For most people “closet chaos” is something that is experienced every day. Spending too much time looking for something to wear or only finding half an outfit and the other is too wrinkled to wear can be very frustrating. Amy Jane Thomas has a solution. In her book, Closet Secrets - Essential Advice for Expertly Designing Your Closet or Dressing Room, she outlines tips that can help in optimizing closet space. She points out that the home has become a sanctuary, a place that when you walk into it, you want to find what she calls “visual peace.”


Closet Secrets is THE book to read before starting a closet, dressing room, or other storage projects. Even for those who have a professional working on the designs, the essential advice in this book will arm the reader with a checklist of criteria to make sure the design is workable, comfortable, optimal for the desired space, as well as fitting the wardrobe and lifestyle.


The author covers closet organization well, mainly dwells on topics often overlooked by many, like strategic placement and ease of maintenance. On the closet design and space optimization, she gives the reader comprehensive and concise information offering enough clear data without getting bogged down in technical jargon. In a nutshell, she believes that each place is different, as well as the people who inhabit it.

While emphasizing the need to unclutter, the author points out that big does not always equal organized and comfortable, and creating a comfortable optimized space begins at the planning stage. The ideas given in this book are aimed towards a more maximalist attitude without going overboard.


In his review, Maan Aljasser,the founder of Creative Closets, Saudi Arabia, described the author as an authority on home storage and organization, recommending the book to anyone seeking advice on the matter – designers, consumers, and manufacturers alike.

JayneGunderson, President Events & Hotel Construction, El Cigarral de las Mercedes, Toledo, Spain, while recommending the book before starting any storage project, says that Amy has conveyed her know-how and tips that can make the project a complete success.

Michaela Schenk, the CEO of MAWA GmbH, speaks highly of the author and the book adding, that readers will truly understand the quality, functionality, and individuality that makes a MAWA hanger precisely the perfect hanger for clever people.

The book was released in November 2020 in Spanish, and on Black Friday 2020, a Closet Secrets special MAWA edition was released in German and English. The book is available on Amazon.

About the author

Amy Jane Thomas has over 25 years of experience in designing and building all types of closets, dressing rooms, and custom-made furniture for all kinds of homes, ranging from the small studio or pied-a-terre to castles, and everything in between. Amy Thomas has been getting into people’s closets, using her skills as a custom-make furniture designer, having been challenged by a wide variety of spaces. After having designed over 10,000 closets, wardrobes, and other built-ins, she is taking it one step further, and writing about how and why this is such a hot topic, and how to make our homes our sanctuaries.

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December 31, 2020 –The entire entrepreneurial landscape has not really changed when it comes to obtaining funding but because of Covid-19, a lot of business owners today are trying to stay afloat. They need business capital to run their business because without business funding, it is impossible to run a business.

Empower Business Group is launching a new service that will assist start up entrepreneurs and take their idea and make their business an income producing company.

“Fewer than 10% of all entrepreneurs know about how true business credit is established,” said Cecelia Nowlin, owner & Founder Empower Business Group and who’s also a Startup Coach and Public Speaker.

“As a business owner establishing and building credit is essential to your business,” she added.

The biggest obstacle entrepreneurs often face is finding funding for their business. 18 years ago when Nowlin started her own company, she had no business experience and with not so good personal credit. That is where her passion for working with new business owners started.

“One thing I did have was a dream. I fought for my business success. One day I needed funding for my company. So I went to my bank to apply for a loan for my business. The same bank that I thought I had a relationship with said no. And these were the same banks who I regularly deposited large checks into my business account,” said Nowlin.

“I was good enough for them to allow me to deposit money into their bank but not grant me loan I need for my business,” she commented.

She knew from experience that starting a business is not a walk in the park. With her expertise, businesses can have the tools they need to start from the ground up. From developing business systems to training and education, marketing and branding, Nowlin is there to help clients create a clearer vision for their ultimate business success.

With the launch of this new service, Empower Business Group is providing entrepreneurs with the quickest and easiest way to get business funding without using their SSN.

“According to SBA 46%of business owners use their personal credit cards for business expenses,” Nowlin said.

The EBG Team will assist entrepreneurs and startups in building their companies’ credit regardless of their personal credit. They can also help them get immediate initial trade vendors and funding to build their initial business credit.

