(November, 2020. New York) - The thought of a new conspiracy theory either makes people cringe or roll their eyes. Gedalya's new song, Conspiracy Theories, is the opposite, with a fun toe-tapping tune and serious yet tongue-in-cheek lyrics. The International Academy of Voice and Stage recently stated, "Think, reflect, enjoy and listen. Gedalya's music demands that you feel." I found myself wanting to listen again and again, singing along by mid-song. Yet there's a melancholy that settles with a sense of hope lingering. Conspiracy Theories is true to reality and speaks to the personal growth many are feeling in 2020.

Gedalya is a singer and songwriter who is "...a learner, I express my ideas about life through my music." His folk-rock style emerged in 2017 with the release of The Thunder with soulful piano to accompany his vocals. Inspired by his own experiences and based in New York City, Gedalya's first stepped onto the music scene in the 1990s with songs like If I Were Superman and Through the Glass. While he took a step back to follow and develop his own voice and had several releases over the past decade. Over the years, Gedalya has remained true to himself throughout his life.

A stream of followers will be excited to find this new release along with his past releases available on their favorite platform or from Gedalya's website at to read his inspiring background, watch his documentary, or download a number of his songs.

His previous release in 2020 is also available, Giving Feels Good, which received a great review and received radio broadcasting worldwide. This song came when our world needed rebuilding, as it still does, and recognizes that the process of rebuilding creates connections between people and communities. On his website, Gedalya asks for visitors to donate to A New Song, which promotes their artists and their positive messages throughout the world.

If you're a longtime fan, be sure to pick up Conspiracy Theories to share his musical spirit with your friends. Additionally, check out Gedalya's events page for upcoming events. There will be live and recorded concerts coming our way soon. This is incredibly exciting because of Gedalya’s refreshing take on social awareness that leads to self-reflection and thought-provoking introspection.


Gedalya Sloshay
NYC Folk Rock Singer Songwriter
(845) 400-6451

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