Naas Driving Test Centre, the only Driving Test Centre located in Kildare, draws candidates from Kildare. You can expect it to be busy, with 8 driving tests being held simultaneously. But there is plenty of parking, unlike other Driving Test Centres.

Driving Test Routes at Naas include the outer ring road and Main Street. You'll also be taken past the Naas General Hospital. Naas is a good place to test your driving skills.

To begin your test, reverse into a parking spot just outside the hotel. Your test drive will end with you driving straight into space. If you find that the car is not parked properly, simply reverse it and make corrections. But be sure to observe.

After leaving the Carpark area, you will see a Stop sign before the Roundabout. You will be immediately ejected if you fail to stop. The stop sign will direct you to turn right. You'll then go straight to the roundabout. Here, you can choose whether or not to turn left. This can be awkward if it's your first time, so practice leaving driving test centre.

The Naas Driving Test Routes' most notable features would be the speed bumps along with Main Street shopping areas and roundabouts. Speed bumps can be classified as hazards. Before increasing your speed again, you should check the mirrors and slow down.

Try to get over "cushion” bumps in 2nd gear at 20/25kmph. You can also go over larger bumps in 3rd, which will cover the whole width of the road. It is best to slowly slow down, coming up to it, and then release the brake a few metres before it hits. Then you can accelerate again once it has been maintained.

If speed bumps are sufficiently far apart, you may be able to shift up into a higher drive before going back down to 2nd/3rd. A Naas Driving Test Route's most frequent fault is hitting speed bumps at too high a rate. It is known as a Grade 2-Fault for Hazards. Read more:

Main Street is often very busy, with many hazards. That's why testers will frequently go there. Make sure you use the Mirror – Signal – Position – Speed — Look technique. And for every hazard: Look Assess ­ Decide and Act.

The Naas Driving Test Routes also have an outer ring road. These roads are designed to circumvent the city centre and include a series of roundabouts. You can choose between 2 or 1 lanes. A Grade 2 fault will result. They can be handled with little practice and do not get too busy compared to the Dublin Test Routes.

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