One year ago, Leon Fontaine had a great job working for Kanye West, but unfortunately within 4 months it was gone. Due to the corona virus pandemic, and like millions of Americans, he was out of a job. However, he decided to take this as an opportunity to follow his dream of becoming a his own designer and creating a sports apparel line for sneakerheads called SNEAKERHABBIT.

Inspired by Kanye West’s creativity and Ed Hardy, who was one of his clients in the past, Leon invested all that he had to create this eye-catching brand. The objective was to create a collection of high-end, high-quality graphic images that were all sneaker related. After several months of research, asking questions about what was missing in today’s sports apparel, it became clear that there were not many quality designs geared towards the sneakerhead culture.

We want sneakerhabbit to be a sports brand that everyone can relate to. This is why we brought on artists with inspired imaginations of how our designs would appeal to men and women. When you see a sneakerhabbit tee shirt, we want people to know it is a sneakerhabbit tee shirt, and when you wear a sneakerhabbit tee shirt, we want you to feel like you are wearing something special. We want the sneakerhead community to feel connected to our brand.

Our images have meaning. Take extreme sports, one of the most exciting and athletic solo sports you can think of. We described it on our graphic skateboard hoodies in two words:

Because that is what it takes to do some of the incredible things they do. Our images are bold, creative, classy, urban, exciting, edgy, and memorable, just like our followers.

Is to create the perfect tee shirt for the perfect sneaker. We are starting off small, and the brand is already starting to get a lot of attention, so remember this name: sneakerhabbit.

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