Art is everywhere. This is evident in PO’s life and work as an artist. Creativity evokes different types of emotions from nostalgia, happiness, sadness, and the truth. The artist’s work aims to bring out different emotions, provoking thought, and seeing even the most mundane from a different perspective.

Beauty and Aesthetics

PO aims to educate followers on what beauty and aesthetics truly mean. We often interchange the two but they are quite different. Beauty is what we see or perceive. Aesthetics is the discipline behind what we perceive to be beautiful. PO aims to train our minds and eyes on what and how we perceive beauty through his/her art in different mediums including vintage toys, photography and more.

Each piece of art aims to entertain, educate and visually please individuals and other artists. This is exactly what aesthetics is all about. PO’s objective with his/her social media pages and later on art exhibition is to become the training ground for building the sensibilities for art, self-expression, and design that may bring new ideas, thoughts, and nostalgia.

Help Remove Mental and Creative Blocks

PO hopes to inspire other artists, give support in removing mental and creative blocks through his art. If you are an artist like PO, you know what mental and creative blocks are. The work of re-conceptualized toys and other medium are meant to inspire artists to see other versions of art and design. To start creating again, and become fearless in expressing yourself boldly. PO wants to continuously inspire creativity that may be blocked due to fears and doubts, to serve as inspiration to be brave and fearless.

Inspiration pushes you out of your boundaries and dares to venture to experiment and see what works for you, try different art mediums and techniques. Art is not limited to canvas or pictures.

PO For Entertainment

PO aims to entertain audiences with his/her toys and other mediums. Provoking thoughts, stirring different emotions and visual pleasure is entertainment too. The goal is to keep you engaged in what you see, and express your feelings and thoughts.

Visit PO’s Instagram to be inspired, educated, and entertained. Be brave to express how you feel and say what you say through art. Visit here:

About PO

PO is a person of mystery and has never lost the childhood characteristics of play and wonder. The artist’s interests are toys, old toys in particular, and rebuilding them to fit present standards and the artist’s personal style. Aside from toys, PO also works with photography as a medium and has successfully collaborated with various musicians with their album covers. The vibes and styles range from early 2000, with a cyber-feel as the world break into the virtual age.

PO dreams of having an exhibition, featuring the artist’s works and others as well, or launching a new toy that’s completely the artist’s design and creation, from scratch. Being a “jack of many trades”, this also works with the lifestyle brand SPITPROMISE with a collection of clothing, rugs, sculptures, toys, of course, and other cool items such as cards.

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