure solar makes sense for each of our customers. If transitioning to solar energy is not a good fit for one of our customers, we simply walk away.”, said the CEO, while adding that the company was started due to the frustration of solar customers encountering high pressure, high cost solar services. 

Ciocci states that DIY Solar sales process focuses on educating each customer to make an informed decision that best fits their needs. “At the end of the day, we are more of a movement than a solar company. Our mission is to provide solar customers with the best quality, price, and experience” adds the CEO.

DIY Customer Experience

“As someone who received many quotes from other companies, it was hard to find a solar company I could trust. The approaches and prices from the other local companies were discouraging to me. Matt came to my house and broke everything down penny by penny. It was a relief having solar installed by The DIY Solar Company,” says Jack B. of Carver, MA.

DIY Solar demands high levels of professionalism from their sales team and partners and requires all its affiliates to have a proven and clean track record.

The DIY Solar Model

In addition to DIY Solar Company seeking to make the installation affordable, the company is also offering sales terms that cater to everyone. Purchasing options include cash and loan packages and $0 down options enabling the switch to solar attractive from Day 1. Do-it-Yourself packages are also available for customers who would like to carry out the installation work on their own. Unlike other companies, DIY Solar Company offers lifetime support to each customer.

The DIY Solar Co. is not only treating its customers right, but they have also provided a positive working environment, something that the CEO says has contributed greatly to the success of the company, as the staff is highly motivated to meet the customers’ needs. Ciocci says that his dream is to build an organization where the employees are happy and proud to come into work.

For more information, visit:

About DIY Solar Company

The DIY Solar Co has been rapidly growing due to its incredibly honest approach. The company seeks to change the way solar services are offered by providing professional services at an affordable price. The company aims to demystify the concept of solar installation and provides solar services without breaking the bank.

Media contact info

Matthew Ciocci

Founder & CEO



October, 2021- Remint Network is giving back to its loyal subscribers 10,000 USD worth of cryptocurrency via airdrop. This once-in-a-lifetime event is a way for the network to thank all who subscribed to the app and actively participated in its effort to work on providing better real estate services in the future starting with an industry cryptocurrency system.

"We are glad that we have reached a stage where we can give back to our community. That is what this all about."- Max Hellstrom, Founder

Reaching 100K Users

Remint Network has reached 100,000 users of the Bitcoin remote mining app. Max Hellstrom, founder, and the team behind the app want to convey their gratitude. The 10,000 USD Airdrop Giveaway will be given to 50 lucky recipients, who will share the amount. Reaching 100k users is a milestone for the network since going online in April 2021. It is available in the Google Playstore for individuals interested in going into real estate ventures in the future and cryptocurrency mining.

How Does Remint Network App Work?

Remint Network is a mobile app that targets the real estate market. The app allows users to mine Remint coins through mobile phones. Mined crypto coins can be used in the future to pay for real estate for rentals, on Air BnB, and other property services. Mining of coins is done through the cloud/remote so it does not interfere in anyway with the phone device.

50 lucky users will share the 10,000 USD in the crypto currency that Remint Network will Airdrop anytime soon. The great news about the giveaway is users will be able to store these currencies in their Remint wallet and use them in the future for real estate services.

To be able to join the giveaway, all you need to do is go to the Remint Network website or download the app @

Media Contact:

Max Hellstrom



The primary purpose of interior design is within the capability to see the potential for aesthetics of the space you live in. Understanding the components of an interior design is all about playing around with the components. That's the case for shades, textures, décor pieces, as well as other pieces. How simple can imagining interior designs for your home be when you have this type of visual experience? This is where Bangalore-based Wudzo Home Interiors comes into play. The company is providing its customers an experience that is unique in visually experimenting with styles and decors for their interiors by using the concept of Argument Reality (A.R).

In the year 2017 Wudzo was established with Varun Ravindran as well as Manoj Martin, two extremely talented and knowledgeable individuals who have a thorough understanding of interior design & home decor. Since their inception, they've transformed lives and homes by bringing a fresh method of modern-day interior design solutions. Recent innovations provide their clients with the Augmented Reality based platform where they can design and visualize the interior design on their own. With over 850 completed projects, Wudzo is now one of the best interior design companies in Bangalore.

At Wudzo Interiors, they'll offer you a customized designer based upon your initial assessment of your preferences. Based on your initial curated options, you'll get suggestions on various design elements. From furniture and rugs to furniture and wallpapers you'll have access to the entire range. It is then possible to test these pieces to see the decor pieces 3D within your space. They are easily put together and rearranged in different configurations.

