As businesses adjust to the “new normal”, there are innovators who can be relied upon to keep organizations productive and thriving. TELECO has introduced a variety of remote workforce solutions providing reliable and flexible connectivity from anywhere. While introducing the products that the company is offering to businesses, the company representative said that offering an effective remote workforce solution is critical for any organization as we continue to fight the current pandemic. “Our products provide voice, collaboration and video conferencing functionality, keeping your business connected regardless of where it is located”, said the company spokesperson, revealing that in addition to remote workforce solutions they also offer access control systems and distributed antenna systems. The company is also providing their customers with video surveillance/thermal video cameras for temperature screening, touch-free access control systems for buildings, in-building wireless connectivity among other products, to assist them open safely and adapt to the “new normal.”

“TELECO Perfect View temperature screening solutions offer various product types including installed thermographic cameras, handheld thermographic cameras and access terminals that can be flexibly deployed for a wide range of applications”, said the company representative, while describing the features of some of the products that can help businesses safely open as we continue to battle the pandemic.

“We believe in forming strong relationships with our customers, whether small or big. Just like we are creating a competitive advantage for the Mega Corporation, we are providing small businesses an avenue where they can compete fairly. We understand their unique challenges and we will go to every length to support them with solutions which are tailored to their needs”, said the company representative, observing that big and small businesses can rely on TELECO for remote workforce solutions and tools which will help them open safely.

The company representative invites businesses looking for solutions to keep them productive and thriving during the pandemic to call TELECO customer care or visit their website.

TELECO is here to help, combining the right technologies to help you get back on track,” concluded the company representative.


Founded in 1981, TELECO started as a single-location telephone interconnect company and began distributing phone systems to interconnect throughout the U.S. Today, TELECO offers Cellular & Public Safety Distributed Antenna Systems, Unified Communications as a Service, Business Phone Systems, TELECO’s Perfect View™ Video Surveillance and Building Access Control, Structured Cabling, and Managed IT Services. TELECO distributes voice, data, and video products to dealers throughout the United States.

Media Contact

Company Name: TELECO, Inc.

Contact Person: Florencia Hernandez

Email: Send Email

Phone: (800) 800-6159

Address:430 Woodruff Road, Suite 300

Greenville, South Carolina, U.S.A.



The names of 13 Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC, or Arab Gulf Countries) researchers have been listed among the top 1% of scientists in a global list compiled by the prestigious Stanford University. The US-based university has analyzed research data from the mid-1990s through to 2019, covering millions of scientists in all fields of study. In October 2020 they released a list that represents the top 1% of the most influential scientists in various disciplines. The data of the study, Ioannidis JPA, Boyack KW, Baas J (2020) Updated science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators.

PLoS Biol 18(10): e3000918., mentioned the names of 13 professors from GCC countries who were selected through an objective world-class assessment based on several very rigorous criteria including their articles’ worldwide research impact.

The published list of scientists included 9 scientists from Saudi Arabia (Asiri, Abdullah M.; Alothman, Zeid; Alkuraya, Fowzan S.; Al-Tawfiq, Jaffar A.; Al-Sulaiman, F. A.; Alsaedi, Ahmed; Al-Ghamdi, A. A.; El-Hazmi, Malak; Al-Amoudi, Omar S.B.) as well as 1 scientist from each of the following countries: UAE (Alsharhan, A. S.), Bahrain (Musaiger, Abdulrahman), Qatar (Elmgarmed, Ahmed), and Kuwait (Aladwani, Adel). These scientists have published an average of 20 articles per year over the period that was examined, with Alsaedi, Ahmed of King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia releasing 87 articles per year in the fields of Mechanical engineering and Metal organic materials.

Research areas studied by these highly rated scientists include Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Genetics & Heredity, Microbiology, Energy, Applied Physics, General and Internal Medicine, Building and Construction, Nutrition & Dietetics, and Information Systems. The scientists are affiliated with the following institutions: King Abdulaziz University, King Faisal Specialist Hospital, Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare, King Fahd Univ. of Petroleum & Minerals, and King Saud University Medical College in Saudi Arabia as well as Middle East Geological and Enviro. Est. in UAE, Arab Centre for Nutrition in Bahrain, Qatar Computing Research Institute in Qatar, and Kuwait University.