So if you want your company to move from where it is now to where you want to be, Empower Business Group can help you reach the success you want for your business.


Cecelia Nowlin

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December, 2020 –A faith-based movie that challenges the conventional truth about religion, Richard A. Rossi’s Canaan Land is a film that stirs some controversies in the Christian community. The story offers an insightful perspective into the world of modern Christian ministry.

"My most recent novel, “Canaan Land,” which will soon be released as a dramatic feature film, came out of things I experienced or observed working in my young adult years in the world of charismatic and Pentecostal Christianity,” Rossi said.

“I saw real signs and wonders, but also was shocked to discover some of the biggest names in televangelism were faking the miracles, and this inspired me to write a story contrasting the fake with the genuine," he added.

Set to release as an entry for the prestigious Oscars, Canaan Land tells the story of a con man preacher, Brother Billy Gantry, portrayed by Richard Rossi, who falls for a sincere Christian, Sister Sara, played by actress Rebecca Holden. When Sister Sara (Holden) realizes it, she challenges Billy (Rossi) that his con game is not really a game after all. She wants to redeem "Brother Billy," whose con game is manipulating his followers with fake miracles, even going as far as using gold glitter and feathers, which he claims are from angels.

"Sister Sara is motivated to serve God and people. Billy is more self-motivated. The script makes the point that we must keep our eyes on God and have discernment in choosing spiritual leaders,” said Holden.

“Leaders are human and disappoint us. Only God can provide perfect, unconditional, unfailing love. I'm delighted to be cast and working with Richard. The role demands a reverence for the responsibility of what is required," she commented.

Written and directed by Richard Rossi who also played the lead role of Billy, the film exposes deceptions employed by big names in the televangelism industry to defraud followers into believing these preachers claiming to be miracle workers worthy of their donations.

Bitter truth is hard to swallow and Rossi’s film, though may appear provocative for some, serves as the eye opener for people who have been taken advantage of by these con artists claiming to represent Christ but are really the instigator of the culture of greed.

It is the filmmaker’s intention in exposing the counterfeit to elucidate the search for that which is authentic, pure, and of good report.


Richard Rossi




A good property refurbishment is one that has been proposed thoroughly. Whether the person is refurbishing their own home to sell it, or refurbishing one for gain, the plan will determine how successful their project is. When planning a House refurbishment London, there are five different areas to pay for.


The first and most significant part the Property refurbishment London program is budget. The individual will have to take into account the value of the home before the renovation, in addition to the value of the house following renovation. They ought to get a thorough evaluation of what the home will be worth before and after, to determine if significant value will be added throughout the renovation.


When planning a Flat refurbishment London, the person doing the refurbishing should not just examine the value of the house. They should have a look at the value of the houses around it as well. In the event the average house in the area is only #100,000, and the program requires $50k in upgrades, then the refurbishment probably is not worthwhile when compared to the worth of the place. Neighborhood values vary based on a lot of things, so a person who's considering selling should find an updated list of values in their area.


Marketing can cost far more than most people think about. There are many houses for sale right now, but very few men and women who can get loans to purchase those homes. Because of this, there might be a lot of marketing to think about if a person would like to cut out the middle man and sell the house themselves.


Prior to attempting to sell the home, the individual should have a look at revenue trends in their region. When more houses are available, the competition is tough and it will be hard to find the asking price for a home. Revenue tendencies should be followed carefully to determine the best time to sell a home. If everyone is trying to market, it may be best to just rent the home out for a few months, rather than taking a lowball offer.

Worst Case Scenario

What is the biggest risk if the house fails to sell? If someone would be financially broke, then they might want to rethink the property refurbishment project. The person looking to perform the refurbishment will need to look at the largest possible risk if the project fails in order to determine if that is an acceptable risk to take. Otherwise, they may become anxious during discussions and take an offer that is a lot lower than reasonable for your home that's been refurbished.

A property refurbishment job can be a great way to add value to a home. By going in with a plan in your mind and reasonable expectations, property owners are able to make a fantastic profit by updating a home. It's important to have a well laid out plan before getting started. That way, the man who's upgrading the house will know what to expect and are going to have the ability to adapt at the job varies.

