Remint, a real estate cryptocurrency mining app, has reached over 50k users just three months after its launch.

Remint is a cryptocurrency mobile app that is in its early stages. It is currently in phase 1, will go into phase 2 next year, and phase 3in 2023.In the first stage, users can only mine altcoins and join the community. The mined coins will be used for real estate transactions in the future and /or investing in various kinds of real estate projects with a great return on investment. Users will be able to withdraw the mined coins when the app gets into phase 2, and an investment period will begin after the withdrawal period. The app is currently available on Android and will be launched on iOS soon.

The cryptocurrency mining app focuses on the real estate market. Users will be able to buy/rent/sell/rent out properties with Remint as the currency. The app will also offer various kinds of real estate investments through Remint. “Users will be able to invest in real estate projects and get a great ROI from it”, said Max Hellström, the founder of Remint.

“Our initial launch was successful, gaining over 50,000 new users in the first three months”, said Hellström, while adding that the first phase of their cryptocurrency mining app has been very successful.  He stated that they are looking forward to the second and third phases where the users will be able to mine the coins.

"We can see a steady growth when it comes to crypto mining apps and it is not hard to understand the reasoning behind it. More and more people realize the benefits with decentralized currencies, especially when combined with real estate", said co-founder Anton Broman.

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Remintapp is a cloud-based crypto mining app that focuses on the real estate market, where it aims at making it possible for the cryptocurrency community to buy/rent/sell/rent out properties with Remint as a real estate currency. Max Hellström and Anton Broman, who both are banking and finance professionals with extensive experience in the industry, created the app. Although both founders are from Sweden, Stockholm, the company is based in London, U.K.

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Proper socialization is a key strategy to prevent bad behavior in puppies. Between 3 and 12 weeks old, puppies are most likely to be socialized. This is when they are most open for new experiences. Socialization should not stop after this time. Poorly socialized puppies between 3 and 12 weeks old are more likely to fear strangers, fear of unknown dogs, objects, or environments.

Positive interactions with people of all sizes, genders, ethnicities and children should be part of the puppy experience. This is the best time to introduce your puppy to other animals like cats and different walking surfaces. Also, introduce them to everyday objects such as vacuums, umbrellas, bikes, and other noises. It is important to provide treats, toys, and gentle handing during interactions with your puppy. It is the best time to teach your puppy how to care for their feet, ears, and teeth. This makes it easier for them to get their nails trimmed, their ears cleaned, and also allows them to take care of their teeth at home.

Between 2 and 7 weeks old, kittens have a sensitive socialization phase. This is similar to puppy socialization. It's the time kittens are most open for new experiences. However, it is vital to keep them exposed to positive, new experiences throughout their lives. Giving treats and toys to kittens, as well as having them practice meeting with different people, will help them adapt to life's changes and stress better. Kittens need to be taught how to brush their teeth, clip nails and paws, handle their ears and groom their ears. These sessions may be difficult to accept at first. However, they can be made more enjoyable by repeating them and pairing them with something positive, such as a treat.

This window is a great place to socialize kittens. It can prevent fearfulness and encourage a cat's curiosity and active behavior. Socialization can make car trips with your feline friend easier. Think of a calm cat who is happy to travel in a carrier to the vet, versus a cat who hides from the carrier and yowls the entire trip.

How to socialize your pet:

Do you find your cat spending so much time under the mattress that she forgets what her face looks like? Do you have a skittish or irritable dog? People are becoming more conscious of the feelings of their pets and want to make them happy. Although some owners are focused on getting their puppies exposed to new people and situations, it is important to make sure they have a positive experience for their pet and that they learn something.

1. Meet people from different backgrounds and genders.

Invite friends to visit the pets and provide treats and toys. It is not enough to interact with household humans.

2. Encourage children to socialize with pets

Children can appear like aliens to dogs and cats who have never met children. Children can look more like toys as pets age. They may run, scream and flail like prey. You can play sounds of babies and children from sound CDs if you don't have children or know any children who can interact with your pets.

