With most sunless tanning products containing cancer-causing ingredients like dyes such as red40, one clean beauty brand owned by Karen Leach, professional spray tan business owner, is launching products that will make sunless tanning a safe and clean process. Through her Brand, Bedtime Bronzie, Karen is launching Bronzie Sunless Mousse and Bronzie Bedslip.

Bronzie Bedslip is a game-changing silky bedslip liner that not only protects sheets from staining but also allows the tan on the skin to develop evenly all night. “When you sleep on standard sheets, the product absorbs off the skin, staining the sheets and creating lighter streaks or patchy areas where your skin was touching,” said Karen while describing why she came up with the product.

Bronzie Bedslip protects your sheets from embarrassing streaks while allowing you to get the flawless tan you want. “The patent pending Bronzie Bedslip doesn’t absorb anything so it doesn’t need to be washed each time. It folds up into itself for a quick packing away until next time,” said Leach, adding that it is a glam silky gold material that allows you to experience the full benefits of any skin product by maximizing absorption by your skin. Instead of getting sucked into standard beddings, the product stays on your body for as long as you need it to.

“I created the Bedtime Bronzie Bedslip and it’s been game changing in simplifying the tanning ritual. There’s no more laundry to do. The silky fabric doesn’t absorb the product, so it doesn’t stain or absorb odors,” says Karen, while describing how the product works.

Bronzie Sunless Mousse, meanwhile, is all organic and has only five carefully chosen ingredients. The product has buildable layered color, with a gorgeous caramel color derived from sugar. It also has eco-certified DHA for a safe, long-lasting, sunless tan. It’s clean, safe and pure, made with high vibes and high standards. It contains no fake dyes and no odors which characterize other products in the market. “I am a skincare snob so I wanted the prettiest tan for myself and my clients, but made with only the purest clean ingredients,” said Leach, adding that the product is made in Maui and bottled in Southern California.

As a person who has been into sunless tanning and spray tanning since an early age, Karen understands the dangers of fake tanning products. She has gone out of her way to find safe and effective products for her clients. Since her search proved unsuccessful, she decided to create Bedtime Bronzie.

Build for Sustainability

Karen did not just create the sunless products to solve her clients’ problems. She also had a daughter to inspire, and the environment to protect. Bedtime Bronzie avoids the use of non-recyclable containers. They use biodegradables mailers made from corn that can easily decompose in the garden. “It’s important for me as a mother to inspire my daughter and show her what high vibes, believing in a dream, and faith in the universe can bring. It’s important to show her what a strong female with goals looks like,” said Leach, while describing the kind of lessons that she wants her daughter to learn.

About Bedtime Bronzie

Bedtime Bronzie is a clean beauty brand created by Karen Leach, professional spray tan business owner, beauty enthusiast, and a graduate of visual marketing. The company provides its customers with safe and effective tanning products.

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