The hot capsicum plaster is a flexible pain relief treatment. Once the plaster is applied, its ingredients penetrate skin and are absorbed. This increases blood flow around the area where the pain is. The product provides pain relief for up to 24 hours. It doesn't leave any marks on clothing and isn't messy or greasy. Its thin design is easy to wear underneath clothing. Flexible material with medium size suitable for relief of back muscle pain, knee joints pain, frozen shoulders, wrist pain and arm fatigue. The Patch can be cut to any size to meet your specific pain site.

A strain of lumbar muscular to bone disease. Lumbar muscle strain can be seen on both sides of the waist, or lower back pain. When the waist is not straight upward, these with bone or muscle injury has particular relevance. If you choose to use hot capsicum to treat lumbar musculoskeletal strain, make sure it has a good effect. I gave my uncle two boxes of kongdy brand hot capicum plaster. Because a strain of the lumbar muscles is slow to progress if you don't take prompt and effective action.

Since the beginning, he started to dry up. People are more energetic. Although hot capsicum plaster isn't cheap, it can provide some relief from pain, but not the full effects of the treatment. The best quality hot capsicum plaster is kongdy.


You have probably seen it advertised in magazines and on television: Over-the-counter remedies for minor arthritis pain. The treatment is meant to alleviate the symptoms of the disease. However, if there are severe joint problems, it may not be possible to prevent constant pain. Early treatment can be achieved by early detection of osteoarthritis symptoms. Early treatment and diagnosis are crucial to manage osteoarthritis in the knees. Specific symptoms and distinguishing features are key to determining the diagnosis and the course of treatment. The first thing a patient notices is pain. This pain brings the patient to the physician. And it will be the doctor who decides what treatment to use. As the quality of treatment for rheumatoid arthritis improves, severe disability and potentially life-threatening complications seem to be decreasing. For more info, Visit here:


It is common to associate arthritis pain with old age. It can be a constant pain, or a temporary condition that is intermittent. Inflammation in the body causes the bones to rub against each other because of eroded cartilage. Arthritis, which is hard to treat, can cause pain in the joints and back. Chronic pain is most common due to arthritis. The reason for the pain is that our joints experience natural wear over the years and are less able maintain the supportive cartilage matrix between the joints. Consult your doctor before you start any type or arthritis medication.

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