(October, 2020. Lehighton, Pennsylvania.) - Capturing history through paintings hasbeen enjoyed for centuries.Landmarks, houses, skylines, and plants, among other things have been captured to share the history behind that moment. Many people paint, many are artists, yet there are few who can be truly named an oil painting artist in line with impressionists Edward Seago, Claude Monet, Innes, or Manet. A budding artist, Suzanne Steinberg (Suzy), is earning her way there.

Earlier this year, Suzy has held several shows of her collections throughout Europe and the United States. Each oil painting is on hard board canvas panels of various sizes, and painted in nature, in plain air. With each show, paintings began to sell, and her impressionist style has become contagiously popular. Suzy is generally drawn to small towns and forgotten places in time, though she will work on commission for a specific scene, landscape, house, or place in a specified size of the client’s choosing. As a woman-owned business, Suzy’s art is available online through her site ‘Suzanne Steinberg Fine Art’ at

Every day, sunny, cloudy, rainy, or snowy... Suzy takes time to paint, perfecting her artistry. She finds additional inspiration, best said in her own words, “When the light of the sun or the moon touches the earth, creating shades, hues, so many different colors. It’s amazing. Beautiful. Nature keeps going, through it all. Everyday is a gift, if I can just capture a sliver of that beauty, It’s a good day.”This is captured in each of her paintings, from overgrown wildflowers in the front yard of “Phillip Fosters Farm” to the colorful simplicity of “Country Flowers.”

Another great example of Suzy’s painting artistry is “On the Thames” with all the shades of blue and white impressively portraying the cool water of the river, the blue mountains beyond, a cloudy sky and the cityscape in the near distance. Already sold, but available to see on her Works page, it will make you heart yearn for a trip down the river. Another fabulous painting is “The Old Mill” which is easy to imagine as a bustling, productive mill in the late 1800s with its’ water wheel turning, and the smell of raw materials being ground or sawed for use around town.

As a rural American oil painter, Suzy enjoys capturing history including old barns, worn-down buildings and farms, landscapes, and other scenes of nature. Her great-grandfather, Big Bat Pourier, serves as an inspiration for a lot of her work. In the 1869 Big Bat served as a scout, guide, and Sioux interpreter for the military. It’s important to remember the past, and to recognize the beauty in history. Suzy particularly seeks out a lot of old barns and houses from the late 1800s, explaining, “When I first started painting, I was often asked why I paint old buildings and weathered barns. And I believe it's a reasonably simple answer. These structures are the windows into the past. through them we can conceptualize an entire life that may have passed through those doors. Tomorrow is never promised, it's a gift, and an honor to be able to capture what may not be there tomorrow.”

As Suzy’s artwork and style continues to evolve, the chance to purchase one of her early works is slowly fading. Be sure to visit her site at for an inspirational centerpiece for your dining room, formal living room, or office, or contact her through the site for a commissioned piece you’ll pass down for generations to come.

Mia Astrel
Public Relations

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