There's nothing like the feeling that is "home". What is an actual home without the individuality of the people who live within it? In a time like that, Wudzo plans on giving you the most satisfying interior design experience making your vision the main attention. This method will also guarantee an affordable project since there is nothing that will be added into your interior space by way of design. The final word is that what Wudzo provides is not only modern but also futuristic. It's also extremely thoughtful practical, and also efficient in terms of time and expense. What could be more satisfying than having complete control of your home's interior style?

Contact Us:
Phone: +91-8951774672


Forex traders and investors looking for Forex brokers ranking by different criteria can now benefit from the services of the first Forex site exclusively for Portuguese-speaking countries., which is available in Portuguese, allows traders in Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Portugal, and other countries where Portuguese is spoken to access a ranking of best Forex brokers by different criteria. When announcing the presence of a Forex brokers 'ranking, had this to say, "This is the first Forex website exclusively for Portuguese-speaking countries. Whether you are from Mozambique, Angola, or Brazil, we will show you a broker that will get you covered."

While adding that Portuguese-speaking investors had long been disadvantaged, as most of the Forex brokers rankings are available in English, said they are now making it easier for the Portuguese-speaking traders and investors through providing information that will help them invest in one of the lucrative sectors. A trader using for analysis and rankings said that the site is reliable and informative for anyone looking to invest in the money market." is really about trusted and regulated Forex brokers that operate in Portuguese-speaking markets," said one of the site users who encourages all Portuguese-speaking Forex traders to frequent the site anytime they are looking for the best brokers in the market. “I have been using the site and found it reliable. They provide a ranking of all the best Forex brokers. So for anyone who is starting out or a trader who needs to change their broker, this is the best platform,” adds the user.

With the Forex brokers' rankings, offers the traders a chance to review the entities they can work with for maximum benefits in their trading.

To come up with the ranking, has relied on many factors. They include:

  • Regulatory compliance, where they check on the Forex broker’s status in terms of meeting the legal requirements; a reputable broker will be a member of the relevant regulatory body and strive to meet all the regulatory needs.
  • Accounts features, including the leverage and margin, initial deposit requirements, the ease of deposits and withdrawals, and commission spread.
  • The currency pairs that a Forex broker offers.
  • The customer support that a Forex broker provides, the users ought to be available around the clock and adequate.
  • The trading platform should be easily navigable where the users have a great experience. invites Forex traders in Portuguese-speaking countries to visit their site and get the rankings that will allow them to get the best out of their trading.

Media contact info

Name: Santiago de Oliveira

Title: Project Manager



“Life is too short to live quietly!” These are the words of the founder of Moisturized Chaos, an online natural skincare and beauty brand that creates products that embrace the chaotic nature of life.

“Moisturized Chaos is a unique online skincare boutique that embraces the beauty of chaos. We believe in hastily packed lunch bags, running out the door with a cold cup of coffee, attempting to brush your hair in between work and soccer practice, and embracing a world where simply showing up and doing your best is applauded, "said the founder of Moisturized Chaos while introducing the company and what it stands for.

Moisturized Chaos recognizes that life is messy, characterized by unexpected twists and turns, tough times, and incredible moments of unabashed joy. Moisturized Chaos celebrates all, the good and the bad times. The online beauty brand brightens users lives by being easy to use, affordable, and free from harsh chemicals

The one-stop health and beauty shop, according to the founder, has time to make things easier. So, they have gathered their favorite products from their brand and a few others to help users look beautiful amidst chaos in life. The founder says she has had fun creating her products and collaborating with great people.

“We believe in a no-nonsense approach to life and believe that life is too short to live quietly. We believe self-care should be quick, accessible, and worry-free–and we believe that skincare should be simple, easy, and natural. Period, "said the founder adding that the beauty brand celebrates the chaos that life brings.

About Moisturized Chaos

Moisturized Chaos is a unique online skincare boutique that embraces the beauty of chaos. The online company was birthed from the chaos of the global pandemic. After being let go from 13 years as a Senior Accountant, the founder, Rosie, decided to embrace the chaos and follow her lifelong dream of starting a skincare and beauty line. Run by a full-time mother, Moisturized Chaos is one part clever-business name and one part personal mantra. The skincare brand promises to give its customers high-quality, vegan, cruelty-free products.

Media contact info:

Bella D'Agostino

Customer Relations Specialist


Art is everywhere. This is evident in PO’s life and work as an artist. Creativity evokes different types of emotions from nostalgia, happiness, sadness, and the truth. The artist’s work aims to bring out different emotions, provoking thought, and seeing even the most mundane from a different perspective.

Beauty and Aesthetics

PO aims to educate followers on what beauty and aesthetics truly mean. We often interchange the two but they are quite different. Beauty is what we see or perceive. Aesthetics is the discipline behind what we perceive to be beautiful. PO aims to train our minds and eyes on what and how we perceive beauty through his/her art in different mediums including vintage toys, photography and more.

