This winter, a new American label, Kobo Chill LLC, is making statement coats allowing the user to emit sophistication, vibrancy, and comfort. While announcing the launch of the new cloth line, the Kobo Chill LLC’s representative said they are presenting African fabrics that honor both the traditional culture and modern elegance. “Kobo Chill LLC makes statement coats. A statement coat in colorful fabric and chic cut will elevate your wardrobe”, said the company representative, while adding that they specialize in making winter coats and jackets using African handmade loin clothes.

“Winters do not have to be boring, we are giving you colors that brighten up the foggiest days, allowing you to be the dazzling figure in the dullest snow”, said the Kobo Chill LLC’s spokesperson, while articulating what the new coat and jacket line will provide to its users.

Explaining the story behind Kobo Chill LLC, the company founders and owners said the story started when four friends realized their love for the American style. This led to the creation of the brand where four Ivorian friends who all share the same love for American style and fashion as well as the same visions, came together. The four wanted to make something that translated into the creation of unique clothes, through which they make themselves known and would be able to reinvent this style while remaining chic and trendy. Kobo Chill LLC symbolizes a merging of different cultures. The first jacket they handmade was loved by so many that they decided to turn it into a business. But first, they had to improve upon the quality and design. Two years down the line through trial and error, hard work, and with great passion to provide high quality and comfortable wear, the jacket of their dreams was created and the company was officially born.

“Our pieces are thoughtfully created in Ivory Coast, West Africa. The originality of our clothing lays bare the richness of the African continent and the plurality of its fashions. At Kobo Chill LLC, we feel that the personality, traditions, culture, and modernism of a person can be well-expressed in clothing that emits elegance”, said the company spokesperson, while outlining the inspiration behind their jacket line.

“Take a bold step into a floral brilliance. Bloom this winter with our coats. We are the bright spot in your winter wardrobe. Stand out from the crowd with an elegant and unique winter coat. Bring out your uniqueness”, said one of the company founders while adding that different personalities come with different fabrics.

In her parting shot, one of the company owners and founders urged the customers to get to their online shop and find their soul winter jackets.

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About Kobo Chill LLC

Kobo Chill LLC, is a go-to shop for authentic and unique African jackets, coats, and accessories. The handmade coats and jackets are as a result of hard work wherein each piece is designed so that the customer can receive a winter jacket that keeps them warm in the harshest of winters as well as helping in standing out from the rest. A symbol of different cultures all merged into one -Kobo Chill LLC. Kobo Chill LLC’s mission is to provide its clients with fashionable, iconic and elegant designs of winter jackets and coats that make them stand out and lead fulfilling lives. They look forward at helping customers escape the traditional dark colors and to adopt a unique identity. They are committed to leveraging their knowledge, talents and skills to bring out the best and fashionable designs that make their customers stand out. They are always on the lookout for new methods and concepts to improve the business.

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