At a time when the world is moving to cleaner and green energy, companies have been charging exorbitant amounts for their solar services. This has many people questioning the need to switch to solar potentially derailing their transition to cleaner energy. However, there is a silver lining; DIY Solar Company seeks to revolutionize the solar market by offering affordable solar solutions that best meets the needs of the individual customer. According to its founder and CEO, Matthew Ciocci, the company is operating throughout the United States with roots in six New England states and seeks to disrupt the solar industry by offering high end solar solutions at the most affordable price.

“Our company is putting the power in the hands of homeowners through quality, professionalism, and cost-effective solar solutions,” said Ciocci.

An analysis of the industry shows that most solar companies, on average, sell their services up to $25,000 more than DIY Solar Company, which is attributed to high markups and commissions.

“We are here to change the solar industry through unmatched installation quality at an affordable price”, said Ciocci, adding that they have the customers’ interest at heart as they seek to liberate them from the high prices that are derailing their switch to cleaner and greener energy.

Focus on Ethics

 “As a company, we forbid unethical solar sales, and ensure solar makes sense for each of our customers. If transitioning to solar energy is not a good fit for one of our customers, we simply walk away.”, said the CEO, while adding that the company was started due to the frustration of solar customers encountering high pressure, high cost solar services. 

Ciocci states that DIY Solar sales process focuses on educating each customer to make an informed decision that best fits their needs. “At the end of the day, we are more of a movement than a solar company. Our mission is to provide solar customers with the best quality, price, and experience” adds the CEO.

DIY Customer Experience

“As someone who received many quotes from other companies, it was hard to find a solar company I could trust. The approaches and prices from the other local companies were discouraging to me. Matt came to my house and broke everything down penny by penny. It was a relief having solar installed by The DIY Solar Company,” says Jack B. of Carver, MA.

DIY Solar demands high levels of professionalism from their sales team and partners and requires all its affiliates to have a proven and clean track record.

The DIY Solar Model

In addition to DIY Solar Company seeking to make the installation affordable, the company is also offering sales terms that cater to everyone. Purchasing options include cash and loan packages and $0 down options enabling the switch to solar attractive from Day 1. Do-it-Yourself packages are also available for customers who would like to carry out the installation work on their own. Unlike other companies, DIY Solar Company offers lifetime support to each customer.

The DIY Solar Co. is not only treating its customers right, but they have also provided a positive working environment, something that the CEO says has contributed greatly to the success of the company, as the staff is highly motivated to meet the customers’ needs. Ciocci says that his dream is to build an organization where the employees are happy and proud to come into work.

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About DIY Solar Company

The DIY Solar Co has been rapidly growing due to its incredibly honest approach. The company seeks to change the way solar services are offered by providing professional services at an affordable price. The company aims to demystify the concept of solar installation and provides solar services without breaking the bank.

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