Each piece of art aims to entertain, educate and visually please individuals and other artists. This is exactly what aesthetics is all about. PO’s objective with his/her social media pages and later on art exhibition is to become the training ground for building the sensibilities for art, self-expression, and design that may bring new ideas, thoughts, and nostalgia.

Help Remove Mental and Creative Blocks

PO hopes to inspire other artists, give support in removing mental and creative blocks through his art. If you are an artist like PO, you know what mental and creative blocks are. The work of re-conceptualized toys and other medium are meant to inspire artists to see other versions of art and design. To start creating again, and become fearless in expressing yourself boldly. PO wants to continuously inspire creativity that may be blocked due to fears and doubts, to serve as inspiration to be brave and fearless.

Inspiration pushes you out of your boundaries and dares to venture to experiment and see what works for you, try different art mediums and techniques. Art is not limited to canvas or pictures.

PO For Entertainment

PO aims to entertain audiences with his/her toys and other mediums. Provoking thoughts, stirring different emotions and visual pleasure is entertainment too. The goal is to keep you engaged in what you see, and express your feelings and thoughts.

Visit PO’s Instagram to be inspired, educated, and entertained. Be brave to express how you feel and say what you say through art. Visit here:

About PO

PO is a person of mystery and has never lost the childhood characteristics of play and wonder. The artist’s interests are toys, old toys in particular, and rebuilding them to fit present standards and the artist’s personal style. Aside from toys, PO also works with photography as a medium and has successfully collaborated with various musicians with their album covers. The vibes and styles range from early 2000, with a cyber-feel as the world break into the virtual age.

PO dreams of having an exhibition, featuring the artist’s works and others as well, or launching a new toy that’s completely the artist’s design and creation, from scratch. Being a “jack of many trades”, this also works with the lifestyle brand SPITPROMISE with a collection of clothing, rugs, sculptures, toys, of course, and other cool items such as cards.


Groove Digital Software, an all-in-one digital marketing automation platform and CRM is offering users who have outgrown their free account a lifetime upgrade to Lifetime Platinum at a low fee. "When users outgrow their free account or want to accelerate their growth, offers a Lifetime Platinum upgrade that supercharges their account, providing unlimited potential forever — for one low flat fee,” said Grove Digital Software CEO Mike Filsaime, when announcing the offer.

Groove Digital Software Development Company, led by CEO Mike Filsaime, the creator of some of the most influential software and strategies that have changed the way we all market, is providing users with While articulating the benefits provided by the product, the CEO says (customers matter) is the better way to build funnels, manage customers, and sell products online as it combines more than 18 powerful apps into one.

Since releasing the beta app to the public over a year ago, the digital marketing automation platform has seen an exponential growth. It has now recorded more than 470,000 users making it the world's fastest-growing online CRM for digital and ecommerce marketers.

Introductory approach was introduced as a free product and as Filsaime puts it, they intend it to remain free.

“We got the idea from what we’re seeing others in our industry do,” commented Filsaime. “Everyone was giving free feature-locked accounts or extending the trials on software products,” said Filsaime adding that they want to be different, giving their customers more.

“We didn’t think it was right to turn around and charge people later if they got used to using our service. So, we decided to make it completely free forever,” said the CEO.

The all-in-one digital marketing automation platform’s reception has been phenomenal. People are using just Groove to create their websites, build funnels, sell physical and digital products online, host webinars, manage membership sites, affiliate programs, and so much more.

Their focus is to empower entrepreneurs to reach unmatched levels of financial freedom. has evolved since its inception, adding more features and a better user experience with the CEO promising that more is coming. A free account offers users the following according to Filsaime:

  • Building Sites and Funnels with Unlimited pages
  • Selling Unlimited products, plus use 1-click upsells, down sells, and order bumps.
  • Managing and communicating with unlimited affiliates.
  • Creating a membership site within minutes.
  • Displaying videos using marketing-supercharged player embeds.
  • Presenting live or hybrid webinars to an audience.
  • Hosting SEO-rich content in a secure blog format

In addition to these benefits users can build a complete business using just Groove for free, including their social media pages.

“All of these are available for free, and it’s for lifetime and no credit card is required. It is only after a user outgrows the free account that he or she can upgrade to the Lifetime Platinum where unlimited potential awaits. And all that for one low flat fee,” said the CEO.

Happy customers praise the platform for its capabilities. "I've been able to do in Groove Funnels in minutes what I could not manage anywhere else for days or without hiring a developer/designer to write specific CSS code for each block and device format. Kudos! You guys are building something really special!”

