Black nurses now have a place where they can share their wellness expertise while helping the vulnerable communities in which they serve. Michelle Greene Rhodes, the founder of Michelle Rhodes Media LLC in Tampa, Florida, is the brainchild behind the first Black Wellness Magazine,“The Color of Wellness.”

With credible research studies identifying social medical determinants or the non-medical factors such as where individuals live, learn, work, and age, socioeconomic status, and race as critical in influencing an individual’s health, more attention is needed to educate communities on how to lead healthier lives. Michele notes that these social determinants of health have received much attention recently, as research continues to show that a person's health can depend heavily upon their zip code and circumstances in life.

“The problem is that we can no longer work silently, or not make time outside of work to educate our communities. ‘The Color of Wellness’ publication is an effort to reach the masses and educate in a more impactful way”, said Michelle, while adding that the issues such as health equity and health inequality must continue to be raised in a big way.

Although the healthcare industry is attempting to address these issues, Michelle notes that they continue to go largely unnoticed. She observes the trend of increased spending on healthcare, yet decreased wellness across the entire population, especially members of vulnerable demographics, and these are issues that must be brought to the table. “We have seen this magnified during the time of Covid-19, during which this concept was born. Blacks have died at a substantially higher rate during this pandemic, and the question is, ‘Why’? Because in many of our vulnerable communities, our health lacked wellness, which is linked and influenced by multiple socioeconomic factors”, said a concerned writer, while offering a solution.

Through utilizing her 20 plus years as a Registered Nurse who specialized in Managed Care (insurance), Michelle was able to see gaps in preventive education and chronic disease, from a high level. “By putting the pieces together, I recognized that the lack of wellness education was most often not in the equation within the lifestyles of communities of color”, said Michelle.

The next step for Michelle was to figure out the best way, with the easiest access, to get information out into the media. She called on some of her best and brightest colleagues to help. In her Facebook group of 4,000nurse entrepreneurs, Nursepreneur Nation, Michelle selected twelve executive contributors with various nursing backgrounds. “They are the core engine of this historic publication. It is because of them that we can now disseminate and discuss topics of wellness that concern people of color the most”, Michelle said. “By taking wellness concepts and well-being education into our hands, we can hopefully save lives by establishing healthier habits earlier in life. Our goal is to decrease healthcare spending, help others establish healthier lifestyles, and lay down the foundations of well-being as soon as possible. This is urgent, the time is now. The magazine breaks into zip codes and sets up shop wherever we are along this journey”, emphasized Michelle as she called on people to subscribe at

The Color of Wellness Magazine will launch on January 20, 2021.

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About Michelle G. Rhodes

Michelle G. Rhodes is the CEO of RNterprise ™ Academy, an international speaker and author of eight publications, who has a rich 24 years of experience in health care and registered nursing. She is a Certified Executive Coach, and a Certified Mentor, who has completed both the Well Coaches and Veterans Florida Entrepreneurship programs. She has helped over 100 Nurses their personal brand and businesses.

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