KOJO has just opened its first location in Hampstead, London on December 7th. During a major lockdown!

As a plant-based urban eatery that cares about what people eat, KOJO believes that one should care about where they eat. KOJO is big on community, and they believe in creating authentic and naturally delicious plant-based meals that help support the health and well-being of everyone.

Operating under the guiding principle of “in plants we trust’, the KOJO menu includes drinks, breakfast, snacks, and all-day meals.

In explaining how she came up with the idea of starting a plant-based eatery, the co-founder of KOJO says that they intended to show people that plant-based diets do not have to be dull.
“When I first started on a plant-based diet, I noticed a lot of "Frankenstein foods" out there. That got me thinking.... how we can show people that plant-based diets can include delicious real foods in a relatable and easily accessible way. We saw a gap in the plant-based market for a relaxed urban eatery that still provided quality fresh food", said the co-founder.

KOJO’s choice of phrase “plant-based diet” is informed by the need to change the narrative, where the term “vegan” is sometimes associated with negative connotations and the more mainstream meat substitutes it is known for. For its part, KOJO does not use any meat substitutes, just whole plant-based meals made fresh in-house daily.

The food is dairy-free, refined sugar-free, gluten-free, and free of chemical additives. In addition to the menu, they have other innovative elements such as a state-of-the-art UVGI filtration system to kill 99.7% of all infections and viruses.

Sustainable efforts

KOJO sustainable efforts are consistent across FOH and BOH from KREW uniforms and packaging to suppliers. "Sustainability has been in the forefront of KOJO from concept to creation. At KOJO, we try to reduce our footprint where we can. It's easy to close your eyes on these things, but the 21st century brings new technologies and innovations that-- luckily, we can access. We aim to be a positive influence in the hospitality industry that will push others to make a change’, said the co-founder, while explaining how the plant-based urban eatery in London has been managing its operation to reduce its footprint and contribute to a clean and healthy environment.

KOJO is providing a plant-based diet to help people who suffer from sensitivities and allergies, give them choices. “I feel for the people who suffer from sensitivities and allergies, because of the limited choices out there”, said the co-founder, adding that this is the reason they decided to explore gluten-free alternatives, refined-sugar-free items, and to have no artificial additives. The founder believes that it was important to have customers leave KOJO feeling good.

As part of its 'soon to launch’ loyalty program, KOJO is also giving its customers some sweet offers. For every pound they spend with KOJO, they will receive 100 points, which will automatically count towards discounts on future meals.

For other areas yearning to get the treats that the plant-based urban eatery in London is offering, KOJO is planning to expand into multiple markets and grow its locations by the end of 2021.

Customers can order their favorite plant-based meals, and have them picked up or delivered.

About KOJO

KOJO was born out of a passion for nutrition through a plant-based diet. Creating a menu that can do well for humanity as well as our planet, the plant-based urban eatery views itself at the center of a growing community that prioritizes the health of the environment to protect human health. The plan- based urban eatery is premised on a simple belief that that the best way to look after one’s health is to look after the health of the planet. Its mission is to provide a nutritious and good-feel dining experience by utilizing the world’s plants and creating delicious food whilst delivering to its customers a cultured feeling of equality.

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