3. Socialize puppies with other species

Many puppies will spend time with other animals or cats at one point in their lives. It would be better if they could calmly react to other animals, rather than barking, lunging or chasing them. You should pay attention to your cat's body language and look out for signs of aggression or fear. If your cat is raising his ears, shaking his tail, and displaying fear, it could be a sign that he doesn't feel comfortable with the dog. If your cat is calm and sniffing your dog, it is an indication that they will soon be able co-exist.

4. Teach your pet to walk on different surfaces

Most people know someone who has a dog or cat that is afraid to walk on sidewalk grates or metal manhole covers. Exposing pets to different surfaces early in their lives can reduce the chance of them being afraid to walk on different surfaces later in life. The breeder can start this exposure, especially since pets have a sense of touch that is already well developed at birth.

5. Introduce puppies to other man-made objects and sounds

People don't appreciate the everyday sounds or sights that can be scary to pets, or people who were raised in completely different environments. It can be difficult to cope with fearful objects after your pet has had a poor start in life.

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August, 2021 --Project Euthenia is simply a project with the overall aim of helping others to become the best possible versions of themselves. With Pablo Fregoso Rey at its helm, he is on a mission to help everyone improve their social skills and stop feeling uncomfortable with everyday social situations.

Something as seemingly easy and simple as chatting with a new friend or getting a cup of coffee with someone can lead to high levels of apprehension and anxiety in many individuals. As a kid growing up, Pablo has the tendency to be very antisocial, shy, and insecure person. During his growing up years, Pablo felt that he could not relate to anyone and feared chatting with random people and was very scared with the notion of public speaking.

“One day, I was done feeling this way and living that way so I decided to change that and started a personal project called Project Euthenia,”Pablo Rey said, Project Euthenia Founder and facilitator.

“The primary purpose of this project was to self-improve and become the world’s best FBI Profiler. During that time, I broke down my large goal into smaller tasks. One of those goals was to improve my communication skills. In that time, I experienced a lot and met and connected with new people,” said Pablo.

The goal of this project is to help people who struggle with social anxiety or people who want to improve their social skills become more confident with their social skills and create the social life they want.

"I believe people should be able to have amazing conversations, build great connections, and create the social life they want,” Pablo said.

"Stop feeling uncomfortable in everyday social situations," he added.

The project is designed to help build better rapport with people, understand body language, and create small talk so you don’t feel uncomfortable or socially awkward in the normal, everyday situations in your life. Project Euthenia can also help people develop active listening skills, build better relationships with friends or family members, make new friends, meet new people and more.


There are many ways in which I can help you, however most of these revolve around giving you the tools to become a more confident and self-assured version of yourself. I always aim to give my customers the best possible chance to improve themselves, while also learning how to overcome their own problems in the future. 


Pablo Fregoso Rey




August, 2021 –– A New York based production company recently launched an enterprise software that will drastically change how project management and progress tracking works in the app development and technology sectors.

Finally Free Productions focuses on custom mobile app development, website development, and game development. This dedicated team of creatives, independent thinkers, product designers and developers tell stories and create experiences that will both educate and inspire all within an affordable budget. Their comprehensive and unequivocal process allows them to come up with high level software and app development for creative technology without breaking the bank.

“It is an incredibly cut-throat and competitive industry. However, technology is ever evolving and requires a lot of forward thinking and thought provoking energy in order to survive and thrive,” CEO of Finally Free Productions, Saj Zaman said.

“At Finally Free Productions, our goal is to always try to stay ahead of the technology by keeping up with the trends and uptick in demand,” he added.

This web-based software aims to streamline every step of the development and design process so clients can keep in touch with the company seamlessly and track the progress as they build their app. Any software or app development company can easily create a generic website or mobile app, but FFP believes that clients around the world deserve a lot more. That’s why in the process of developing prototype applications, FFP makes sure to ask the right questions, develop the right plan for the client’s project and guide them through the fundamentals of the entire software and mobile application development process for optimal return on investment.