Of note is that these prominent 13 researchers represent only 0.044% of all GCC researchers and close to 0.007% of total researchers in Arab countries.

To access the full article, please visit


Clarity Wellness Center, a Las Vegas mental health center, has launched a program offering affordable mental health and substance use counseling for military spouses.

While making this announcement, Ashia McReynolds (MA, LMFT, LCADC), Clinical Director of the Clarity Wellness Center, said “military spouses comprise a very unique population and their needs are often secondary to their spouses and families. We have established a program that is available for military spouses of active duty, reserves, and veterans of all branches” said McReynolds while acknowledging the multiple roles military spouses hold in their families and their importance to our nation.

The local mental health therapists who operate under the tagline "Get Clarity!" aim to help break barriers and stigmatization military spouses face with mental health issues and substance use.

McReynolds says “the program began to give back to military families and specifically the spouses of military service members. As a former military spouse, I often called myself the ‘single-married parent.’ There were so many experiences that come up while navigating life and the military deployment cycle. Not everyone understands the uniqueness of this lifestyle.” said McReynolds.“We recognize military spouses as the cornerstone of the health and wellness of the military family.”

Ashia McReynolds, a marriage and family therapist, says that the mental health services program aims to help military and veteran spouses receive services for family issues, anxiety, depression, substance use, life-stressors, secondary trauma, adjustment, and many other challenges in which this unique population faces daily.

McReynolds works with people who desire to create change in their lives and gain clarity. The dually-licensed therapist has a Master’s in marriage and family therapy and is currently a marriage and family doctoral student at Northcentral University, with a specialization in military families and veterans.

Potential clients are requested to call (702) 348-9654 to make an appointment. As a professional, McReynolds assures her clients of confidentiality, adding that it is imperative to begin good work. The center’s services are available in person at their offices or through Telehealth.

About Clarity Wellness Center

Clarity Wellness Center is an affordable mental health boutique-style private practice located in Las Vegas, NV. Situated at 2840 E. Flamingo Road, Suite A, Las Vegas, Nevada 89121. It offers its services to individuals, couples, and families to gain clarity, healing, and change.

Media contact info

Ashia McReynolds, MA, LMFT, LCADC

Clinical Director

(702) 348-9654


Tee Tween, a fun subscription box that is the brainchild of 11-year old fifth grader Megan, is launching its first quarterly subscription box. The box, which was created through the imagination of Megan with help from her parents during the quarantine, provides great gift ideas for pre-tweens, tweens, teens, as well as their parents and grandparents.

“We aim to bring you unique graphic tees each quarter for your tween, along with various items they will enjoy, “said Megan’s mother Becky.

“The subscription box will have trendy items, hand-selected age-appropriate productsand popular tween and teen-friendly accessories,” said Megan.

With the first quarterly subscription box expected to be launched in November this year, the mother-daughter team says they are thrilled for their new venture to kick off, hoping that it will bring the same excitement to the tweens and teens who receive the hand-picked gift boxes.

Megan not only creates the box but also does her due diligence and approves every item before they ship it out.

“She comes up with the concepts for every package. Who better than a fellow tween to understand what kids really want?” said Becky, adding that the subscription box is delivered to every subscriber’s doorstep.

Each box will have the TeeTween featured t-shirt for that quarter. “We’re excited to announce we’ll be adding tween-approved items like personal hygiene staples, decor, homeware, accessories, collectibles, and more!” said Megan, as she encouraged other tweens to subscribe.

The self-designed tee, along with must-have trending accessories, are products that tweens will enjoy and will be useful in the daily life of a tween or teen, and even some pre-tweens.

As for the cost of the box’s contents, Becky says that every quarter, they select new surprises for subscribed TeeTweens, and while not all of the items may be the same; they make sure every box has a retail value of at least $60.

