Plumbing refers to the arrangement of pipes and other devices so that their discharge is amicable into the drainage system and vice versa. Plumbing is a very important service because it carries all the waste from one place to another and ultimately it causes pollution if not managed properly. If you have a leak in your plumbing then it can cause a lot of problems like spoiling of drinking water or ruining of property due to damp. Sewer line carries all the raw sewage while drain carries the cleaned sewage via drain field. Therefore if there are any clogs in these pipes then they need to be repaired immediately so that there is no scope of accident or damage to your property. One of the most common plumbing problems that you may face at home or anywhere else is about the blockage of drains. Most often household drains are blocked by hair, food particles and some dirt which cannot be pushed further into the pipe by the normal flow of water and must be removed immediately with the help of a professional drain cleaner. Leaky pipes and sink stains are some of the other plumbing services that you may encounter at home. Leakage of sewer line is caused mainly by insufficient water disposal system and improper installation of drainage fixtures like septic tank. To clean up the leak inside the tank, you can use the water extracted from the toilet or bath and use it to clean up the pipe.
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