Neptune Towing Tulsa, an affordable towing and roadside assistance company has been hailed for its high quality services. Customers that have used their services have reviewed the company highly with the majority citing quick responses and affordable rates aspects that would make them return or refer others to the company. Based on more than one hundred reviews, the customers expressed their gratitude for the assistance they received from the team at Neptune Towing Tulsa.

People looking for road assistance services mentioned that they got a fast response. “In a few minutes after calling their customer care, a full equipped road assistance service was at the site to help me, I do not know what I would have done in the middle of the night, in a place I would describe as ‘the middle of nowhere’,” said a grateful customer that also added that the team came to his rescue in his hour of need.

While recommending the road assistance service provider for their excellence, a customer, who needed towing services when her vehicle let her down in the wee hours of the night, said that the assistance she received made all the difference: “I was so stressed that morning. I needed to travel over a long distance to attend to some urgent matters, but my car developed some serious problems. I called Neptune Towing Tulsa—they not only comforted me but also assured me that they will send assistance in the shortest time possible. True to their word, a team of technicians were there in a flash,” she explained and added that they even went out of their way by making arrangements for her to continue with her journey while they towed her vehicle.

These are sentiments that are shared by many other reviewers, all in agreement that the company ranks highly in its customer service, quality services, and affordable rates.

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About Neptune Towing

Neptune Towing is an affordable roadside assistance company proving quality and reliable 24-hour towing services, wrecker services, vehicle lockout assistance, tire changes, battery jump starts, winch outs, equipment hauling, flatbed and long-distance towing in Tulsa Oklahoma and surrounding area, at fair prices. The company relies on a team of fully insured and experienced technicians to offer quality services. The dedicated team works round the clock to meet the customers’ needs, ensuring they get quick assistance. Neptune Towing is always fully equipped to respond to any situation, whether towing road assistance, tire changes or any other needs at any time of the day or night.


Property renovation London has grown increasingly more popular lately with folks buying property economical, 'doing it ' and selling it off, making a wonderful profit in the procedure.

No matter your motive for property renovation there's never been a better time to invest in it and seeing a derelict building turn into your dream house is an amazing experience. Whether or not you would like to modernize, reevaluate, refit, reform, restore, restore or repair your house; renovation will change the look of your house making it more gratifying to dwell in and in the future which makes you a benefit.

For the very first experience at doing so you may try installing a new kitchen or toilet or using central heating . Any change that you make to your house, even if it's as straightforward as only re-painting your own residence is classed as renovation however before you begin pulling out all of the fittings which you may get your hands you ought to ensure you plan what you would like from doing so as planning is essential to make certain you get exactly what you would like. Although things can not be sure to run smoothly in regards to it you must nevertheless have a time period set out so you have goals to work towards, meaning the tasks which are being undertaken will probably be done much faster. Get more info about House renovation London.

Knowing what you need and using a time period set out are only the start; in addition, you require a budget in mind. Though there's a high probability you will run within this funding, by getting one in your mind you'll have the ability to decide on the best quotes in the ones which you collect from several builders such as electricians, roofers and contractors. Choosing a cheaper quote is very good for your budget but make certain that it's excellent for your Flat renovation London. Finding the best work out of the contactors is more important than picking function that costs that tiny bit less you might wind up spending more in the long term.

It's also vital that you're ready to reside at a construction site for a length of time whilst work has been undertaken. There's a lot that has to be carried outside to re-model the whole of your house like, gutting it before any work could be undertaken, electric re-wiring of the whole construction, installation of heating, storage and ac systems, pit walls and window setup in addition to floors, roof, fixtures and fitting and each the decorating and painting which will have to be undertaken.

Before beginning work you want to see tradesmen so that you understand what you're letting yourself in for and in the event the construction which you're resorting is older you have to get ready for anything.

Property restoration is a very hard process but tremendously rewarding when all the job is finished. The results you will notice from it'll be incredible and you'll be left along with your dream house, if this is the new house or your new organization.

Contact us:
Address:711 Cavalier House
Uxbridge Road, W5 2SU
Phone: 0208 445 8677


Neptune Towing Service, a Tulsa roadside assistance company, has been hailed as one of the best in the region. According to reviews and referrals from customers, the 24-hour roadside assistance service provider rates highly in professionalism, pricing, and customer support.

“Tulsa, Oklahoma residents and visitors can now enjoy affordable and reliable roadside assistance with a 24-hour service through this local company, who also serves surrounding areas. Neptune Towing Service include towing and unlocking vehicles and much more!” said the company representative while reacting to reviews and feedbacks from the customers.

Neptune Towing has a reputation for great prices and true professionalism. “I got amazing service when I was stranded with a flat tire. They got me out of the situation super fast,” read one of the customer reviews.

A visitor also spoke highly of this Tulsa towing service that came to his rescue when his car broke down. The customer admits that Neptune Towing was a great help with their awesome towing services. This satisfied customer highly recommends the Tulsa roadside assistance company for their prompt response, professional work ethic, affordable pricing, and 24-hour availability.

A Tulsa wrecker service customer had this to say: “Neptune Towing is one of the best and most affordable towing companies in Tulsa. They have ten years of experience in the industry and operate 24 hours a day. I was so delighted by their great service. The team handled my problem efficiently with a damage-free car wrecker service.”

“The company has experienced tow truck drivers that are committed to assisting you whenever you need it,” read another review, hailing its truck drivers for their commitment and desire to assist people who need emergency towing services.

“We are here to help! We offer a 24-hour lockout emergency service among many others. Regardless of the hour, whether customers are stranded at night or early in the morning, when they give us a call, we will be by their side within the shortest possible time. We care about our customers, and we will do everything possible to ensure that they are not stuck for long. Whether we have to jumpstart vehicle, change a battery, or provide another roadside assistance needed, we will be there promptly to get them back on their way,” said the company representative while explaining some of the services that they offer for their customers.

Neptune Towing, offers towing services, wrecker services, roadside assistance, vehicle lockout services, tire changes, battery jump starts, winch-out services, long distance towing, equipment hauling, and flatbed towing.

To get assistance when in an emergency situation or need some questions answered; customers are required to make a call. There is someone waiting by the phone to receive all emergencies request, whether at night or any time of the day. For non emergency requests, customers can email or send text messages which the customer representative promise will be addressed within a reasonably short time.

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About Neptune Towing

Neptune Towing Service is a Tulsa, Oklahoma company offering a variety of roadside assistance services including towing, vehicle lockout, hauling, battery jump starting, etc. The roadside assistance company relies on its highly professional staff to meet customer needs and are known for their prompt response, quick service, efficiency, and fair pricing. They provide roadside assistance to Tulsa, Oklahoma and its surrounding areas.

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Phone: (539) 292 3074

Physical address: 1310 E 58th St Tulsa, Oklahoma 74105




Danny Arroyo, currently one of Hollywood’s Hot List celebrities, appeared on Red CARPET of HOLLYWOOD on Roku Tv, where, in an interview with Marina Kufa, narrated his experience in Sangre Negra and how the COVID -19 pandemic has affected his production activities.

Sangre Negra is currently one of the hottest TV shows of 2021. The film is about two rival families, one Latin and the other Italian, fighting for power and political control of Los Angeles.

Danny Arroyo, who plays the youngest brother, and a police detective, Christian Santos, talk about the intrigues and complex scenes that are played out in the film.

Speaking of the unique features of the film, Arroyo says that the project was made unconventionally, but turned out to a huge success. He reveals that they did the whole project out of pocket. “We wanted to keep the storyline, so we decided to do it differently, financing everything. Although it took a bit longer, we have received great feedback. To us, it is a great fortune”, adds Arroyo.

Danny Arroyo also revealed the challenges they faced as a production team during the COVID pandemic. “For the first six months after the pandemic hit us, there was no activity. Everything was almost at a standstill. It was after October 2020 that things started brightening up and we could engage in the project. However, the whole thing was scary. We have to be tested several times and even go to isolation when one of us tested positive,” said Arroyo, when narrating the difficulties, they faced during this time. Arroyo adds that the period also allowed him to write scripts, like when he was in quarantine with other members of his production team, and he spent the five days writing.

