With censorship on most popular social media platforms having gone a notch higher, the gains that have been made over time on freedom of speech and expression are fast being eroded. It is not only the rights of people that are being trampled. According to Gregory Barel, the founder of, theft of user information within these platforms has also increased over the years. It is with this backdrop that Gregory Barel founded a platform where people can express themselves freely. is a 100 percent uncensored platform, ‘FOR The People, BY The People’. It represents all cultures, all religions, all ethnicities, all faiths, all people, as ONE HUMAN RACE. “ is a platform, ‘FOR The People, BY The People’, we are taking our freedoms back! We are, People NOT Parties,” said Barel, while articulating the foundational principles of the platform.

The 100 percent uncensored platform follows the principles of the Constitution of the United States of America, the supreme law that guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of individuality for all Americans. According to the founder of Freedombook, they are providing a non-biased platform where individual freedoms and rights are guaranteed. “We are giving people a truly uncensored voice, where they can speak their minds without fear or favor,” said the founder.

The platform is built along the values of kindness, respect, and transparency. The Freedombook founder believes in the sharing of information that impacts people’s lives. It vows to shape the world to be a better place where all are included, respected, and guaranteed safety and security of their personal information. Freedombook gives power back to the people, to tell things as they are, respectfully, without being censored.

About was created, out of necessity during the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic, by the founder, Gregory Barel, because he witnessed, firsthand, how the most popular social media platforms, abuse their power by censoring and stealing user information.

Alarmed by how the American people are losing more and more of their rights and freedoms every day, the platform now offers people a chance to stand up and be heard. was created to give The People, a truly uncensored voice! ‘FOR The People, BY The People’

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