Australian anti-ageing company, Reyou Longevity®, has launched its flagship products on Indiegogo. According to the director, James Thai, the company will be releasing the Anti-ageing Plant Stem Cell Serum and Moisturizer with an exclusive launched special 45% off RRP. The company, whose mission is to set a new standard in anti-ageing skincare products, seeks to empower its customers to go through the ageing process gracefully.

Reyou Longevity® is raising funds to allow manufacturing of their first small batch through itsIndiegogo campaign. “We have turned to the amazing community on Indiegogo to enable us to produce the first batch of the Stem Cell Serum and Moisturizer quickly and efficiently while maintaining the highest quality standards,” said the company director, also explaining why they have opted to raise funds through the crowdfunding platform. The company believes that through the crowdfunding campaign they will source the best quality, premium ingredients from local Australian suppliers and meet the purchase requirements.

While describing the two products, Reyou Longevity® company director described how they are harnessing the power of Plant Stem Cells and creating a powerful skincare range, using Australian native flora infused with premium naturally-sourced active ingredients and giving customers products that can help them defy the signs of ageing the natural way.

As a company that believes beauty does not come with an expiry date, Reyou Longevity® abides by their founding principles providing its customers with effective and safe products. The company maintains the highest standards of quality by using premium quality ingredients that are one hundred percent natural, safe, and completely free from toxins and preservatives. Apart from their commitment to providing their customers with safe products, they are also passionate about keeping the environment clean.

The company spokesperson explained that stem cells play an important role in ageing research, adding that they contain regenerative capacity that helps the body to build the necessary blocks. He also added that dermatologists are turning to stem cells to fight wrinkles and improve the skin’s appearance mainly because it contains essential amino acids and peptides, which act as skincare powerhouse ingredients for helping the skin to rejuvenate.

While revealing that the company has a zero-tolerance policy for animal testing, the company spokesperson mentioned that their products are made through alternative ways that are cruelty-free. “We found an alternative way to reap the powerful benefits of stem cells without hurting anyone or anything!” said the company spokesperson, adding that they have harnessed the power of stem cells in plants and created a range of premium cruelty-free skincare products that are made to defy any signs of ageing.

"We've put in so much effort in our premium formulations and cannot wait to launch our range and share the power of plant stem cells with the world," said James. He believes that ageing should not feel detrimental. In fact, ageing should inspire confidence as maturity and life experience is a formula for a well-balanced life.

While outlining the benefits of the Anti-Ageing Stem Cell Serum, the company spokesperson clarified that the product is suitable for all skin types and genders. The Anti-Ageing Stem Cell Serum prepares the skin to absorb nutrient-rich antioxidants and peptides, maximizing on skin hydration, which in turn stimulates collagen synthesis and enhances cellular metabolism. Other benefits include the assistance in rehabilitation and purification of the skin through aiding the elimination of toxins and cellular wastes. It also helps in the production of collagen and the reduction of wrinkles.

Their flagship range is now available for pre-order with an exclusive 45% off RRP and expected to ship to customers early in December 2020.

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Reyou Longevity® is an Australian anti-ageing company based on the foundation that beauty doesn’t come with an expiration date. Its mission is to set a new standard in anti-ageing skincare products to empower everyone to go through the ageing process gracefully.

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