The experts at Chihalo can help you find the right machine or solution for you, whether you need a portable laser cleaner, such as a backpack, suitcase, or hand-held model. In the past, we have provided professional services to individuals, dealers, and OEM brands.

The pulse laser is the most advanced type of laser rust removal system. It uses a high-intensity laser that acts on the object's surface at a frequency of 4000KHz. It absorbs the pollutants and causes other reactions such as evaporation, gasification, and others.

While this is happening, large amounts of energy are absorbed and form rapidly expanding plasma (highly unstable gas). This will produce shock waves and crush pollutants and then peel them off the substrate.

This technology presents a challenge in that the laser can travel at high frequencies to the contaminated layer. It can prevent heat accumulation and reoxidation at the surface. However, the laser energy can be higher than the energy of the stripped contaminated layers.

The second problem is that the software algorithm must be precise and efficient in controlling the laser's point of action so it can affect more areas at once.

Chihalo is an independent technology company with a variety of patents and production rights for the most advanced laser cleaning machine.

Laser cleaning has many advantages

Laser cleaning is a precise and non-destructive method of cleaning. laser paint remover is a more precise and non-destructive cleaning method than traditional methods like sandblasting, chemical cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning.