Trovine, an international financial company that deals with cryptocurrency-related investment activities, is releasing its TVRX Token. The token, using artificial intelligence based on neural networks, is built using the newest algorithms for self-learning, analysis, and the correlation of the objects of analysis.

In the TVRX Token release, Tronvine is inviting people who are interested in investments and more particularly in assets based on cryptocurrency, to take up the offer on a coin that has a stable future, is built on a stable platform, and is made to give returns fast and in a reduced risk environment.

Due to the use of large computing power and artificial intelligence based on the neural network, the company spokesman says, the NRM assistant will instantly analyze user data and offer solutions for their further use. The TVRX token has gone through the necessary steps including pre-sale, research, concept, and coin bit, which was performed in August 2020. The initial offering is being backed by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals in financial matters and block chain, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, and ICOs.

While explaining how it works, the company spokesperson urged investors to get involved in their tremendous platform and invest. He promises that they will utilize investors’ money and give them profit in their wallets automatically using smart contracts, a self-executing contract with terms of the agreement between parties.

“This is a revolutionary money-making platform! Invest for the future in a stable platform and make fast money. Not only do we guarantee the fastest and the most exciting returns on your investments, but we also guarantee the security of your investment’, said the Tronvine representative, in making the announcement.

Tron invites investors and other interested parties to join them, invest in one of the promising tokens, as well as become a part of their community.

For more information visit their business website - or the token website -

About Tronvine

Tronvine is an international financial company engaged in investment activities, which are related to trading on financial markets and cryptocurrency exchanges performed by qualified professional traders.

Its goal is to provide investors with a reliable source of high income, while minimizing any possible risks and offering a high-quality service, allowing it to automate and simplify the relations between the investors and the trustees. Tronvine works towards increasing its profit margin by profitable investments.

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With COVID 19 ravaging every sector of the economy, some did not feel its wrath. Businesses that could be carried out online were hardly hit like their brick and mortar counterparts. One clothing store, Shinning Style, has reported tremendous growth during the pandemic. According to the finance director, Selena Maye, Shinning Style has reported a 190 % increase in revenue.

While making this announcement, Selena Maye said “Covid 19 has hit the economy hard; it has been a difficult period for all, including business as well as individuals. High street, bricks and mortar as well as some online retailers, have not been spared either. However, we are grateful to our customers as they have stayed loyal and lifted our sales higher.

The finance director said: “Covid-19 has been a challenging time for all of us; however, our online presence and customer loyalty has only gone from strength to strength with the decline of high street stores."

She added that they have always planned 9-12 months ahead, and this has allowed them to see a 130%+ year growth rate. "We are looking forward to what the future has to hold, as we continue to expand globally," she added.

Shinning Style’s strategy to plan forward helped them minimize disruption during a period where supply chains were disrupted.

The online store stocks bodysuits, casual sets, dresses, gym sets, sweatshirts, jackets, jumpsuits, mini dresses, midi dresses, crop tees, and tops, among others.

Shopping made easier

The company representative says they have made the shopping experience easier; customers can easily get what they are looking for. They can shop by category, where one can choose from the different categories listed on the website; clothing, active wear, swim, beauty, plus size, and accessory. “We have constantly improved our e-commerce platform to make it easy for our customers to navigate; we are always aiming at providing a seamless experience”, said the customer representative.

Shining Style also stocks a variety of accessories including gold and silver necklaces and sunglasses. Among the active wear that customers are likely to get at the store include active tops, casual sets, gym sets, gym tops, leggings, shorts, and tops. For swimwear, the online store stocks a variety of bikinis and swimsuits, including show-me-off strappy bikinis with a variety of colors, and high-waist bikinis, among others.

Shining Style also caters to women of different sizes, who can find a variety of clothes and accessories that meet their needs. Clothing stocked for plus sizes includes V-neck tops in different colors, loose leopard print long sleeve dresses, evening mini dresses, turquoise long sleeve bohemia dresses, satin backless blouses, midi floral party dresses, causal buttoned playsuits, and seamless active leggings, among others.