“Our hand-selected items are waiting to find their new homes,” said Megan when urging the tweens to check out their shipping schedule at the website. Tweens are urged to place their orders before the deadlines to be included in the next TeeTween release.

For any questions, tweens or their parents can email

About TeeTween

TeeTween is a family-run business with a simple goal of providing fun subscription boxes that will put a smile on any tween’s face. It is the brainchild of Megan, an 11-year old fifth grader, who put it together with help of her mom Becky, an experienced entrepreneur and a full-time supply chain professional. With the new fun subscription box, all pre-tweens (age 8-10), tweens (age 11-12), and teens (age 13-18) can enjoy receiving great products every quarter.

Media contact info

Becky Venneman


8663414473 ext 101


Singapore – October 2020 - The Cocoa Association of Asia (CAA), the leading Cocoa Association in Asia for both Cocoa and Chocolate Companies, and the associated supply chains and suppliers conducted an online forum (Will Cocoa Demand Grind To A Halt) to review the 3Q grinding data. The panel of industry experts delivered a cautiously upbeat assessment of the Asia region data despite the impact of Covid-19 which saw a 10% drop against the same period in 2019.

The panel was made up by industry experts: Mr. Andrew Rawlings, Associate Analyst - Agri Commodities, RaboResearch; Ms. Francesca Kleemens, Managing Director from Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate Asia Pacific; Mr Quek Ngee Chuan, Vice President for the Cocoa Division at Olam International Ltd; Mr. Antoine Delsart, Managing Director of Touton Far East Pte Ltd and Mr. Gerald Abwerzger; and Chief Executive Officer, Von Alm Pte Ltd.

Quarter on quarter figures for 2020 is showing some positivity, trending based on Q2 vs Q1 at -2.26% and Q3 vs Q2 as being flat.

Considering the interruption to supply chains caused by the COVID pandemic, the reduced consumer footfall in the retail sector, and the COVID induced recession, the Panel expressed confidence in the measures taken by actors across the Asian cocoa value chain to respond to the difficult circumstances of 2020. The Panel praised the manufacturing sector for innovation in product types and formats which chimed with consumer concerns around healthier snacks, affordability, and sustainability.

The panel also highlighted that Asia’s young and increasingly growing middleclass population presented significant growth opportunities for the future, with the potential to develop the market into No.2 globally. Current Asia demand per capita for cocoa and chocolate products is very low compared to Europe or the USA. With manufacturers now developing bespoke products with affordability, innovation, and sustainability top of mind, the outlook is bright for a strong recovery.

While the panel expressed confidence about the future of the Asia region cocoa value chain, (Asia currently imports 80% of the cocoa beans it processes, mostly from West Africa and also increasingly from Latin America) it was tempered with nearer term supply caution around the unsettled global environment. These concerns include the upcoming elections in the USA and West Africa, BREXIT transition completion by the end of 2020, and the backdrop of the continuing COVID crisis. Looking towards regional supply, mainly from Indonesia which has now stabilized after several years of contraction, the panel emphasized the importance of raising both the quality and sustainability in the coming years. So, with a secure supply of cocoa beans, ample processing capacity, and a sophisticated consumer segment that is culturally more in tune with cocoa and chocolate products, there is hope that Asia might hold the key to future demand for Cocoa and Chocolate products.

To hear the full story behind the cocoa industry’s 2020 Q3 grind numbers, consumer demand and behavior, and potential shift in production, visit the Google Play and the App Store at your convenience for access to this free Forum.

Visit to sign up.

About the CAA

The Cocoa Association of Asia was formed about 15 years ago with the goal of getting Asian cocoa processors, chocolate manufacturers, cocoa traders to work together to transform and promote the cocoa & chocolate industry in Asia for Asia, building on the unique and vibrant diversity of cross-cultural talents and a growing economy.