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PayKings, payment processing solution, is offering new rapid approvals for ACH payment processing, direct debit, and electronic checks. The new rapid approval accords customers the freedom to pay with electronic check sand offer more options for online billing. It is perfect for new companies that want to start a business online and for established businesses that are looking to reduce their overall processing fees.

"This is a great option to help new businesses establish a processing history. It allows them to sell their products online safely and securely”, said Kyle Hall, President of PayKings, while making the announcement.

ACH options are a great way to diversify payment choices for online shoppers, and they’re ideal for subscription box companies or recurring billing services.“ACH allows companies to give their customers more ways to pay online. Not only does direct debit have lower transaction fees, but it’s also a more consistent payment option for subscription and automatic monthly billing”, said Kyle Hall, while outlining its benefits.

Most companies focus on allowing customers to pay with credit cards, however, some customers look for alternative solutions that offer more safety and security. It’s critical to stay apprised of new ways to accept money for purchases, whether it’s crypto, bank centric payments, or direct debit.

“When a customer is ready to checkout on your site, the last thing you want is for them to abandon their cart because you’re not equipped with the right payment option. ACH is great for people who don’t want to use credit cards and prefer direct debit transactions. It’s important to have many options available to meet different preferences”, added the company President.

Electronic Check Merchant Account

For an electronic check merchant account, which is an electronic version of a paper check, the payment is processed online through Automated Clearing Houses (ACH). The customers who select this mode of payment then enters their bank routing number and checking account number to complete the electronic check transaction. Banking information is encrypted by the merchant’s payment gateway. Funds are removed from the customer’s account by the ACH network and deposited into the merchant’s account.

E-commerce high-risk companies are covered too; they can get pre-approved in as little as six hours for difficult to obtain high-risk merchant accounts. PayKings’team of experts considers the business type, business model, and restricted service or product types. “The PayKings team can get you approved today for low to high-risk merchant accounts for B2B, e-commerce, or retail at reduced rates and fees”, reads their website service description.

About PayKings

PayKings, founded in 2011, provides high-risk merchant accounts to businesses in unique verticals. Their goal is to be the go-to payment processing solution for all businesses from startup to enterprise, who want to process payments online.

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Durango Stone, the company that started almost five decades ago with a dream of bringing Italian stone to installers, designers, and other users in the U.S., is set for an exciting 2021. While narrating their journey, the company CEO, Frank Cunningham, said they are rebranding, and becoming more boutique in nature. “We are introducing new and exotic beautiful limestone available in slabs, tile and custom”, said the company CEO, while adding that their stone is timeless, unique, and of the best quality.

Anita Telle

As part of its plans to ensure that they serve their customers better, Durango Stone has brought in their new Branding and Marketing specialist, Anita Telle, an international bestselling author, business coach, and philanthropist. She has over 10 years of being involved with many of the top 5 % of entrepreneurs from all over the world.

“It is not unusual to see pictures of Anita with successful female business owners such as Donna Karen, Michelle Mone, Kathy Ireland, Christie Brinkley, Jillian Michaels, and others. Anita Telle believes that when you build your business on passion, knowledge, and being of service to others, your customers and employees will notice,” said the company CEO, while welcoming Anita Telle to Durango Stone.

Their journey

Durango Stone started with the dream of bringing Italian Quality Stone to distributors designers, architects, and installers who wanted the timeless quality and beauty that is Natural Italian Stone. The company’s journey started in 1972 when it began operations as a seller and installer of the stone. With materials needed for their U.S. clients that could only be obtained in Italy, they set off to Italy and Carrera White became their first import. During this process, they met a group of stone professionals who embraced their efforts to be a supplier in the U.S., and they have never looked back since then. Two decades down the line, they purchased their first Mexican factory, to increase the availability of their products in the U.S. Next; two more plants were also added, increasing their production using state of art Italian machinery. By 2018, the company had invested $17M in quarries, equipment, and infrastructure, enabling them to continue to offer fine world-quality stone, the kind that the company representative says can provide the look for all design applications. “We are blessed with a great line of excellent quality stones, many finishes, and full custom to commodity natural stone”, said the company representative, while outlining Durango Stone’s capabilities.