“If you want to create something disruptive, you’re going to have to go out and build it on your own which means you can’t be afraid to lose,” said Zaman.

“You always need to have the wherewithal to withstand incoming hurdles with the mindset to take a break when you need to and return to start all over again,” Zaman added.

With a new software to track app development progress, companies can ensure the timely delivery of their enterprise applications without hitch. In line with FFP’s app development process and methods, this project management and progress tracking software is an added safeguard that will largely benefit all clients, present and future.

Learn more from Finally Free Productions by clicking on the following links:

App Development:

App Prototyping:


Founded in 2014, Finally Free Productions is a New York based production company that focuses on custom mobile app development, website development, and game development. We tell stories and create experiences that both educate and inspire all within an affordable budget. Our process is comprehensive and unequivocal: we get to know you so we can craft the most memorable experience for your audience. Our team is extremely motivated and will work tirelessly to make sure we understand your vision and extract it exactly the way you want, if not better.


Saj Zaman

Chief Executive Officer



Marty D, the Orange Puppet, has broken the internet. The Unprofessional Puppet creation is just enjoying a bowl of cereal, but there is a problem, everyone wants to hit it with objects. It has already hit 25 million views on TikTok and the number of views is still counting. On Instagram, the viewership is even higher - more than 30 million views by the time of this article. The puppet is stealing hearts as fans and followers spare bowls of cereals to hit it.

Marty D stands out, as it is one of the internet crazes where it has broken the record of short videos. Its comedy, the hilarious reactions, and the flying objects which hit him on the face are some of the things that make the Orange Puppet stand out from the rest of the puppets on TikTok and Instagram. For Marty D, being hit with bowls of cereal may be painful but as they say, no pain is no gain; the number of views is the gain. The puppet has found success through all the soccer balls, bottles, garbage cans, and lots of other obstacles.

The choice of name for the creators may be deceiving; Marty D is not an Unprofessional Puppet. The level of success recorded within a short time means that there is a huge professional effort behind the creation of the viral short video. It is rising into the internet stardom and soon could see it hit new highs. The unique approach in the short videos has hit the internet in the last few months, but the idea of a puppet is a new approach where Marty D is setting the pace.

Apart from posting the hilarious content on TikTok, Unprofessional Puppets is also found live on Instagram where live shows are posted every Wednesday in a slot that is called, “the early late show”. From 9pm to 9:30pm EST, his fans can chat live and they are warned to watch out for the flying objects!

More fun and action and of course flying objects about Unprofessional Puppets can be found on the official website:

A visit to the social media pages will give the viewers a snippet of what is coming, as well as the live stream schedules.

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August, 2021 ––An app development company recently launched a rather new and radical pay-on delivery services for startups and businesses that will enable them to have their own personalized apps without over burdening their budget.

Manish Software™ designs and deploys state-of-the-art apps for the web, Android, and iOS. Leveraging the best tech tools available such as Flutter, Firebase, Google Cloud, GitHub, and more, clients can now enjoy a fully scalable in-house software development setup.

As a startup struggling to get your new ideas out on the market, Manish Software’s pay on delivery approach opens a lot of opportunities for everyone. A lot of new businesses and startups are having a hard time having a custom enterprise app developed for their businesses because of the price. Manish Software has changed all these and you will never have to pay a single penny until you’re 100% satisfied!

“We take care of the entire mobile app development process for you so you can focus on what you do best in your business,” Manish Gupta said, Founder and CEO of Manish Software.

“Our skilled team consists of app designers and developers who fully understand what it takes to build customized apps - from A to Z. We’re ready to design, develop, launch, and maintain the elegant mobile app you’ve been waiting for your company,” Gupta added.

With their unique pay-on-delivery services, you do not need to pay anything for app development costs until you’re fully satisfied with what they delivered. This works by breaking down your personal app requirements and needs into specific functionalities. Only then will they start to design, develop, and deliver on a milestone basis. Clients will only be charged once when they deliver on each milestone. They provide affordable pricing options that work for all budgets with zero upfront payments.