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About Danny Arroyo

Danny Arroyo is an actor/writer/producer/director with a Bachelor's degree in film production and over 80 film/TV/commercial credits. He has won three "Best Actor" awards at various film festivals. He loves meditation, reading books especially comic books, working out, writing (screenplays or journals), playing fantasy football, video games, and seeing classic Hollywood films on the big screen. He is a series regular on the Tubi series, Sangre Negra, Black Blood for which he won the "Best Actor.” Arroyo is a member of the Television Academy (Emmys) and produced, wrote, and hosted the successful live event for the TV Academy titled, "Hola: The Phenomenal Growth of Latino TV.”

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Beauty and health businesses looking for salon suite rentals in Mesa can now enjoy luxurious salon suites that have recently opened. Belle Vie Salon Studios has open edits third location in Mesa, Arizona. Described as the premier salon suites rental, Belle Vie Salon Studios in Mesa offers luxurious salon suites for beauty and health professionals in prime locations. With the new luxurious salon suites, Belle Vie Salon Studios aims at improving the quality of tenant care and implementing smart growth and marketing systems.

"We are excited to open our third location in Mesa. Belle Vie means beautiful life”, said Kevin Choi, Belle Vie Salon Studios Director of Business Development, adding that they provide premium luxurious salon suite spaces for beauty and health professionals. “Our goal is to create a wonderful environment where anybody who walks into our door has enjoyable and fun experiences and will truly bring beauty and health into their lives. We are excited to open the newest salon studios in Mesa”, said Kevin.

According to the Director of Business Development, Belle Vie Salon Studios offers beauty professionals the freedom and advantages of salon ownership by making the studio suite lease easy. Among the top-end amenities included per suite are high-speed internet, 24hour HD security, luxurious lobby, and restrooms, as well as a customer cafe lounge.

Belle Vie Salon Studios’ other locations are in downtown Scottsdale and Prime Chandler. The Mesa salon suites are located in the heart of the upscale Mesa community, right next door to Bas has Highland Village Shopping Center right off the 202 Ellsworth and Brown.

Mesa is one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation with strong job growth in the area. According to recent studies, the median house hold income is $96,000, making it an ideal location for premium professional beauty and salon services.

They offer high-end luxury amenities at an affordable price. “We proudly offer beauty professionals the freedom and advantages of salon ownership by making your studio suite rental easy”, says the Director of Business Development.

“We take pride in leasing one of the best salon suites in Arizona. If you are looking for a salon studio nearby, join the Belle Vie Salon Studios Community today and enjoy all of the benefits of owning your own salon business,” said Kevin, while inviting beauty professionals and business owners to take advantage of the prime location.

Belle Vie Salon Studios

Belle Vie Salon Studios’ mission is to provide convenient, comfortable, and luxurious individual salon suites for health and beauty professionals. They provide enjoyable working environments for salon business owners, allowing them to focus more on their businesses, not on maintenance or expenses associated with the property upkeep. Created in 2014 by beauty and health professionals, Belle Vie Salon Studios Mesa aims to provide beautiful and enjoyable work environments for beauty and health businesses and their clients.

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Kevin Choi

Director of Business development



If there is any entity that has learned from the old mantra, “tough people last, but tough times don’t,” it is Custom Vinyl Graphics. The business went through a hard time during Superstorm Sandy in 2012 and eight years later, the effects of the COVID pandemic were at it again, threatening to wipe out an investment that has been seeing customers enjoy high-quality custom decals.

Surviving Sandy

After darkness fell on October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy landed, and Custom Vinyl Graphics faced the total destruction of their flourishing business. Precautionary measures put in place did not help, and nothing had prepared them for what they would witness. Within hours, their $34,000 worth of equipment and inventory had been wiped out with nothing left of Custom Vinyl Graphics but a flooded shop and shattered dreams.