For those looking for beauty products, the online store has a variety of high-quality products including matte lipsticks, everyday brush sets that come in different colors, complete palettes, among others.

The Shining Style community

To stay up-to-date with the latest trends, styles, new arrivals, and hottest deals, customers can join the Shining Style community where they will be constantly updated on what is happening at the online store.

The positive Shining Style reviews that customers gave to the clothing store has also been hailed for giving confidence to first time buyers, as well as raising the reputation of Shining Style clothing.

About Shining Style

Shining Style started its operations in 2016 with one London-based office. The women’s clothing company has grown rapidly and they now operate in the U.S., Australia, and UK and across Europe. The women's online clothing company sells high-quality clothing, the kind where women can express themselves and feel empowered through their wear. The clothing company prides itself on having thousands of loyal customers worldwide.

Media contact info

Selena Maye

Finance Director




According to a new poll conducted by Dimensional Research, an"overwhelming 90 percent of respondents who recalled reading online reviews asserted that positive online reviews influenced buying choices, while 86 percent stated purchasing decisions were affected by negative online testimonials."

Here Is Simple Actions to Increase Your Positive Google Reviews

1) If you've got a substantial database of consumers, say 3500 clients or longer, you can enlist a company for example Feefo. They've entered into a partnership with Google to make sure that reviews are verified as authentic. You simply submit your database and they will start calling your customers for you, requesting testimonials.

Feefo is a Google accredited partner, ensuring that your customers are more inclined to answer their requests. You may also allow your potential clients know that all of your testimonials are independently verified by Google to ensure they can be trusted. Their fees are extremely reasonable and can grow to be a part of your present online advertising and marketing budget. Visit our website to get more info about Buy google reviews.

2) if you're a smaller site operator you can try out another firm called Five Star Review System. Their rates start at only $49 a month. They appear to have a great system which can assist your company in getting more testimonials. They are not a certified Google spouse but it is still possible to maintain an independent review process which guarantees your testimonials are 100% authentic.

3) You can create your own program to find out for more reviews. Simply ask your clients to write a review whenever they are satisfaction with your service is new and top-of-mind. Don't let that brief window pass because once your client's feeling of euphoria is gone, it's gone.

Make certain to let your client know exactly how big a favor they are doing for you by writing a review and tell them how you are going to gain in their inspection. Most customers are delighted to help and it's a simple favor to fulfill.

When your customer knows just how important this favor is to you personally, they are more inclined to reward you with referrals in addition to their inspection.

4) Acknowledge your customers who write reviews by calling them immediately, thanking them and telling them just how much you love what they've done for you. The important thing here is to create your appreciation prompt and true. To do so, simply monitor the review websites to get reviews or have a system in place which notifies you whenever a new review is posted.

For more info about Buy google reviews, Visit here:


A Hong Kong social media platform that allows users to connect with others, search for jobs, and make new friends while ensuring high-performance privacy protection is now available. is a one-stop style platform for local Hong Kong users mainly with B2B features such as advertising, new user registers, and an auto-follow for pre-set users. Users will be able to use the platform to search and offer jobs, as well as start an e-Shop among other related activities.

Boxden - ?? is owned by Axiox Media Technology Limited, a company that offers platform service to users and provides global site ranking SEO services.

“This platform will change the entire social media environment, as no other social media service provider can guarantee the whole site privacy protect, and we did and are doing it”, said Wong Kwan Chi, the CEO.

The platform promises its users a high level of privacy, according to the platform spokesperson, stating that they should be assured that the data they share is not sold to any third party. The platform maintains high-performance privacy protection.

“And users can sell their own product, offer a new job, post a coupon, create your own group, create your page or transfer the wallet credit to other users”, said the platform spokesperson, while outlining some of the features that make it unique.

Augustine Wong, one of the platform users urges people to use it and experience the difference. “You should use it, and see the difference,” said Wong.

“I am a photographer and love to share my photo works. Sometimes I need to upload a ‘none’ location info photo, I need to delete it by myself and upload it. But in, you just upload, and it's done! No need to delete by myself, very easy to use,” said Peter Chung, one of the platform users.

