ReVamp Energy, Inc. and The Bedford Group of Companies(“Bedford”) are joining hands to bring clean energy to communities all over California. The two companies are bringing expertise and experience from their respective industries to help communities solve the energy challenges.

ReVamp Energy, Inc., led by Jay Cutting, Sr., has been offering clean energy solutions with its full-service solar contracting company based out of Pasadena, California. Over the years, the company has developed over 10 MW of solar energy within the residential and commercial renewable energy markets in Southern California.

On its part, Bedford has, for the last over 30 years, been specializing in changing urban landscapes. As one of Los Angeles’ leading urban infill real estate development firms, the company possesses a firm understanding of the development process and is uniquely qualified to take on large complex development projects.

Under the leadership of Charles Quarles, the affiliation will provide capacity for ReVamp Energy, which is also moving itsheadquarters to Bedford’s Brentwood, CA office, and both sides will work on launching Bedford Energy, which is expected to take place in the first quarter of 2021.

“We have been serving the needs of commercial and housing for urban communities for over 30 years and as we continue to grow and evolve, it made senseto incorporate renewable energy”, said Charles Quarles,founder & CEO of The Bedford Group of Companies.

The partnership is aimed at helping underserved communities access green and clean energy easily and affordably.

“I am excited about joining forces with Bedford; they allow us to do more of what we are currently doing, which is developing solar and battery projects for homeowners and building owners throughout California”, said Jay Cutting, Sr., the founder of ReVamp Energy Solutions, while outlining how the partnership will benefit communities.

About ReVamp Energy Solutions

ReVamp Energy Solutions is a leading renewable energy provider in Southern California. The company offers consultation and installation of energy-efficient services for residential homeowners, commercial buildings, non-profit organizations, schools, and more. It offers solar, LED lighting, roof insulation, EV charging stations, and battery storage, and is constantly bringing new innovative ways leading to energy independence.

About The Bedford Group of Companies

The Bedford Group of Companies specializes in changing urban landscapes. Started over 30 years ago, the company is one of Los Angeles’ leading urban infill real estate development firms. It possesses a firm understanding of the development process and has a great capacity to take on large complex development projects.

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