Nexcem Insulated Concrete Forms are the next generation in cement-bonded wood fiber ICF systems. Building on the original 1940s Swiss Durisol technology, we bring ICF blocks into the 21st century. Our advanced mix designs, proprietary processes, and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to offer products that are stronger and more precise than any other manufacturer of similar materials. We provide the best performing building envelope without using polystyrene

Our products are ideal for foundations, basements and above-grade building construction. As the construction industry continues to support green building and environmentally sensitive materials, Nexcem continues to be an integral component by supplying the most eco-friendly ICF blocks on the market. Since the beginning, we have been an important part of certified LEED and green building– from passive solar design to superior energy efficiency.

The Nexcem ICF material is inert with no VOCs or off-gassing, and the cement content of each unit creates an above-average pH environment at the wall surface. This inhibits growth of fungi and mold. Furthermore, the hygroscopic nature of the material regulates relative humidity levels (65% RH maximum) and provides an inherent moisture regulator that keeps humidity low. This helps to further prevent any type of fungal growth.

Nexcem ICFs provide a building envelope that is:

- Strong, Durable and Impact Resistant

- Sound Proof

- Fire Proof

- Termite Resistant

- Energy Efficient

- No Polystyrene
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