During the Covid -19 pandemic, the company has not been without challenges that most of the businesses have experienced, but the company CEO says that this has been the most exciting time in the company’s history! “This was the time when we took on the challenges of Covid-19, with a ‘can-do’ attitude. We rebranded our products, brought on several new and modern limestone’s, gorgeous marble and offered a more unique approach to our customers' needs”, said Frank Cunningham.

“As part of our rebranding, we have also started to work with one of Italy’s top stone experts who is known in the industry for decades; by doing so, it gives us an edge on sourcing stone and bringing the best selection to you”, added the company CEO.

“Our company is here to serve. Our knowledgeable staff provides high-quality expertise and customer service that matches our high-quality products”, noted CEO Frank Cunningham, while thanking their loyal customers for the support they have shown over the years. He reiterated the company’s commitment to continue to provide high-quality products and unrivaled customer service.

As philanthropists, Durango Stone is a proud sponsor of Southwest Wildlife, conservation center in Scottsdale AZ that rescues native wild animals that have lost their homes, found injured, orphaned, or abandoned.Durango Stone use the animals’ pictures in their advertising.

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About Durango Stone

Durango Stone is a company that provides an unrivaled selection of the most beautiful, quality, natural stone products. Started in 1972 with the introduction of Italian stone to designers, architects, installers, and distributors in the U.S., the company is known for its high-quality customer service that matches the high-quality products.

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A new natural skincare brand, Rupini Skincare, is set to launch in February 2021. While making the announcement, company founder Denisse Springer, said their brand aims at providing its customers with skincare with organic ingredients, solutions that are simple, pure, results-driven, and contributing to the enhancement of overall wellbeing. “We strive to emphasize a holistic approach to life that's centered on a good diet, exercise, and seeking fulfillment”, said CEO Denisse Springer, who also added that their natural skincare products provide relaxation, rejuvenation, aromatherapy, and deep skin hydration.

The new skincare brand is not only providing products that are made with organic ingredients, but they also have natural face oil, luxury skincare, and vegan skincare, products that the company representative says, caters for all types of skins as well as the tastes and preferences of different people. The natural skincare products can also be used by people looking out to prevent and treat acne and other skin related problems, as they help in minimization of pores, evening out the skin tones as well as giving a glow that begins from within. “We aim to enhance your confidence; you will have smooth skin that is free of acne and other skin related problems. You will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. This will boost your confidence and enhance your life”, said the company representative, while adding that their products offer a wide array of nutrients, antioxidants, and bioactive components to improve the strength, tone, texture, and radiance of the skin.

"I wanted to create a skincare line that is multifunctional in the way that it enhances the skin’ our face oil, for example, not only clears acne but also helps diminish under-eye bags," said the CEO, adding that their skincare product enhances one’s beauty in different ways.

Natural ingredients

Contrary to many skincare products in the market that use synthetic ingredients, Rupini Skincare products are organic, avoiding artificial ingredients. The company promotes natural organic products, with an emphasis on the protection of the user’s health as well as conservation of the environment. “We proudly avoid using any synthetically-manufactured ingredients (including glycols, silicones, benzoates, alcohols, disodium EDTA, and fragrances) commonly found in department store and spa skincare brands”, said the company representative, while demonstrating how their products are made and their commitment to a green and healthy environment.

While narrating how the idea of Rupini Skincare brand came about, the founder said that she started small, making her products as well as for her close friends and relatives. “Denisse Springer started making her skincare products nine years ago for herself, family and friends”, said the company representative, adding that she aimed at providing non-toxic and natural products, deciding early on to use plant-based ingredients. She prioritized clean ingredients, both internally and externally, and her products drastically improved the health of her skin and those who tried it. They soon became a hit among her community and so she decided to start her skincare brand. The company representative attributes the success to the effectiveness of the products and the fact that they are safe for the environment and human health, adding that they are committed to maintaining similar quality throughout their production process.

As part of their pre-launch campaign, the company is offering a 20% discount code which will be valid on the launch day. Customers are requested to sign up by visiting the company website and leaving their email address. This will allow them to get first information about the launch, as well as promotions, new products, and sales offers.

About Rupini Skincare

Rupini Skincare provides plant-based, non-toxic skincare solutions that are simple, pure, result-driven, and enhance overall well-being.

