PayKings, payment processing solution, is offering new rapid approvals for ACH payment processing, direct debit, and electronic checks. The new rapid approval accords customers the freedom to pay with electronic check sand offer more options for online billing. It is perfect for new companies that want to start a business online and for established businesses that are looking to reduce their overall processing fees.

"This is a great option to help new businesses establish a processing history. It allows them to sell their products online safely and securely”, said Kyle Hall, President of PayKings, while making the announcement.

ACH options are a great way to diversify payment choices for online shoppers, and they’re ideal for subscription box companies or recurring billing services.“ACH allows companies to give their customers more ways to pay online. Not only does direct debit have lower transaction fees, but it’s also a more consistent payment option for subscription and automatic monthly billing”, said Kyle Hall, while outlining its benefits.

Most companies focus on allowing customers to pay with credit cards, however, some customers look for alternative solutions that offer more safety and security. It’s critical to stay apprised of new ways to accept money for purchases, whether it’s crypto, bank centric payments, or direct debit.

“When a customer is ready to checkout on your site, the last thing you want is for them to abandon their cart because you’re not equipped with the right payment option. ACH is great for people who don’t want to use credit cards and prefer direct debit transactions. It’s important to have many options available to meet different preferences”, added the company President.

Electronic Check Merchant Account

For an electronic check merchant account, which is an electronic version of a paper check, the payment is processed online through Automated Clearing Houses (ACH). The customers who select this mode of payment then enters their bank routing number and checking account number to complete the electronic check transaction. Banking information is encrypted by the merchant’s payment gateway. Funds are removed from the customer’s account by the ACH network and deposited into the merchant’s account.

E-commerce high-risk companies are covered too; they can get pre-approved in as little as six hours for difficult to obtain high-risk merchant accounts. PayKings’team of experts considers the business type, business model, and restricted service or product types. “The PayKings team can get you approved today for low to high-risk merchant accounts for B2B, e-commerce, or retail at reduced rates and fees”, reads their website service description.

About PayKings

PayKings, founded in 2011, provides high-risk merchant accounts to businesses in unique verticals. Their goal is to be the go-to payment processing solution for all businesses from startup to enterprise, who want to process payments online.

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