About Axiox Media

Axiox Media Technology was founded in 2020. It provides platform service to users, as well as providing global site ranking SEO service. The highly-customized service aims to meet customers’ needs while ensuring value for their money is delivered while maintaining high quality.

Media contact info

Name: Wong Kwan Chi (Zeck Wong)

Title: CEO

Phone: +852 5420 8600



(January, 2021. Bangkok, Thailand) – In 2020 the pandemic delayed the summer Olympics. Participants, athletes, trainers, and fans alike were disappointed by the delay, and for some, hopes were crushed. Yet Edward Loose is taking it as an opportunity to campaign for the chance to perform during the closing ceremonies. Loose’s music is a story of a dream that will play out in front of billions and unite the world.

While the dream of performing at the Olympics as a musician is often overlooked, yet it is a lifetime dream for Edward Loose. With fifteen years of training in the music profession and four years of explicitly training for the closing ceremonies. When asked why it is so important to debut The Dream at the Tokyo Olympics, Edward Loose stated, “It will inspire the next generation of Japanese musicians.”

Loose’s quest is supported through four social media campaigns, #PizzaForMusic, #TheOlympicRelayTorch, #LowCarbonMusic, and #The Final Line. All are currently running and seeking support from influencers and individuals to stimulate community engagement and promote A New Form of Music. Open to any collaboration, Loose is focused on helping promote #TheFinalLine for the closing ceremonies of the 2021 Olympics. #TheFinalLine is to have everyone sing ‘Hope Lights Our Way,’ the Olympic Slogan.

Bringing children of all ages together to sing with #PizzaForMusic has been a great start. Then, mixing in #LowCarbonMusic to find beauty in daily life with repeatable, sustainable action to inspire others to have fun while creating music. The third campaign, #TheOlympicRelayTorch, brings Loose to start a relay torch in Japan on March 31, 2021 – the same day as the real Olympic relay torch. This separate torch relay will focus on promoting independent music until the start of the 2021 Olympics. Then, on August 8, 2021, to debut at the closing ceremony and completed #TheFinalLine in unity with all attendees, participants, and viewers.

Edward Loose became the first microblogger in 2002 and continues to use social media today to further his visions of independent music and future music career. As a university professor, Loose lives in Thailand and works vigorously every day to create music and community. Loose can be found on many social media platforms, including,, and YouTube (search ‘Edward Loose’) or go to


Edward Loose


Deni Sandor, a race car driver raised in Miami, USA, is set to reveal his 2021 season racing category. Deni, who has been literally "racing" his career to the top, says he has many options for this next season. But despite having so many possibilities, he is cautiously studying his options that include national and international racing categories.

"It’s great to be back to the top. I love racing, I love the speed and I am so grateful to have the best fans in the world", said Deni Sandor, making the announcement.


He started racing at the age of 12, and at the age of 16, he had purchased his professional go-kart with his own money. He describes himself as a self-made racing driver, having managed to climb in his career all by himself.

He stopped racing when he was 27, went back to university, and got a degree in marketing and entrepreneurship to help work on getting sponsorships between racing and testing.

“I have experience in testing or racing on the different categories such as Formula Ford, Formula 1600, Formula Renault, Formula 3, Formula Inter, Formula Delta, Formula 4, and Indy Lights,” says Deni Sandor, revealing that he will announce his 2021 category on January 25, 2021.

Although he describes himself as self-made, Deni Sandors has helped several of his teammates and racing staff. Many describe him as a racing driver who cares. “The outstanding racing driver is not known just for the racing skills, but he has been a good example to society”, said one of the teammates, while recognizing the role that Deni Sandor has played. “Our goal is to work hard, exercise, and promote your brands while overcoming hurdles and reaching our goals while giving back to society,” said Deni Sandor, revealing he also engages in activities that are geared towards improving community living standards.

About Deni Sandor

Deni Sandor is a race car driver and a pro athlete raised in Miami, USA. He started racing at the age of 12 and climbed to the top of his career, always helping his teammates and racing staff.

