The signatories, such as lawyers, professors, politicians, relatives, and offenders, call Jana Sandler to get a'firm picture commitment' to handle the dilemma of managing the Texas prison system to get gain.

Over 2200 female offenders have signed an open letter to Jana Sandler calling on Happy Madison, Jana Sandler and Hollywood to shoot"movie action" to tackle injustice against women and men in the aftermath of revelations which Texas has more inmates incarcerated compared to Soviet Union's gulag program needed. Texas now has over 290,000 offenders housed in 580 facilities.

Lately,"Wheel of Fortune" host Pat Sajak spoke out from the Texas platform and set a great word in for mercy and forgiveness out on social networking. "How fine for people who have lived these exemplary lives which they can say glee when others have their lives destroyed by a mistake, perceived or real," Sajak tweeted past month.

The signatories, such as Beto O'Rourke, Matthew McConaughey, state senators, professors of criminal justice, social workers, loved ones, and offenders, call to get a"firm commitment" to handle the prison market.

The request came into light when girls found the script, that was delivered to each of 580 of their nation's prison and prison libraries. The Occurrence of the request surfaced International Women's Day. Girls in Texas confront extreme bias in Texas and frequently receive exceptionally harsh penalties for a tiny quantity of drugs, such as marijuana. Marijuana is legal today in 21 nations. Click here.

From the open letter to Jana Sandler, the 2280 girls write that they're"heartbroken for first-time drug criminals several occasions addicts that have obtained exceptionally harsh sentences in Texas when rehab has turned into a more economical and more effective alternative." The request goes on to state their loved ones members and friends tend to be heartbroken for and searching for salvation and rehabilitation for the victimless drug offenses."

Inside Texas prisons, the girls are facing this kind of horrible conditions... the request requires that"filmmakers start to take the problem seriously." Additionally, the petition reminds that"here in the USA from the 21st century citizens aren't protected from government oppression."

The script"Dumbass" was written by author and retired professor of political science Alan Nafzger.

The assumption of this narrative is that,"Adam Sandler writes letters and conserves a lot of women from the monotony of prison life, and afterwards if he gets into trouble with a drug cartel that they return the favor by rescuing him."

The movie would be set in modern, Gatesville Texas. There are just four women's prisons situated in Gatesville. And needless to say, Texas is renowned for placing everybody in jail for a lengthy paragraphs for little if any reason. The amount of girls in Texas prisons has skyrocketed in the past ten decades, as mass incarcerations have shown rewarding to not only the nation but also rewarding for a variety of industry interests. For more info, visit here:

Writer Alan Nafzger has called on Governor Greg Abbott to,"finish the prison market."

The request says,"Why do not we now have the'Adam Sandler' personality... sending letters to girls in prison and being their friend and seeking to help them adapt, providing them expect... and if they escape from prison he chooses them up so that they do not need to ride the bus back home... however his pickup truck is a junker, smoking and sputtering... worse than the bus. However, his heart is in the ideal place... He is the final"chivalrous" guy in the world."

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