Shirley Choo
Marketing Manager
Cocoa Association of Asia


(November, 2020. New York) - The thought of a new conspiracy theory either makes people cringe or roll their eyes. Gedalya's new song, Conspiracy Theories, is the opposite, with a fun toe-tapping tune and serious yet tongue-in-cheek lyrics. The International Academy of Voice and Stage recently stated, "Think, reflect, enjoy and listen. Gedalya's music demands that you feel." I found myself wanting to listen again and again, singing along by mid-song. Yet there's a melancholy that settles with a sense of hope lingering. Conspiracy Theories is true to reality and speaks to the personal growth many are feeling in 2020.

Gedalya is a singer and songwriter who is "...a learner, I express my ideas about life through my music." His folk-rock style emerged in 2017 with the release of The Thunder with soulful piano to accompany his vocals. Inspired by his own experiences and based in New York City, Gedalya's first stepped onto the music scene in the 1990s with songs like If I Were Superman and Through the Glass. While he took a step back to follow and develop his own voice and had several releases over the past decade. Over the years, Gedalya has remained true to himself throughout his life.

A stream of followers will be excited to find this new release along with his past releases available on their favorite platform or from Gedalya's website at to read his inspiring background, watch his documentary, or download a number of his songs.

His previous release in 2020 is also available, Giving Feels Good, which received a great review and received radio broadcasting worldwide. This song came when our world needed rebuilding, as it still does, and recognizes that the process of rebuilding creates connections between people and communities. On his website, Gedalya asks for visitors to donate to A New Song, which promotes their artists and their positive messages throughout the world.

If you're a longtime fan, be sure to pick up Conspiracy Theories to share his musical spirit with your friends. Additionally, check out Gedalya's events page for upcoming events. There will be live and recorded concerts coming our way soon. This is incredibly exciting because of Gedalya’s refreshing take on social awareness that leads to self-reflection and thought-provoking introspection.


Gedalya Sloshay
NYC Folk Rock Singer Songwriter
(845) 400-6451


Australian anti-ageing company, Reyou Longevity®, has launched its flagship products on Indiegogo. According to the director, James Thai, the company will be releasing the Anti-ageing Plant Stem Cell Serum and Moisturizer with an exclusive launched special 45% off RRP. The company, whose mission is to set a new standard in anti-ageing skincare products, seeks to empower its customers to go through the ageing process gracefully.

Reyou Longevity® is raising funds to allow manufacturing of their first small batch through itsIndiegogo campaign. “We have turned to the amazing community on Indiegogo to enable us to produce the first batch of the Stem Cell Serum and Moisturizer quickly and efficiently while maintaining the highest quality standards,” said the company director, also explaining why they have opted to raise funds through the crowdfunding platform. The company believes that through the crowdfunding campaign they will source the best quality, premium ingredients from local Australian suppliers and meet the purchase requirements.

While describing the two products, Reyou Longevity® company director described how they are harnessing the power of Plant Stem Cells and creating a powerful skincare range, using Australian native flora infused with premium naturally-sourced active ingredients and giving customers products that can help them defy the signs of ageing the natural way.

As a company that believes beauty does not come with an expiry date, Reyou Longevity® abides by their founding principles providing its customers with effective and safe products. The company maintains the highest standards of quality by using premium quality ingredients that are one hundred percent natural, safe, and completely free from toxins and preservatives. Apart from their commitment to providing their customers with safe products, they are also passionate about keeping the environment clean.

The company spokesperson explained that stem cells play an important role in ageing research, adding that they contain regenerative capacity that helps the body to build the necessary blocks. He also added that dermatologists are turning to stem cells to fight wrinkles and improve the skin’s appearance mainly because it contains essential amino acids and peptides, which act as skincare powerhouse ingredients for helping the skin to rejuvenate.

While revealing that the company has a zero-tolerance policy for animal testing, the company spokesperson mentioned that their products are made through alternative ways that are cruelty-free. “We found an alternative way to reap the powerful benefits of stem cells without hurting anyone or anything!” said the company spokesperson, adding that they have harnessed the power of stem cells in plants and created a range of premium cruelty-free skincare products that are made to defy any signs of ageing.

"We've put in so much effort in our premium formulations and cannot wait to launch our range and share the power of plant stem cells with the world," said James. He believes that ageing should not feel detrimental. In fact, ageing should inspire confidence as maturity and life experience is a formula for a well-balanced life.

