With COVID 19 having turned the world upside down, there is finally hope that the battle will soon be won with the roll-out of the vaccination campaign. Two Brooklyn entrepreneurs, Ben Talmi and Anthony Gallo with their company, VacSeen, have designed a wristband that will help ease the mind of people around them, letting them know those wearing the wristband have been vaccinated all while giving back to COVID-19 charities and front-line workers.
The wristband is not only a way to alert people and build confidence, according to Anthony Gallo, it is also aimed at appreciating the great role being played by front-line workers. Parts of the proceeds from the sale of the wristband will be donated to charity. "Our way of giving back to those who have risked their lives to help us all", said Ben Talmi, while adding that they are providing the simplest and easiest way to let the world know one has done their part, and to give back at the same time.
"Let's give back to those who are tirelessly fighting on the front lines every day against COVID – 19. We are allowing people to show the world that they’ve done their part by wearing a simple and clean wristband. Along with providing awareness to others, part of the proceeds will go to charities supporting front-line workers. The wristband eases the mind of people around you, letting them know you are part of the fight,” said Anthony Gallo.
The wristband will only cost $1 and a portion of the proceeds will go directly yo charities that need help the most. It can be purchased online through their website.
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About VacSeen
The company was created by Ben Talmi and Anthony Gallo, who reside in Brooklyn. After witnessing the brunt of COVID-19 in New York, they both wanted to come up with a way to help others out.
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