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Instagram: deni_sandor


As people usher in the New Year and make resolutions, one problem that stands in the way for many in achieving their dreams is procrastination. Latisha Brown, an author, an inspirational speaker, and life coach, has a solution to this problem. In her book, “Get Up You Big Fat Procrastinator, Overcoming Procrastination for Success”, Latisha allows individuals to realize the importance of making small adjustments in their current procrastination behavior. Calling it a nagging habit that everyone has experienced on some level, Latisha offers hope to her readers and clients, encouraging them to acquire the necessary tools to ultimately decide to develop goals and become more diligent in their efforts of achieving them.

“The book is like no other self-help book; it is a call-to-action, a self-approach that is useful to anyone that is hindered by procrastination and is ready to change,” said Latisha as she described the book.

As a coach/mentor, and licensed minister for over 25 years, Latisha, who also holds a master’s degree in Organizational Management, says that it comes naturally to want to help when others are in need.

Latisha adds that she desires to coach people to find their purpose by taking the fear out of the equation, creating order and balance, and providing the tools and strategies they need to succeed in every area of their life.

Often referred to as the “Dispenser of Hope”, a description she loves, Latisha says that this inspired her to write her books “Get up You Big Fat Procrastinator” and “NO TRACE” My Stories, My Secrets, My Pain, My Victory (Understanding the Suicide Epidemic). She also adds that hope inspired her to develop courses and workshops called Overcoming Procrastination for Success, as well to found the MAS (Mother’s Against Suicide) Movement organization and the I CHOOSE ME brand.

About the author

Latisha Brown wears several caps; she is an author, inspirational speaker, coach, mentor, and founder of the MAS Movement and I CHOOSE ME Brand. She has been a personal life coach for over 25 years, a volleyball coach at Rice University and the University of Houston and others. Through her work, Latisha aspires to help people dismantle fear, inspire hope, and eradicate procrastination through empowerment, enlightenment, and building emotional and mental stability. She has helped hundreds of young women throughout her career as a coach and mentor.

Media contact info

Latisha Brown

Author, Speaker, Founder



A new platform that allows the valuation of a business easily and affordably has been launched. is a new startup that is focusing on researching methods for valuing businesses and developing an excellent platform that makes the methods accessible to everyone. Operating under the slogan ”Calculate. Equate. Valuate”, the business valuation platform allows the user to calculate the value based on various methods and scenarios, then equating between the different results and ultimately deciding what the proper value is. While announcing the availability of the valuation platform, Tamir Levy, Ph.D. Equitest's Founder and CEO, had this to say, “The ability to know the firm's value, at any point in time, through a simple and affordable solution, is a key factor in the success of any business.”

While stressing the simplicity and affordability of the platform, the valuation platform founder said that the user does not need any prior knowledge to do a valuation of his or her business. One is only required to follow the simple steps and the process will be completed within a short period without being required to study difficult technical terms. In terms of the payments required to value a business, the company founder says that one only pays for what they want. Right now the valuation software is available for free. “The user can value the business for free, see the final number, and has to pay only when he wants the valuation report,” said the CEO, while adding that Equitest is the best valuation platform.

While appreciating that the process of valuing companies is one of the most complex of calculations, the platform founder said they are presenting a simple and affordable solution for equity valuation. “We, therefore, have developed an awesome online valuation platform that has made the valuation process accessible to anyone”, said Tamir, while adding that with Equitest, testing equity value has been made simple.

For more information:


The project was established in 2020, by Tamir Levy, Ph.D.  Tamir Levy has a Ph.D. in finance and wanted to fill in the need for a simple and affordable solution to value any business. The platform allows the user to calculate the value based on various methods and scenarios, then equating between the different results, and finally decide what the proper value is. Equitest's intuitive online valuation platform simplifies the valuation process both for the professional as well as others.

Media contact info

Tamir Levy, Ph.D.