A Groove affiliate marketer described the platform as a game changingsThe game-changing all-in-one solution that is going to change the landscape of the funnel industry! This is life-changing! Wishing everyone the best on their Groove affiliate venture!"

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Cyclists with Look Delta or SPD pedals for spin bikes can now benefit from the newly launched Marque Duo spin bike pedals. Marque Cycling, a brand that aims at improving access to quality, affordable bike gear, is launching new pedals designed for spinning bikes that cater to users who are used to SPD or Look Delta cleats.

While announcing the launch of the new gear, the lead mechanic at Marque Cycling observed that most riders are either on the Peloton using Look Delta cleats or on other branded spinning bikes using SPD cleats. “So, this is one product that can address the needs for both. Nearly universal compatibility for most commonly used types of cleats means you can install and forget about them. No more changing pedals!”

The Product Features

The new gears are ideal for spin bikes, Marque Cycling says they are great for fitness and exercise spin bikes with strong and smooth rolling pedals for Look Delta and SPD. He also adds that they are compatible with Marque Toe Cage.

In terms of their durability, the Duo pedals are built to last. They are precisely crafted with an aluminum body and an extra duty CR Mo9/16" axle with 3 sealed bearings, to endure long periods of use.

The dual function gear works with the two most common spinning cleats. One side fits with the Look Delta cleat and the other with the Shimano SPD system: cyclists or other users will have no need to change pedals between riders that use different pedal systems.

The Duo pedal is also easy to install, given that it comes clearly marked as L(left) and R (right). The user simply needs to use a 15 mm open-end wrench to install pedal on to their bicycle.

In terms of quality, the new gear is responsibly made in Taiwan. Marque stand behind the quality of their products and assure that if there are any product issues, they are happy to either refund or replace the current item.

This product is available at:

About Marque Cycling

Marque Cycling is a team of avid cyclists who work in the biking industry. They aim at enabling other cyclists to access great gear for their rides without putting a dent in their wallets.

The company was created with the intention of making cycling gear affordable so that all can enjoy rides. They believe that cycling should be for everyone and that no one should be missing out due to exorbitant prices or a lack of reliable cycling gear.

Marque Cycling work closely and directly with factories that cater to big brands, allowing them to access thoughtfully designed products, skillfully made with quality materials.

Media Contact info

Lead Mechanic



Wishdoit Watches, a company that prides itself on making products without taking shortcuts, is now offering Pirate watches on a pre-order basis. With their new products, Wishdoit Watches seeks to convey the pirate’s design inspiration and the story behind the watch.

Inspired by the culture of Caribbean pirates of the 18th century, the men’s watches incorporate many pirate design elements. The new collection adopts the barrel-shaped element that is very typical in pirate culture as the unique case shape of the watch.

According to the company representative, the Pirate watches, which are in the pre-order phases, will be launched in five different watch styles, including Tonneau and Urca. Tonneau Case means the shape of the watch case is like Pirate‘s barrel-shape, not a normal round or square shape. Urca is from a famous ship 'Urca de Lima' on history and TV channels.

Value and quality

Using the direct-to-customer marketing mode, Wishdoit Watches has been able to eliminate the intermediary, allowing them to deliver products that beat the competition on a price basis. In terms of product quality, the watch company has learned much during the process of its operation. They have acted on customers’ feedback, continually improving to ensure they deliver what customer wants. They have delivered the required quality through the establishment of their quality control team in the production line. This is in line with the industry standards, where watchmakers look at giving customers quality while reducing costs.

Over the years, Wishdoit Watches have launched dozen of new products such as the Tourbillon collection, and the 3D-hollow collection among others. Over the years, they have won the hearts of watch lovers and as the CEO puts it, they have a group of fans who love the charm of the mechanical watches they make. They are always striving to keep the fans satisfied through the improvement of their products and development of new ones, adds the CEO.

For those who want to be the first to get these mechanical watches, Wishdoit is offering an early bird price. The early bird price of Wishdoit pirate watches has been reduced by $170, but now they have an additional September special discount, up to 25% across the entire site. Check out the Pirate Collection, Tourbillon, and the rest of Wishdoit's offerings on sale at the link below:

The products are available at

About Wishdoit Watches

Wishdoit Watches started back in 2009 when the current CEO, Patrick Lee, and his partners decided to set up their factory to design and manufacture their products. Lee had previously worked as an engineer for 12 years, where he poured his boundless passion into watches. With determination and persistence, he overcame several hurdles to establish the watch company that is standing strong to date. Wishdoit now has a strong team that aims at giving their customer superior and affordable products. They have launched dozen of new products such as the Tourbillon collection, and the 3D-hollow collection among others.

Media contact info:

Patrick Lee


(213) 262-1103