They were effectively out of business for two months. Yet, through determination, teamwork, and resilience; the team picked up the pieces, bought new machines, and within two months, they were back in business. Custom Vinyl Graphics had completely refurbished and restocked the shop with the latest equipment and inventory that was required to allow them to return to normalcy.

The COVID Pandemic

Although many small businesses are able to thrive, most are just surviving through this pandemic. Dale and Leanne, the couple who founded and run Custom Vinyl Graphics, say they are spending less time processing orders. Instead, most of their time, just like with other business people, is being spent applying for grants.

When the year started, they had hopes of continuing sales growth… but lockdowns, working from home, and numerous restrictions that were put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19 did not spare their operations. Things would pick up at certain times but would then just go under again after a short while. Having experienced similar ups and downs before, they requite familiar with the challenges. These two entrepreneurs have learned great lessons, which they are using to build again, bigger and better than ever.

“But in the end, we prevailed. We built back up, purchased new equipment, outsourced our sales until we were back in business,” said the couple while describing their experience with Superstorm Sandy. “And that’s our plan post-COVID. To build back our sales, find new customers and build new relationships, “explained Dale, adding that lawn signs are going up along the highways to do just that.

Leanne gives hope to those who are facing similar problems: “If your business has been affected by COVID, we understand. All the grants in the world can’t relieve the mental anguish this pandemic has caused... the emotional uncertainty… and the unbelievable sadness of lives lost, "asking affected businesses and individuals to take comfort as they have been in the situation before and have made it—they will try to do the same.

Custom Vinyl Graphics, which has recently moved from Long Island, NY to Charlotte, NC, appeals to those looking for a cost effective way to advertise their business, to look no further than window decals for trucks, storefront lettering, vinyl banners or vehicle magnets.

About Custom Vinyl Graphics

Custom Vinyl Graphics is a family-owned business, started by a couple, Leanne and Dale, in 2002 as a hobby. The business grew to fulfill their newfound passion for the vinyl graphics business. The couple pride themselves on offering an easy and concise way to find your special branding—or to create one, with a secure server to place credit card orders.

Today, more than just a hobby, Custom Vinyl Graphics offers rear-window graphics, vinyl pin striping, vinyl graphics, banners, vehicle magnets, wall decals and the ever-popular custom rear-window decals.

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Leanne Arnold




KOJO has just opened its first location in Hampstead, London on December 7th. During a major lockdown!

As a plant-based urban eatery that cares about what people eat, KOJO believes that one should care about where they eat. KOJO is big on community, and they believe in creating authentic and naturally delicious plant-based meals that help support the health and well-being of everyone.

Operating under the guiding principle of “in plants we trust’, the KOJO menu includes drinks, breakfast, snacks, and all-day meals.

In explaining how she came up with the idea of starting a plant-based eatery, the co-founder of KOJO says that they intended to show people that plant-based diets do not have to be dull.
“When I first started on a plant-based diet, I noticed a lot of "Frankenstein foods" out there. That got me thinking.... how we can show people that plant-based diets can include delicious real foods in a relatable and easily accessible way. We saw a gap in the plant-based market for a relaxed urban eatery that still provided quality fresh food", said the co-founder.

KOJO’s choice of phrase “plant-based diet” is informed by the need to change the narrative, where the term “vegan” is sometimes associated with negative connotations and the more mainstream meat substitutes it is known for. For its part, KOJO does not use any meat substitutes, just whole plant-based meals made fresh in-house daily.

The food is dairy-free, refined sugar-free, gluten-free, and free of chemical additives. In addition to the menu, they have other innovative elements such as a state-of-the-art UVGI filtration system to kill 99.7% of all infections and viruses.

Sustainable efforts

KOJO sustainable efforts are consistent across FOH and BOH from KREW uniforms and packaging to suppliers. "Sustainability has been in the forefront of KOJO from concept to creation. At KOJO, we try to reduce our footprint where we can. It's easy to close your eyes on these things, but the 21st century brings new technologies and innovations that-- luckily, we can access. We aim to be a positive influence in the hospitality industry that will push others to make a change’, said the co-founder, while explaining how the plant-based urban eatery in London has been managing its operation to reduce its footprint and contribute to a clean and healthy environment.