With COVID 19 having turned the world upside down, there is finally hope that the battle will soon be won with the roll-out of the vaccination campaign. Two Brooklyn entrepreneurs, Ben Talmi and Anthony Gallo with their company, VacSeen, have designed a wristband that will help ease the mind of people around them, letting them know those wearing the wristband have been vaccinated all while giving back to COVID-19 charities and front-line workers.
The wristband is not only a way to alert people and build confidence, according to Anthony Gallo, it is also aimed at appreciating the great role being played by front-line workers. Parts of the proceeds from the sale of the wristband will be donated to charity. "Our way of giving back to those who have risked their lives to help us all", said Ben Talmi, while adding that they are providing the simplest and easiest way to let the world know one has done their part, and to give back at the same time.
"Let's give back to those who are tirelessly fighting on the front lines every day against COVID – 19. We are allowing people to show the world that they’ve done their part by wearing a simple and clean wristband. Along with providing awareness to others, part of the proceeds will go to charities supporting front-line workers. The wristband eases the mind of people around you, letting them know you are part of the fight,” said Anthony Gallo.
The wristband will only cost $1 and a portion of the proceeds will go directly yo charities that need help the most. It can be purchased online through their website.
For more information visit:
About VacSeen
The company was created by Ben Talmi and Anthony Gallo, who reside in Brooklyn. After witnessing the brunt of COVID-19 in New York, they both wanted to come up with a way to help others out.
Media contact info
Anthony Gallo


Black nurses now have a place where they can share their wellness expertise while helping the vulnerable communities in which they serve. Michelle Greene Rhodes, the founder of Michelle Rhodes Media LLC in Tampa, Florida, is the brainchild behind the first Black Wellness Magazine,“The Color of Wellness.”

With credible research studies identifying social medical determinants or the non-medical factors such as where individuals live, learn, work, and age, socioeconomic status, and race as critical in influencing an individual’s health, more attention is needed to educate communities on how to lead healthier lives. Michele notes that these social determinants of health have received much attention recently, as research continues to show that a person's health can depend heavily upon their zip code and circumstances in life.

“The problem is that we can no longer work silently, or not make time outside of work to educate our communities. ‘The Color of Wellness’ publication is an effort to reach the masses and educate in a more impactful way”, said Michelle, while adding that the issues such as health equity and health inequality must continue to be raised in a big way.

Although the healthcare industry is attempting to address these issues, Michelle notes that they continue to go largely unnoticed. She observes the trend of increased spending on healthcare, yet decreased wellness across the entire population, especially members of vulnerable demographics, and these are issues that must be brought to the table. “We have seen this magnified during the time of Covid-19, during which this concept was born. Blacks have died at a substantially higher rate during this pandemic, and the question is, ‘Why’? Because in many of our vulnerable communities, our health lacked wellness, which is linked and influenced by multiple socioeconomic factors”, said a concerned writer, while offering a solution.

Through utilizing her 20 plus years as a Registered Nurse who specialized in Managed Care (insurance), Michelle was able to see gaps in preventive education and chronic disease, from a high level. “By putting the pieces together, I recognized that the lack of wellness education was most often not in the equation within the lifestyles of communities of color”, said Michelle.

The next step for Michelle was to figure out the best way, with the easiest access, to get information out into the media. She called on some of her best and brightest colleagues to help. In her Facebook group of 4,000nurse entrepreneurs, Nursepreneur Nation, Michelle selected twelve executive contributors with various nursing backgrounds. “They are the core engine of this historic publication. It is because of them that we can now disseminate and discuss topics of wellness that concern people of color the most”, Michelle said. “By taking wellness concepts and well-being education into our hands, we can hopefully save lives by establishing healthier habits earlier in life. Our goal is to decrease healthcare spending, help others establish healthier lifestyles, and lay down the foundations of well-being as soon as possible. This is urgent, the time is now. The magazine breaks into zip codes and sets up shop wherever we are along this journey”, emphasized Michelle as she called on people to subscribe at

The Color of Wellness Magazine will launch on January 20, 2021.

Media contact


About Michelle G. Rhodes

Michelle G. Rhodes is the CEO of RNterprise ™ Academy, an international speaker and author of eight publications, who has a rich 24 years of experience in health care and registered nursing. She is a Certified Executive Coach, and a Certified Mentor, who has completed both the Well Coaches and Veterans Florida Entrepreneurship programs. She has helped over 100 Nurses their personal brand and businesses.