Mulhuddart operates 2 Driving Testing Centers. The M3 Services at a portakabin driving test centre is the busiest. The Carton Hotel Mulhuddart lies approximately 1.5km to the north. Before you head to the driving test, confirm the address of Mulhuddart Driving Test Centre. Driver test candidates are often wrongly directed to the wrong place and end up losing their driving test.

Mulhuddart Driving Test Routes resemble each other. Mulhuddart Village Shopping Centre Mulhuddart Village Mulhuddart Village is the route you will follow. Before taking the test it is important to practice merging onto/off the N3. It has a speed limit of 100 km and can get quite busy.

When approaching Mulhuddart driving tests centre Carlton hotel (see photograph above), you should slow down and observe both directions before making a right turn. The area is busy so slow down. For a quicker test, reverse into a parking area before the driving exam. The first five spaces should be left open to anyone returning from their test. They are the easiest areas to drive in. After your test, drive straight into the parking space. Parking errors can be rectified, but be careful.

Mulhuddart Driving Test Routes have speed bumps, shopping centres, hatch/road marks, and roundabouts. Speed bumps are dangerous. Be sure to check the mirrors before you increase speed.

In general, bumps called "cushion", should be possible to pass in 2nd at 20/25kmph. Avoid large bumps that extend across the road in third. Slow down and climb slowly to the bump. The brake should be released for a few meters after the impact. Continue to accelerate.

You can speed up by moving speed bumps closer together. Before you go back to 2nd, or 3, it is possible to increase your speed. Speed bumps which are too fast can be a Grade 2 Hazards fault. It is also one of Mulhuddart Test Route's most frequent faults.

Blanchardstown Shopping Centre may get very crowded. It is also possible to use a busy roundabout that testers frequent nearby. You must be able see danger in advance and respond quickly. For omissions or other dangerous actions, you can be held responsible. Read more:

Mulhuddart Driving Test Routes also include the N3 Dual Carriageway. The N3 Dual carriageway is a feature on most test routes. It is dangerous and scary to merge at 100 kmph. You should practice this skill before you take the driving test.

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