KOJO is providing a plant-based diet to help people who suffer from sensitivities and allergies, give them choices. “I feel for the people who suffer from sensitivities and allergies, because of the limited choices out there”, said the co-founder, adding that this is the reason they decided to explore gluten-free alternatives, refined-sugar-free items, and to have no artificial additives. The founder believes that it was important to have customers leave KOJO feeling good.

As part of its 'soon to launch’ loyalty program, KOJO is also giving its customers some sweet offers. For every pound they spend with KOJO, they will receive 100 points, which will automatically count towards discounts on future meals.

For other areas yearning to get the treats that the plant-based urban eatery in London is offering, KOJO is planning to expand into multiple markets and grow its locations by the end of 2021.

Customers can order their favorite plant-based meals, and have them picked up or delivered.

About KOJO

KOJO was born out of a passion for nutrition through a plant-based diet. Creating a menu that can do well for humanity as well as our planet, the plant-based urban eatery views itself at the center of a growing community that prioritizes the health of the environment to protect human health. The plan- based urban eatery is premised on a simple belief that that the best way to look after one’s health is to look after the health of the planet. Its mission is to provide a nutritious and good-feel dining experience by utilizing the world’s plants and creating delicious food whilst delivering to its customers a cultured feeling of equality.

Media contact info

Krystal Sanchez

Marketing Manager

+44 7451 245220


ReVamp Energy, Inc. and The Bedford Group of Companies(“Bedford”) are joining hands to bring clean energy to communities all over California. The two companies are bringing expertise and experience from their respective industries to help communities solve the energy challenges.

ReVamp Energy, Inc., led by Jay Cutting, Sr., has been offering clean energy solutions with its full-service solar contracting company based out of Pasadena, California. Over the years, the company has developed over 10 MW of solar energy within the residential and commercial renewable energy markets in Southern California.

On its part, Bedford has, for the last over 30 years, been specializing in changing urban landscapes. As one of Los Angeles’ leading urban infill real estate development firms, the company possesses a firm understanding of the development process and is uniquely qualified to take on large complex development projects.

Under the leadership of Charles Quarles, the affiliation will provide capacity for ReVamp Energy, which is also moving itsheadquarters to Bedford’s Brentwood, CA office, and both sides will work on launching Bedford Energy, which is expected to take place in the first quarter of 2021.

“We have been serving the needs of commercial and housing for urban communities for over 30 years and as we continue to grow and evolve, it made senseto incorporate renewable energy”, said Charles Quarles,founder & CEO of The Bedford Group of Companies.

The partnership is aimed at helping underserved communities access green and clean energy easily and affordably.

“I am excited about joining forces with Bedford; they allow us to do more of what we are currently doing, which is developing solar and battery projects for homeowners and building owners throughout California”, said Jay Cutting, Sr., the founder of ReVamp Energy Solutions, while outlining how the partnership will benefit communities.

About ReVamp Energy Solutions

ReVamp Energy Solutions is a leading renewable energy provider in Southern California. The company offers consultation and installation of energy-efficient services for residential homeowners, commercial buildings, non-profit organizations, schools, and more. It offers solar, LED lighting, roof insulation, EV charging stations, and battery storage, and is constantly bringing new innovative ways leading to energy independence.

About The Bedford Group of Companies

The Bedford Group of Companies specializes in changing urban landscapes. Started over 30 years ago, the company is one of Los Angeles’ leading urban infill real estate development firms. It possesses a firm understanding of the development process and has a great capacity to take on large complex development projects.

Media contact info

Megan Fierny

Marketing Director


(November, 2020. London) - There is something special about finding a new musician and adding them to your playlist. There is an excitement in watching a great artist as they rise in their career and become a household name. One such artist making his way onto the world’s music arena is Jo Rhomeo.

