People often interchange the words escorting and prostitution. People either believe that they are the same or that is not much disparity between the two. There are significant differences between them; it is just that we need to have a background on both so we can clarify their distinction.


Escorting is a kind of legal service provided by paying a licensed individual to accompany a person to his whereabouts. She can join the customer on a date, in corporate events, or simply entertain and hang out. An escort is not obliged to do sexual activities with the customer. This is excluded from their services. An escort may accompany or spend time with the customer for weeks, depending on the contract. In other words, the escort markets her time and not anything else. Escorts are often aces in socialization, decent-looking, and alluring. They are ideal for introducing to peers and contemporaries in social functions. Many countries regard escorting as a legal service, and practicing this unlicensed is considered an unlawful act., Paris Escort Agency, France


Prostitution, on the other hand, is often illegal. Customers pay prostitutes for sexual activities or pleasure, and the rate depends on how many hours the prostitute will provide her service. Sexual acts are not limited to intercourse; it also includes any form of sensual stroking in sensitive areas for sexual stimulation. Unlike the escort who sells her time, the prostitute sells her body. Customers often pay prostitutes with cash, but the customer also offers other things with value. Escorts may or may not coitus with the customer, but that is not their primary service, and they prefer to keep the relationship professional. 

In many countries, prostitution is a chargeable offense for both the prostitute and the customer, including the person (usually called “madam”) who fixed them up. When caught up in this situation, prostitution is charged under misdemeanor, which means it has lesser punishment. For the first offense, the party at fault spends six months jail time and a penalty of 1,000 USD. For the next offense with the same unlawful act, the penalty and jail time escalates. For this, you will need a law practitioner to help you acquire a valid argument to reduce the sentence or to weaken the verdict. While it is true that prostitution does not receive grave punishment, nevertheless, it is a crime that should be taken seriously because it could have a significant effect on your criminal record, and could affect your job, family, or your public affairs. 

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