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The summer is here, and we all like to enjoy some quality time watching movies while sipping drinks in the soft evening breeze. This is the time to enjoy movies in outdoor cinemas and watch shows with friends in your home theater room. But no matter the environment or the setting, it feels great to binge-watch TV series. If you’re a realtor passionate about your work, you’re probably looking for something close to your interests to watch. Whether you want to expand your knowledge, see beautiful properties, or have fun entangled in a story, the best real estate TV Shows for realtors are an excellent choice for evening relaxation. 


In this article, I will bring you a varied list of excellent tv shows for realtors. Each show is different and leaves you with a different kind of experience. As a realtor, you can extract great ideas for your work, like how to sell a house with an outdated kitchen or get more leads. Whether you want to lean back and succumb to stories of the intricacies of realtor life or learn about renovation projects that add value, there’s a show for you here. So, grab a cup of coffee and see what’s worth watching!


The top TV shows for realtors

This list was compiled by taking into consideration the IMDB rating of the specific shows. These shows' subjects, genres, and plots are different, so feel free to choose what best suits your mood.

1.Rehab Addict

Rehab Addict is a show about amazing renovation projects undertaken by Detroit-native realtor and interior designer Nicole Curtis. She has an exceptional passion for historic homes, and she’s been doing renovation projects for over 15 years. An investor herself, Nikki uses her interior design and DIY skills to revive historic houses. The show’s a great example of how some elbow work can bring significant returns on investment. Each historic home gains style and unique character, like Nikki’s own. 

2.Income Property

Income Property is a home improvement-focused TV show that premiered on HGTV Canada, hosted by real estate investor and contractor Scott McGillivray. The show is about him going through the process of renovating with homeowners their first income property. McGillivray comes up with design options to increase home value and help offset mortgage payments. The host owns 20 income properties, all of which he himself has renovated. He gives valuable advice on how to do things. 

3.Log cabin Living

Log Cabin Living is a well-rated 2024 show about the intriguing stories of homebuyers looking to move into log cabin homes. The series showcases elaborate log cabin homes, and presents the stories of individuals and families on their way to exchange their current living conditions for living a more unpredictable but fulfilling life in unique log cabin homes. 

4.Mountain Life

This show is great for realtors interested in remote outdoor locations. The show presents the stories of people looking for a life in the embrace of the mountains, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The breathtaking views, natural beauty, and healthy, silent lifestyle attract homeowners to these unusual locations. The show follows families on their journey to find their new homes in the misty mountains. 

5.Property Brothers

Now, a reality television show produced by Scott Brothers Entertainment. The show features Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott, the twin brothers working in the field of real estate. Drew, the real estate expert, searches for neglected properties and negotiates to buy them, while Jonathan is a contractor who fixes them up. The show is about the two helping people find, buy, and renovate properties in bad condition. Those are turned into the dream homes of buyers at a quick pace. The show has been successful, airing in over 150 countries and earning good ratings.  

6.Beachfront Bargain Hunt

This show is about real estate agents helping home buyers find their ideal beachfront homes. Those interested in beachfront living and properties can follow the families searching for their dream homes. The series showcases unexpectedly affordable properties, which show that you don’t have to be extremely rich to afford a beautiful waterfront home. 

7.Amazing Interiors

Amazing Interiors is a Netflix series focusing on unusual and special properties with amazing interiors. The show presents properties, which might have an ordinary exterior look, but on the inside, they are completely out of the ordinary. If you like to be surprised by the unexpected, this series is for you. Let unique custom-made interiors blow your mind as you watch properties that could qualify as museums and many custom designs for spaces that are used in an unusual manner. 

8.Selling Sunset

Selling Sunset is a popcorn-worthy TV show on Netflix, showcasing the dramatic life of a group of elite real estate agents. The show is about the Oppenheim Group, a team of real estate brokers looking to sell luxury life to wealthy homebuyers. A new agent joins the team, and things start to take interesting turns as little wars are fought in the interior of the group. 

9.Love it or list it

Love It or list it is a show with designer Hilary Farr and real estate agent David Visentin. The series follows the same format in every episode, which is the following: homeowners unsatisfied with their current home show their place to the two hosts. Then the home is redesigned based on what the homeowners desire and their budget. When the renovation and reconstruction are over, homeowners can decide whether to keep the house or list it and buy another. 

10.Buying Beverly Hills

Buying Beverly Hills offers a glimpse into high-end real estate. The show offers glimpses into the most luxurious properties in Beverly Hills through the stories of realtors finding the perfect homes for homebuyers. The series follows the buyers and agents within Mauricio Umansky's agency and delves into the intricate stories of real estate and the agents’ personal lives. 

To wrap up,

Real estate Tv shows can become a source of fun and valuable resources for real estate agents. These shows offer a unique glimpse into the world of real estate, showcasing various aspects of the industry. From property hunting to renovations and negotiations, there’s everything someone with an interest in real estate can enjoy. Those shows can provide insight into market trends, strategies, and the art of staging homes. And last but not least, the most important goal those shows serve is  - you’ve guessed it - having fun. So grab your drink and popcorn and explore the best shows for real estate agents.

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