Melanotan 2 (MT2), dubbed the 'barbie drug' has created an enormous stir within the tanning world. Known for its tanning properties Melanotan 2 has become somewhat of a phenomenon across the web , but why?

You may or might not have heard of Melanotan 2, but it's been in circulation for quite a while now, some say that it enables you to realize a 'sunless tan' that has been said to lower the risks of carcinoma , by protecting you from harmful UV rays. it's mainly distributed via the web through many various online businesses and has become highly popular amongst body builders, salon users and general everyday people. There are various labs everywhere the planet that make MT2, these are often found in Australia, China, U.S.A to call but a couple of , and it seems that more and more people are coming round to the thought of it.

As already mentioned, there are many various suppliers everywhere the web where MT2 are often found and purchased. it's usually contained in 10mg glass vials that are vacuum sealed by the laboratories they were created in. These are then purchased by various different companies/people everywhere the online and sold on to customers that are trying to find that 'sunless tan'.

Melanotan 2 was named the 'sunless tan' as you literally do not have to be within the sun when using it. It are often 'activated' initially , by spending a couple of hours under a sun-bed to initiate the method , from here you continue the administration course to realize the tan then by topping up your MT2 levels on a daily basis the tan or colour that you simply desire are often achieved.

Many people have jumped at the chance to use Melanotan 2 and have scoured the web trying to find a daily supply. There are various different methods of using Melanotan 2 but the foremost popular method seems to be employing a 'tanning injection'. This involves mixing the MT2 with bacteriostatic water within the provided vacuum sealed vial, then extracting some of the combination with a syringe. From here, the syringe is then inserted into adipose tissue e.g. the belly area, and therefore the mix is then injected. This has been found to be the foremost popular method employed by people because it is absorbed by the body quicker, meaning that the results are more noticeable sooner.

Another popular method that's used, is pre mixing the vial, again, with bacteriostatic water and placing the mixture into a nasal spray bottle. This method has been employed by folks that do not like the thought of employing a syringe and it offers an easy alternative.

Some methods that are still in development and being studied under clinical trials are the implant version and therefore the pill form. These methods are still undergoing research within various labs round the world and haven't been mass produced.

So where did Melanotan 2 come from?

It was first synthesized at the department of pharmacology within the United States' own University of Arizona (UAC). The team of scientists that led the trials were hoping to seek out a replacement way of battling carcinoma and reducing the speed of individuals harmed from ultra violet light. These trials were conducted and commenced within the early nineties, scientists understood, that by incorporating their knowledge of the chemicals found within the physical body , the results they desired could possibly be achieved by creating an artificial version of the body's present hormone alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone(a-MSH).

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