Rich and Rich Home opportunities L.L.C have a grand opening. The internet marketing business is preparing for its Black Friday Sale on Nov 26th from 7 pm to 10 pm at their new business location at 790N Milwaukee St. Suite 317, Milwaukee, WI, 53213. According to the company spokesperson, they will be making products available at their brick-and-mortar shop from their drop-shipping department of Rich and Rich Home opportunities L.L.C and will also have onsite product promotions, Botox from networking, and much more as we continue to expand.

The business started in 2009 and has since continued to expand. Rich and Rich Home opportunities L.L.C   seeks to be a leader in affiliate marketing, providing its customers with products they would love to purchase.

The business was started by Desiree Sims, who also serves as the current CEO. Desiree Sims is a baccalaureate-prepared nurse with 20 years of education and leadership qualities. She is also an MSN candidate for Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) and graduates Dec 18, 2021.

The affiliate marketing company has a long history with advertising. It has been offering a variety of services including ecommerce digital marketing, drop shipping, web development, social media marketing, among other digital marketing services. “We are committed to serving our customers as valued member of the team, ensuring they get the products that they need easily and conveniently,” said the company representative, who added that with the grand opening event, they are just extending the experience they have been providing their customers for the last thirteen years. As a company that started humbly with blog marketing, the company spokesperson says they have grown over the years to reach their current position. They are keen on helping small businesses market their product and reach their objectives. With the grand opening event, they are reaching far and wide in their quest to serve all.

The grand opening event will focus on apparel/accessories collections for men and women. The company spokesperson says they will also have gaming computers and other software for the techs that still want to be well dressed in front of a computer.

Veterans 'Connection

Owned by an African American woman veteran of 18 years in both Army and Navy, the company has the veterans’ affairs in its heart. They plan to help the veterans and their families by bringing products services to them in the Wisconsin area. The owner of Rich and Rich Home opportunities an active member of the veteran community and will do everything in her power to assist, to include an active application Nov 10, 2021, for a grant from the Small Business Association (SBA).  The grant would help fund concessions vendors procurement of products for veterans and their families.

Future Plans and Achievements

Rich and Rich Home opportunities L.L.C. is accredited by the Better Business Bureau as an internet marketing business. The company maintains a tax EIN for its offline/online marketing and ensures that merchants get maximum exposure.

When commenting on future plans, the company spokesperson said they would be advertising for jobs soon, where they will seek highly motivated individuals to join them and help them expand further. Since the company started, the spokesperson says they have been in an expansion mode, with the recent establishment being the achievement that has come from a hard-working and committed team. The spokesperson added that they have been financing their store with profits they have made over the years, a development she describes as a great accomplishment.

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About Rich and Rich Home opportunities L.L.C.

Rich and Rich Home opportunities L.L.C started as Rich and Rich Home Opportunities before becoming a Limited Liability Company (LLC). The affiliate marketing company started its operation in 2009 with one blog and has advanced gradually as technology continues to advance. Rich and Rich Home opportunities L.L.C.’s mission is to promote products and services that families and friends that add value to their day to day activities.

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