A new platform that allows the valuation of a business easily and affordably has been launched. is a new startup that is focusing on researching methods for valuing businesses and developing an excellent platform that makes the methods accessible to everyone. Operating under the slogan ”Calculate. Equate. Valuate”, the business valuation platform allows the user to calculate the value based on various methods and scenarios, then equating between the different results and ultimately deciding what the proper value is. While announcing the availability of the valuation platform, Tamir Levy, Ph.D. Equitest's Founder and CEO, had this to say, “The ability to know the firm's value, at any point in time, through a simple and affordable solution, is a key factor in the success of any business.”

While stressing the simplicity and affordability of the platform, the valuation platform founder said that the user does not need any prior knowledge to do a valuation of his or her business. One is only required to follow the simple steps and the process will be completed within a short period without being required to study difficult technical terms. In terms of the payments required to value a business, the company founder says that one only pays for what they want. Right now the valuation software is available for free. “The user can value the business for free, see the final number, and has to pay only when he wants the valuation report,” said the CEO, while adding that Equitest is the best valuation platform.

While appreciating that the process of valuing companies is one of the most complex of calculations, the platform founder said they are presenting a simple and affordable solution for equity valuation. “We, therefore, have developed an awesome online valuation platform that has made the valuation process accessible to anyone”, said Tamir, while adding that with Equitest, testing equity value has been made simple.

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The project was established in 2020, by Tamir Levy, Ph.D.  Tamir Levy has a Ph.D. in finance and wanted to fill in the need for a simple and affordable solution to value any business. The platform allows the user to calculate the value based on various methods and scenarios, then equating between the different results, and finally decide what the proper value is. Equitest's intuitive online valuation platform simplifies the valuation process both for the professional as well as others.

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