As people usher in the New Year and make resolutions, one problem that stands in the way for many in achieving their dreams is procrastination. Latisha Brown, an author, an inspirational speaker, and life coach, has a solution to this problem. In her book, “Get Up You Big Fat Procrastinator, Overcoming Procrastination for Success”, Latisha allows individuals to realize the importance of making small adjustments in their current procrastination behavior. Calling it a nagging habit that everyone has experienced on some level, Latisha offers hope to her readers and clients, encouraging them to acquire the necessary tools to ultimately decide to develop goals and become more diligent in their efforts of achieving them.

“The book is like no other self-help book; it is a call-to-action, a self-approach that is useful to anyone that is hindered by procrastination and is ready to change,” said Latisha as she described the book.

As a coach/mentor, and licensed minister for over 25 years, Latisha, who also holds a master’s degree in Organizational Management, says that it comes naturally to want to help when others are in need.

Latisha adds that she desires to coach people to find their purpose by taking the fear out of the equation, creating order and balance, and providing the tools and strategies they need to succeed in every area of their life.

Often referred to as the “Dispenser of Hope”, a description she loves, Latisha says that this inspired her to write her books “Get up You Big Fat Procrastinator” and “NO TRACE” My Stories, My Secrets, My Pain, My Victory (Understanding the Suicide Epidemic). She also adds that hope inspired her to develop courses and workshops called Overcoming Procrastination for Success, as well to found the MAS (Mother’s Against Suicide) Movement organization and the I CHOOSE ME brand.

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Latisha Brown wears several caps; she is an author, inspirational speaker, coach, mentor, and founder of the MAS Movement and I CHOOSE ME Brand. She has been a personal life coach for over 25 years, a volleyball coach at Rice University and the University of Houston and others. Through her work, Latisha aspires to help people dismantle fear, inspire hope, and eradicate procrastination through empowerment, enlightenment, and building emotional and mental stability. She has helped hundreds of young women throughout her career as a coach and mentor.

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