October, 2020 –– Informational, witty, sarcastic, and uniquely humorous – that is how critics are describing RinoJonay’s controversial jab on Donald Trump with his book, Idiot#1: The Chosen One! A lot has been written about Trump and his version of America but this book takes on a new perspective that lets readers experience first hand who Donald Trump really is. So if you want to know learn how he is destroying America, this is a definitely a good read for you.

Even before he was president, Donald Trump’s popularity is already established. Looking back, majority of Americans and non-Americans may have some sort of fondness for him. That is before he became the 45th President of the United States.

The patriotic idea of being the man behind the Resolute Desk inside the Oval Office seems to do little to prevent Trump from his insensitive antics nor stop him from telling lies after lies while grossly overestimating his contribution to the country. Trump’s irresponsibility and terrible mismanagement of the country’s economy can ruin America’s reputation as a nation globally and his administration’s inability to control the recent virus outbreak has cost a great many lives.

So, why should he continue to be President? RinoJonay believes he shouldn’t. His eye-opening book uncovers him for who Trump really is, an idiot. Presented, here, is (near)everything that he has done or, rather, not done. The question that this wonderfully informational book seeks is, “When will enough be enough?” The answer is that the American public needs to remain inquisitive and know the truth about the idiot that we have occupying the highest office in our country.

Along the catchy and captivating narrative with real proof, RinoJonay’sIdiot#1: The Chosen One! Offers a great deal of humor and sarcasm to keep readers entertained while it provides juicy information about Trump’s White House and his mismanagement. In this book, you’ll get a first-hand glimpse of the man inside the Oval Office who is uninformed, apathetic, callous, and downright vile.

By the time you’re done reading this book, you’ll discover the real motives of the man, his cronyism agenda, and his quest to manipulate others to stay in power and achieve his selfish objectives.


RinoJonay is an entrepreneur, a producer, and an author. Once a big supporter of Trump, over the past few years, he has discovered who the POTUS really is. Since then, he has been incessantly researching the man to uncover his agenda, unmask his web of deceit, and lay bare his lies for the public to see for themselves.

His motivation has led him to several venues, some expected and others plain strange. At times, the author has surprised even himself by what he has discovered and he shares all of it in this informational, humorous, and sometimes sarcastic narrative.

Rino is passionate about getting to the bottom of things. With his fresh and insightful take on the current state of the Trump leadership, he wishes to share the full and true story of what he has found.

The facts are singularly important and their resultant consequences matter now than they have ever been. No matter who you are or what you do, you need to read his story because you, too, are a part of it.

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