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MyKidReportsis an all-in-one application that allows preschools to simplify their daycare programs, reduce time, and boost enrollment with the help of technology. It's the ideal solution for childcare facilities as well as childcare centers, kids and parents, to make their work more efficient and easy. Get childcare center management software now to manage your preschool more efficiently.

We help Preschools automatize their daycare programs including electronic check-ins, admissions online that include automated billing, different payment options, auto-pay reports in real-time on children's progress , and instant communications between parents and teachers and many more features that allow preschools to improve efficiency, reduce time and improve profit by making use of profits.

Our dedicated analytics dashboard makes Preschool administrators to be more efficient in monitoring all operations of the Preschool across multiple branches in one place. This is the ideal moment to take your child's education to the next level with MyKidReports, and improve communication with parents of teachers. Contact us today to test our user-friendly, reliable, and efficient preschool management software.

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