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In the past few months, Bitcoin prices have shot upwards with analysts pointing that it could turn out to be the new “gold rush.” Crow Mining is a Bitcoin mining company that provides full-service operation of Bitcoin miners for our customers. To allow the average person to reap great benefits from the new gold rush, Crow Mining is providing the same capabilities that are available to large banks and wealthy individuals.

Surprise endorsement and current trends

Even institutions that have been skeptical about Bitcoin, now seem to embrace it. JP Morgan in its recent analysis of the Bitcoin market predicted that its prices are likely to triple, something they described as phenomenal, as it will challenge gold prices. The analysts from JP Morgan’s Global Markets Strategy group tout Bitcoin as the alternative to gold among young people, more so the millennials. They predicted that in a few months, Bitcoin will double or triple going by the current trend. This positive prediction, as put by Crow Mining, comes as a surprise, especially coming from an organization that had labeled the cryptocurrency as a fraud three years ago. The analysts at JP Morgan attribute the trend to some events that have happened recently including Paypal’s decision to offer Bitcoin to its customers and the demographic trends where the younger generations are selecting bitcoin over gold. This is expected to continue over the long term, with analysts observing that it will have serious price implications on gold and the cryptocurrency.

A white paper by Deloitte Center Financial Services seeking to educate the public about the cryptocurrency, describe it as the new gold rush. The paper notes that the Bitcoin frenzy has reached new heights, crediting the trend to its growing user base, the rapidly growing network of related businesses, and the price volatility. The paper pointed out that the big investments that are being witnessed today are a great reminder of the gold rush of the past.

In a report published in the media recently, Goldman Sachs succinctly declared Bitcoin as the new gold, terming it as a better safe-haven asset. Goldman’s analyst attributed the rapid rise in bitcoin demand to the waning trust of regulated financial systems and the current banking infrastructures, which many see as frustrating. They believe that in the long term, Bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies, will mature and turn out to be major asset classes. The digital currencies are expected to pose lower returns in the short run but show a high level of stability just as what happened with other assets especially gold. Crow Mining, according to the digital platform representative, is set to assist average investors in gaining from this.

“Crow Mining will assist you to earn a passive income with crypto like a professional; you can earn even while sleeping. Crow Mining, is for serious Bitcoin miners. Here you will be paid ongoing income similar to earning interest, but with no effort to maintain equipment or expertise”, said the company representative, while articulating how the mining platform is set to help average users.

Jason Appleton of Crow Mining gave reasons why investors should opt for Crow Mining. “We distribute profits daily from our Bitcoin wallet on Dashboard. You can then transfer your Bitcoin to any wallet you choose; you're in control. We do not use cloud mining contracts to avoid excessive fees and lack of control; you own your miners (hardware) and we simply manage them for you in our mining farm in Siberia. At Crow Mining, you view your miners and a live dashboard with 24/7 monitoring. We encourage mining as a means for passive income in bitcoin, thereby giving investors an 'upside' to an increase in bitcoin prices while providing a monthly return on investment”, said Appleton, while urging users to start mining today by putting Bitcoin in their wallet and letting the company handle the hard work.

About Crow Mining

Crow Mining is a mining platform for mining enthusiasts who want to build a portfolio of miners, but cannot do so on their own. Since “at home” mining is no longer feasible, the platform allows investors the opportunity to leverage the company’s infrastructure and low power costs, to achieve commercial-grade Bitcoin mining. They have been in operation for over three years and look forward to reaching more investors and providing a valuable solution for the marketplace.

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Bobi Pins, a company that is looking to build the best bobby pins to match every shade of hair, is changing the game by offering the most shades of any bobby pins to match actual hair colors. The company is the first bobby pin company to come out with all-inclusive shades. “We offer 12 shades to blend seamlessly with every hair color. The everyday bobby pin in every shade”, said Jennifer Kogon, the founder of Bobi Pins.

The everyday bobby pin available in 12 shades, color-matched to blend seamlessly with just about every shade of hair. All the customer has to do is select their shade; one can go a shade lighter or darker, or dare to be bold and pick a contrasting color that stands out.