Manish Software designs and deploys some of the most powerful and truly one-of-kind apps for the web, Android and iOS. We leverage the best technology tools available (including Flutter, Firebase, GitHub, and more) to build premium apps that help businesses earn more leads, sales, and profits.


Manish Gupta


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A book that helps readers overcome storms in their lives is now available in the market. While announcing the release of the book, the author of “What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do,” Frank Mwakasisi, Ph.D., says that the book is meant to help readers cope with different situations in life, namely marriage problems, financial crisis, depression and anxiety, death in a family, diagnosis of terminal disease, and job loss, among others.

Devout Christians and non-Christians alike can apply the principles in the book that will help shift their mindset in tackling the hardships in life. The book will help realize that God is close, and they need to learn to involve him in every situation in life. The book will assist the reader master how to conquer storms they face and vanquish the monsters within. It is the secret to learning “what to do when you don’t know what to do.”

What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do” is meant to encourage people who may be going through troublesome situations in their life. It could be some kind of life storm that puts somebody in a position where they don’t know what to do: a person who may be looking to marry but no love interest coming their way, a person who may have been heartbroken, experiencing marriage problems, a depressed individual, someone with a sick person in the family, experiencing death in the family, job-related issues, financial crises, among others.The author addresses all of these situations in the book, giving the readers some useful insights on how to deal with difficult situations in life.

Readers who have read the book had this to say: “This book is so captivating and genuinely lives up to its enticing title!” (Charles, Reedsburg, Wisconsin)

“WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO – is an unapologetically and extremely transparent testimonial, a realistic presentation of challenges in life – with a lot of biblical principles to guide you through the inevitable storms in life.” (Dennis, Murrieta, California).

The book is available at the Mighty Outreach Publishersonline store.  Those who buy now will be eligible for a 38% discount for the Kindle version of the book.

About the author

Dr. Frank Mwakasisi is an Evangelist, and a passionate and dynamic preacher and teacher. In the book, he blends personal experiences, firsthand accounts of tragedy and triumph, divine revelations, and principles of God’s kingdom with contemporary stories and examples which provide the readers with answers to difficult questions. In his book, the author presents the seven foundational principles of God’s kingdom to help the readers understand the calming revelation that individual battles are God’s if they allow God to fight their battles. He has created a powerful guide that readers can rely on to beat the storms in their lives.

About Mighty Outreach Publishers

Frank Mwakasisi, Ph.D. founded the publishing company in May 2019 when he wanted to publish his first book “What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do” Volume 1. The publishing company operates like a traditional publisher, on a small scale, helping authors realize their publishing dreams. Like traditional publishers, they do not ask for upfront payments. The publishing company predominately deals with Christian publications, although they endeavor to publish non-fiction books on health, fitness, and nutrition,to cover both the spiritual and physical aspects of a human being.

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Frank Mwakasisi, Ph.D.

President & CEO

Mighty Outreach Publishers

3401 W. Devon Ave

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With most people experiencing challenges in planning for the party and event decoration, Balloon Party Box has come to their rescue. The event decorators who have more than six years of experience designing and styling events such as baby showers, birthday parties, bridal showers, weddings, themed parties, and corporate events offer a chance to select the right party supplies.

“We understand that planning for a party or any other event can be a daunting task. The number of things that need to be organized; the details that need to be gathered can be overwhelming even for the best planner. That is why you need a package that gives you the right party supplies, one that is fit for your party,” said Jolly Green, the Director of Balloon Party Box, while adding that with their experience, they make it appear so easy where they combine different aspect into giving their customers show-stopping party décor for their events.

Balloon Party Box aims to bring customers’ parties into life with their unique event styling and balloon decoration services. They have the magic book of balloon decoration ideas that help transform an event into a wonderland. The wide range of balloon decorations includes balloon garlands, balloon arches, and table decorations.

“We have a wide range of styling products and party boxes that will make your party memorable,” said Jolly, adding that customers choose them because of their extensive gift collections, fast delivery guarantee, friendly customer support, and supportive team members.  And don’t forget the affordable pricing model.