While outlining the benefits of the Anti-Ageing Stem Cell Serum, the company spokesperson clarified that the product is suitable for all skin types and genders. The Anti-Ageing Stem Cell Serum prepares the skin to absorb nutrient-rich antioxidants and peptides, maximizing on skin hydration, which in turn stimulates collagen synthesis and enhances cellular metabolism. Other benefits include the assistance in rehabilitation and purification of the skin through aiding the elimination of toxins and cellular wastes. It also helps in the production of collagen and the reduction of wrinkles.

Their flagship range is now available for pre-order with an exclusive 45% off RRP and expected to ship to customers early in December 2020.

About Reyou Longevity®

Reyou Longevity® is an Australian anti-ageing company based on the foundation that beauty doesn’t come with an expiration date. Its mission is to set a new standard in anti-ageing skincare products to empower everyone to go through the ageing process gracefully.

Media contact info

James Thai



Matchmaking is set to change forever following the launch of the first online dating site tailored for business professionals., an online dating platform that aims at empowering business professionals by fostering intimate online connections, will be launched on Tuesday, September 15th, 2020. While making the announcement, the owner, Archie S Ford said they are providing a safe and secure place, where busy professionals can take advantage of the features provided in the online dating site. “We are about to make matchmaking easier, providing our clients with a niche based online dating experience,” said Archie while adding that intimate relationships are highly likely to be established, as those who are looking for a match will have a targeted search.

“We are making it easy for business professionals to meet their perfect matches. You have a rich pool of business professionals searching for their perfect matches; people who share similar interests and above all are mature. With us, you are highly likely to meet the person who meets your quality standards and can develop an intimate connection and strong relationship,” said Archie, also adding that they aim at providing a platform which is based on trust, respect, and honesty.

SophsticatedPeople is changing the way people view dating sites. Archie said that the platform is a place where perfect matches can get the affection they need with sophistication. They are offering a paradigm shift from online dating sites, which mostly focus on casual relationships. The platform promises an avenue where serious people meet interested partners—those who are geared towards building connections and relationships that yield the desired results. The platform hopes to achieve this through focusing on ambitious, caring, attractive, and physically fit matches as well as providing unique experiences. It is geared towards establishing friendships and connections based on people’s values.

As a dating site which respects diversity and culture; encourages people across all cultures, races, and colors to try their luck, as they have a pool of profiles that cuts across diversity. “If you are looking for a perfect match, our rich portfolio; a platform where you can find different professionals and people from diverse backgrounds as well as interests; is the perfect place to be.

We strongly feel that you will find the qualities you need in a private environment, where respect and honesty are valued principles,” said Archie adding that business professionals will find a place where they can socialize and foster new relationships.

“You can’t fall in love if you don’t try. We are offering you a platform where you can make it happen. We are making it easier—it doesn’t get better than this. Your busy schedule should not be a barrier to meeting your soulmate; search through the profile and you will find the person who is meant for you,” says Archie, confirming that all that one needs to make all this happen is SophisticatedPeople, a platform meant to connect busy professionals in a safe and secure environment.

For those who have used the platform, notable differences in getting the required results have been top of the list. According to Archie, these clients have been praising the rich portfolio and the fact that it is all fun and adventurous to use the site. “Online dating is meant to be an adventure, so why not embrace it?” said one client who was among the first to join the platform.

For more information visit:


SophisticatedPeople is an online dating platform with a difference. It is a place where hundreds find their perfect match and build a fruitful relationship. It is a platform that empowers sophisticated business men and women, to build deep connections. It aims at demystifying online dating as a place where people are shameful and instead promoting it as a platform where people looking for intimate encounters can meet and comfortably get to know each other while utilizing technology to safeguard their privacy.

Media contacts

SophisticatedPeople LLC

111 Town Square Place

Suite 1203

Jersey City, NJ 07310


Phone:(800) 546-9230


Alfonsi Milano, the company that produces handmade shoes has entered into an agreement with Rue La La, a premier off-price e-commerce portfolio company that has over 35 million members, including coveted designers and in-demand labels who use the platform to showcase their wares.

