Wishdoit Watches, a company that prides itself on making products without taking shortcuts, is now offering Pirate watches on a pre-order basis. With their new products, Wishdoit Watches seeks to convey the pirate’s design inspiration and the story behind the watch.

Inspired by the culture of Caribbean pirates of the 18th century, the men’s watches incorporate many pirate design elements. The new collection adopts the barrel-shaped element that is very typical in pirate culture as the unique case shape of the watch.

According to the company representative, the Pirate watches, which are in the pre-order phases, will be launched in five different watch styles, including Tonneau and Urca. Tonneau Case means the shape of the watch case is like Pirate‘s barrel-shape, not a normal round or square shape. Urca is from a famous ship 'Urca de Lima' on history and TV channels.

Value and quality

Using the direct-to-customer marketing mode, Wishdoit Watches has been able to eliminate the intermediary, allowing them to deliver products that beat the competition on a price basis. In terms of product quality, the watch company has learned much during the process of its operation. They have acted on customers’ feedback, continually improving to ensure they deliver what customer wants. They have delivered the required quality through the establishment of their quality control team in the production line. This is in line with the industry standards, where watchmakers look at giving customers quality while reducing costs.

Over the years, Wishdoit Watches have launched dozen of new products such as the Tourbillon collection, and the 3D-hollow collection among others. Over the years, they have won the hearts of watch lovers and as the CEO puts it, they have a group of fans who love the charm of the mechanical watches they make. They are always striving to keep the fans satisfied through the improvement of their products and development of new ones, adds the CEO.

For those who want to be the first to get these mechanical watches, Wishdoit is offering an early bird price. The early bird price of Wishdoit pirate watches has been reduced by $170, but now they have an additional September special discount, up to 25% across the entire site. Check out the Pirate Collection, Tourbillon, and the rest of Wishdoit's offerings on sale at the link below:

The products are available at

About Wishdoit Watches

Wishdoit Watches started back in 2009 when the current CEO, Patrick Lee, and his partners decided to set up their factory to design and manufacture their products. Lee had previously worked as an engineer for 12 years, where he poured his boundless passion into watches. With determination and persistence, he overcame several hurdles to establish the watch company that is standing strong to date. Wishdoit now has a strong team that aims at giving their customer superior and affordable products. They have launched dozen of new products such as the Tourbillon collection, and the 3D-hollow collection among others.

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