“We bring the party to you and provide happiness with our event decorations. We inspire joy and an elegant look to your party,” said Jolly, inviting customers to try their event decoration services.

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About Balloon Party Box

Balloon Party Box has been party planning and helping light up Kiwi kids’ eyes for over six years with unbelievable designs at affordable prices. The event decorations service provider understands that planning for a party or an event can be overwhelming since there are so many things to remember. From this backdrop, they come to assist their customers plan a show-stopping event by providing a wide range of party boxes that will cover everyone’s dreams. The company prides itself on excellent customer service and perfect delivery. They cater to all the party decorations needs, including customized ideas. 

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One year ago, Leon Fontaine had a great job working for Kanye West, but unfortunately within 4 months it was gone. Due to the corona virus pandemic, and like millions of Americans, he was out of a job. However, he decided to take this as an opportunity to follow his dream of becoming a his own designer and creating a sports apparel line for sneakerheads called SNEAKERHABBIT.

Inspired by Kanye West’s creativity and Ed Hardy, who was one of his clients in the past, Leon invested all that he had to create this eye-catching brand. The objective was to create a collection of high-end, high-quality graphic images that were all sneaker related. After several months of research, asking questions about what was missing in today’s sports apparel, it became clear that there were not many quality designs geared towards the sneakerhead culture.

We want sneakerhabbit to be a sports brand that everyone can relate to. This is why we brought on artists with inspired imaginations of how our designs would appeal to men and women. When you see a sneakerhabbit tee shirt, we want people to know it is a sneakerhabbit tee shirt, and when you wear a sneakerhabbit tee shirt, we want you to feel like you are wearing something special. We want the sneakerhead community to feel connected to our brand.

Our images have meaning. Take extreme sports, one of the most exciting and athletic solo sports you can think of. We described it on our graphic skateboard hoodies in two words:

Because that is what it takes to do some of the incredible things they do. Our images are bold, creative, classy, urban, exciting, edgy, and memorable, just like our followers.

Is to create the perfect tee shirt for the perfect sneaker. We are starting off small, and the brand is already starting to get a lot of attention, so remember this name: sneakerhabbit.

Farrah Fowler
Cell: 747-2030111
City: Encino, Ca
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Teen actress Bianca D’Ambrosio, whose credits include Amazon’s “The Bay”, Lionsgate’s “Fear of Rain”, and “Lady of the Manor", joins Elizabeth Banks, Sigourney Weaver, Kate Mara, and WunmiMosaku in“Call Jane”,a women’s rights drama directed by “Carol” screenwriter, Phyllis Nagy.

The movie is based on “The Blacklist” script by writers Hayley Schore and Roshan Sethi. The movie production, led by Robbie Brenner (“Dallas Buyers Club”), along with Kevin McKeon, David Wulf, and Lee Broda, started this week.

The women’s rights drama is about Joy, a traditional 1960s housewife who unexpectedly falls pregnant. She then finds the Janes, an underground abortion movement led by Virginia (Weaver). The group saves her life and gives her a sense of purpose, that is, to help other women take control of their destinies. Joy’s role is played by Banks, while Lanais played by Mara.The daughter of Lana, Erin, is played by D’Ambrosio.

D’Ambrosiocan also be seen alongside Katherine Heigl and Harry Connick Jr. in “Fear of Rain” and is set to appear in feature films “Lady of the Manor” and “Slapface”. She will also lead the upcoming series “They A”.

D’Ambrosio started performing at the age of three alongside twin sister Chiara D’Ambrosio as Summer Newman in the "Young and the Restless”. They have also appeared in Nickelodeon’s “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, & Dawn”, “See Dad Run”, “Criminal Minds”, and “Parks and Recreation”.

They also won a Gracie Award for their anti-bullying music video, “Let Your Light Shine,” which was screened at more than30 international film festivals, winning Best Video 11 times. Visit here:

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Lasting Legacy Public Relations

Marci Walter 

United States