“We are also selling in the United States and Canada with Hatbox's chain of stores in Brooklyn, Baltimore, Cedarhurst, Chicago, Lakewood, Los Angeles, Monsey, and Toronto in Canada,” said the company founder, while announcing that they are finding ways to ensure that their customers get the best handmade shoes at a store near them.

The company, which was founded by Benjamin Radomski and Jack Dwek, make exclusive, Italian, handmade shoes. Oxfords, Loafers, Sports, Derby, Driver, Moccasinos, Boots, and Monks are just some of the varieties they sell. You can see more at

“Our Made in Italy handmade shoes are painstakingly hewn by Italian craftsmen. The shoes are designed for comfort. They come in different sizes and colors to meet the needs of our customers,” said the company spokesperson, while adding that they are elated to get their second customer and attribute the new relationship to the trust they have built in both American and Canadian markets. Radomski promised to deliver high-quality shoes that give customers great value for money, as well as comfort.

Each Alfonsi product is carefully crafted by highly skilled, Italian artisans using age-old techniques and carefully selected, quality materials. This results in a product that successfully combines exclusivity, high-end style, and comfort.

Rue La La, the online shopping company founded in 2007, stocks many popular brands and carries shoes and clothes for men, women, and kids, as well as jewelry, toys, and many other products. Alfonsi Milano’s deal with this online shopping company gives the shoe producer an avenue to showcase its wares to a larger market, not just in United States but to the world.

About Alfonsi Milano

Alfonsi Milano is an Italian shoe company known for producing high quality handmade shoes. Each product is handmade by professional and highly skilled Italian artisans, providing the customer with exclusive, stylish, and comfortable shoes.

Media contact info

Benjamin Radomski, Founder/Marketing


In a moment when the world is going through a difficult time in history, photography has been instrumental in meeting peoples’ emotional needs. An award winning and a published nude art photographer, Jake Istvan, is offering exceptional, unique, and sophisticated fine art photography—something that beautiful that can fill an empty space.

A man who believes that a photograph captures the momentary beauty of time and immortalizes it, Jake Istvan hopes to fill peoples’ hearts with great and happy memories at a period when they are going through a sticky patch. “With my unique and sophisticated fine nude art photography, I hope to meet someone’s emotional need for art, inspire, and provide a moment of great memories ,” said Istvan adding that fine art nude photography has a way of inspiring confidence and hope, virtues that are much needed to steer us through these hard times. Just like he has drawn great inspiration in nude art photography, Istvan wants to use his story, talent, and passion to inspire others.

Inspired by prominent artists such as the old masters like Rembrandt, Istvan started shooting eleven years ago, just as a hobby with little experience and a basic camera. His eagerness to learn and passion to explore paid off. He enjoyed the challenge of photography and got drawn by especially nude photography. Combining photography and travelling, Istvan met amazing photographers and tutors—people whom he says taught him and helped him become a better photographer. This award-winning nude art photographer is also published in a world-renowned online gallery and gained space in numerous front-page image awards on photography and model networking site,

Istvan, who takes great pleasure in showing his work, says that his nude images reflect some of his best achievements in his career and his vision. He adds that he would like to use his talent to inspire people by creating moments of beauty that is captured forever. For those who are looking for unique and sophisticated art, Istvan is offering all images as high-quality fine art prints and has a 20% off on all wall art at the moment.

About Jake Istvan

Jake Istvan is an award winning and published fine art nude photographer. With eleven years of experience in photography, Istvan is passionate especially about nude art. He creates classical style black and white, sepia, and color nudes, using textures and natural light. His style is inspired by the great old masters such as Rembrandt. Besides being skilled in the aspect of photography, Istvan is also proficient in using Photoshop.

He enjoys creating surreal, dark, and fantasy digital photo manipulations. To him, nude art photography goes beyond a mere hobby, as it has provided him with opportunities for travelling the world and seeing human nature as it is.

Media contact

Jake Istvan