While articulating the uniqueness of their bobby pins, Jennifer Kogon said they are offering 12 shades of bobby pins, the most colors offered by any other hair accessory brand, and soon,they will be introducing even more. She added that they use universal hair color levels, just like hair colorists use, to match their bobby pins to actual hair colors. “This makes it easier to select your matching bobby pins according to your hair color number. If you don't know it, no worries, just use our color-match guide or ask your stylist”, added Kogon.

Kogon noted that their bobby pins are of premium quality and their classic wavy style bobby pins are made with the highest quality of rust-resistant steel and are nickel-free. Each pin is double-coated with a smooth glossy finish that won't fade, and rubber-tipped ball ends so they won't poke the user when applying.

“It's time for the most commonly used hair accessory in history to be color-matched to actual hair shades”, said Kogon while adding that bobby pins are perfect for all the favorite hairstyles like buns, up-do's, half up-do's, braids, ponytails, and those very tricky hairstyles. On its use,Kogonsays, you need to grab a bobby pin and hold it upward with the opening at the top. Place a small section of hair between the prongs while weaving the bobby pin through the hair until it reaches the curved end, then angle the opening downward. One useful tip in the use of the bobby pins is to make sure that while applying the bumpy side is placed down towards the scalp to firmly grip the hair better for a non-slip hold.

About Bobi Pins

Bobi Pins is creating the best everyday bobby pin to match every shade of hair.A gamer changer, the company is offering the most shades of any bobby pins to match actual hair colors.

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This winter, a new American label, Kobo Chill LLC, is making statement coats allowing the user to emit sophistication, vibrancy, and comfort. While announcing the launch of the new cloth line, the Kobo Chill LLC’s representative said they are presenting African fabrics that honor both the traditional culture and modern elegance. “Kobo Chill LLC makes statement coats. A statement coat in colorful fabric and chic cut will elevate your wardrobe”, said the company representative, while adding that they specialize in making winter coats and jackets using African handmade loin clothes.

“Winters do not have to be boring, we are giving you colors that brighten up the foggiest days, allowing you to be the dazzling figure in the dullest snow”, said the Kobo Chill LLC’s spokesperson, while articulating what the new coat and jacket line will provide to its users.

Explaining the story behind Kobo Chill LLC, the company founders and owners said the story started when four friends realized their love for the American style. This led to the creation of the brand where four Ivorian friends who all share the same love for American style and fashion as well as the same visions, came together. The four wanted to make something that translated into the creation of unique clothes, through which they make themselves known and would be able to reinvent this style while remaining chic and trendy. Kobo Chill LLC symbolizes a merging of different cultures. The first jacket they handmade was loved by so many that they decided to turn it into a business. But first, they had to improve upon the quality and design. Two years down the line through trial and error, hard work, and with great passion to provide high quality and comfortable wear, the jacket of their dreams was created and the company was officially born.

“Our pieces are thoughtfully created in Ivory Coast, West Africa. The originality of our clothing lays bare the richness of the African continent and the plurality of its fashions. At Kobo Chill LLC, we feel that the personality, traditions, culture, and modernism of a person can be well-expressed in clothing that emits elegance”, said the company spokesperson, while outlining the inspiration behind their jacket line.

“Take a bold step into a floral brilliance. Bloom this winter with our coats. We are the bright spot in your winter wardrobe. Stand out from the crowd with an elegant and unique winter coat. Bring out your uniqueness”, said one of the company founders while adding that different personalities come with different fabrics.

In her parting shot, one of the company owners and founders urged the customers to get to their online shop and find their soul winter jackets.

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About Kobo Chill LLC

Kobo Chill LLC, is a go-to shop for authentic and unique African jackets, coats, and accessories. The handmade coats and jackets are as a result of hard work wherein each piece is designed so that the customer can receive a winter jacket that keeps them warm in the harshest of winters as well as helping in standing out from the rest. A symbol of different cultures all merged into one -Kobo Chill LLC. Kobo Chill LLC’s mission is to provide its clients with fashionable, iconic and elegant designs of winter jackets and coats that make them stand out and lead fulfilling lives. They look forward at helping customers escape the traditional dark colors and to adopt a unique identity. They are committed to leveraging their knowledge, talents and skills to bring out the best and fashionable designs that make their customers stand out. They are always on the lookout for new methods and concepts to improve the business.

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