Choosing to be vegan means avoiding meat, fish, eggs, fur, leather, wool, as well as all products that are tested on animals, including all those that have been tested on animals. The vegan lifestyle is filled with ethical notions, peace of mind, compassion for animals, and a positive understanding of the environment. However, the number of vegans is very small compared to the number of animal consumers.

People often fail to realize that animals feel pain, love and emotions just as humans do, and as a result, 665 million animals are butchered in Canada for food each year, and 3.2 million are killed to test cosmetic products' safety. The question is, is it fair to kill those innocent animals to save human life? Maybe this sounds fair since we humans are always egocentric, so let them die if it is about our safety. The animal testing is not effective enough to prove safety. We cannot rely solely on this assurance.

We have better science to ensure the safety of cosmetic chemicals as the mechanisms and other biological stuff of animals are not exactly the same as those of humans, and they are not identical to humans when it comes to biological stuff. In our laboratories, we have successfully synthesized human tissues, and nothing would be as effective as these tissues. However, why are so many companies still using animals to ensure their products are safe? Profits and business are the answers, since companies always try to reduce their expenses to enhance profits. Get more info about Vegan Bougie Cosmetics.

Likewise, animals' urine, bones, skins and other parts are used to manufacture our cosmetics and even foods like ice cream we eat. By becoming vegan, we avoid using products that cause suffering to animals.

Makeup that is vegan

Many cosmetic experts recommend organic products for better results because they are organic. Most vegan products are organic, making them more effective than other products on the market. However, companies continue to buy animal products because they are cheap. It is easier to arrange fresh herbs and leaves when you get blood, bones, and other stuff from the butcher. Read more:

The best places to buy vegan makeup

The best way to get organic products is to buy them online. Since organic products are ineffective when not fresh, they are waiting too long on the shelves of your shopping malls before they can be delivered to you.

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