Rhomeo’smusic provides high energybeats filled with joy, love, and happiness. Hisdistinct mix of RnB, soul, and pop style calls for dancing. Listening to several songs of Rhomeo’s recently, the energy and thought put into each song is palpable. Rather than sticking to genre norms, there is a mix of styles and music within a song includinghip-hop, pop, RnB, rap, RnB, and soul for a new musical experience.

With a world-wide appeal to many ears, it’s no surprise that Jo Rhomeo’swants “... people to listen to my music worldwide.”At the same time, he’s not just out for the money and fame. Rhomeo’s goal is to“Bring the world together through music and dance.”One song that perfectly pulls this together is Dance With Me. Watching the official lyrics video currently on YouTube provides a story in the realm of dance, pulling your inner dancer to move along with the video.

The journey so far was not overnight but has been a three-year road to success. As a native Londoner, he captured the attention of local radio stations and with guidance, mentoring, and support from several of the hottest DJs and musicians, Rhomeo has started to be noticed elsewhere. Most recently, he was featured in BBC Introduce South and BBC Radio London.

With all music releases available on popular platforms, it’s easy to find Jo Rhomeo. Following him on social media is easy too... Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for starters. So, hop on over to your favorite app and search for Jo Rhomeo today and welcome in 2021 dancing to his energizing music.


Lson Antonio


Brita Horn, Never Give Up Consulting Chief Problem Solver and the Fire Chief of Rock Creek Volunteer Fire Department, has been elected Vice President of Colorado State Fire Chiefs (CSFC). She is the first female Fire Chief in the history of the organization (since 1968) to be elected to this position. The CSFC serves to build strategic alliances, mentor aspiring leaders, and advance the safety of all Colorado communities by supporting the professional development of the fire and emergency services industry through training and continuing education.

Before she was elected Vice President, Brita served as Treasurer for the CSFC since 2018. While acknowledging her election to this position, Brita said she was grateful for the opportunity to proudly represent the volunteer firefighters across the state of Colorado.

In their reaction, her fellow fire chiefs said she works diligently and faithfully to represent volunteer fire departments across the state of Colorado and will be an asset for the CSFC. Eager to continue her service, Brita looks forward to working with the rest of the executive board to offer a helping hand to fellow Coloradoans and first responders.

“It is an unbelievable honor to be elected by my fire chief peers to serve as the VP of Colorado Fire Chiefs. I am blessed to represent all fire departments and it is a special privilege to be able to be the voice of our underserved volunteer fire departments in Colorado”, said the VP.

Her previous engagements have been in response to the call for community service after September 11, 2001 terror attacks. She participated in the creation of the Rock Creek Volunteer Fire Department to fill a need in their community, McCoy, CO, and Eagle County and has served that community for the past 19 years.  Her service and dedication have impacted many, both inside and outside of Colorado. She has been featured in The New Republic, The Boston Globe, Denver Post, Colorado Politics, and  other publications. Through her long experience and training in responding to 911 emergencies and through her consulting service, she has helped clients looking to conquer chaos and crisis in their own lives. She offers a blueprint to master routine strategies to help people find their CALM. Among the services she offers to her clients include assistance with the needs for content curation and maintaining a positive image for organizations, creating and shaping brand voice and public perception on social media and traditional media, to increase awareness of the work and goal of the organization, among other services.

“My clients are seeking guidance to grasp a level of CALM in their lives as they navigate their future, by having a routine that will become second-nature when a crisis arises. They will get the tools to enable them to think clearly, and laser-focus on how to make the chaotic situation better, personally or professionally. This mind-set is how every trained firefighter operates while responding to 911 emergency calls,” said Brita.

About Never Give Up Consulting, LLC

Never Give Up Consulting, LLC was formed soon after Brita finished her six-year term as the elected Routt County Treasurer and Public Trustee. Much of Brita's sphere of influence was in reaching out for advice and action steps to activate ways to manage organizations when they have unfulfilled needs or are in crisis. Its Mission Statement is -Adapt, Pivot, Overcome.

Media Contact info

Brita Horn

Chief Problem Solver

Phone 970-819-0815