December, 2020 –A faith-based movie that challenges the conventional truth about religion, Richard A. Rossi’s Canaan Land is a film that stirs some controversies in the Christian community. The story offers an insightful perspective into the world of modern Christian ministry.

"My most recent novel, “Canaan Land,” which will soon be released as a dramatic feature film, came out of things I experienced or observed working in my young adult years in the world of charismatic and Pentecostal Christianity,” Rossi said.

“I saw real signs and wonders, but also was shocked to discover some of the biggest names in televangelism were faking the miracles, and this inspired me to write a story contrasting the fake with the genuine," he added.

Set to release as an entry for the prestigious Oscars, Canaan Land tells the story of a con man preacher, Brother Billy Gantry, portrayed by Richard Rossi, who falls for a sincere Christian, Sister Sara, played by actress Rebecca Holden. When Sister Sara (Holden) realizes it, she challenges Billy (Rossi) that his con game is not really a game after all. She wants to redeem "Brother Billy," whose con game is manipulating his followers with fake miracles, even going as far as using gold glitter and feathers, which he claims are from angels.

"Sister Sara is motivated to serve God and people. Billy is more self-motivated. The script makes the point that we must keep our eyes on God and have discernment in choosing spiritual leaders,” said Holden.

“Leaders are human and disappoint us. Only God can provide perfect, unconditional, unfailing love. I'm delighted to be cast and working with Richard. The role demands a reverence for the responsibility of what is required," she commented.

Written and directed by Richard Rossi who also played the lead role of Billy, the film exposes deceptions employed by big names in the televangelism industry to defraud followers into believing these preachers claiming to be miracle workers worthy of their donations.

Bitter truth is hard to swallow and Rossi’s film, though may appear provocative for some, serves as the eye opener for people who have been taken advantage of by these con artists claiming to represent Christ but are really the instigator of the culture of greed.

It is the filmmaker’s intention in exposing the counterfeit to elucidate the search for that which is authentic, pure, and of good report.


Richard Rossi



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