With COVID 19 ravaging every sector of the economy, some did not feel its wrath. Businesses that could be carried out online were hardly hit like their brick and mortar counterparts. One clothing store, Shinning Style, has reported tremendous growth during the pandemic. According to the finance director, Selena Maye, Shinning Style has reported a 190 % increase in revenue.

While making this announcement, Selena Maye said “Covid 19 has hit the economy hard; it has been a difficult period for all, including business as well as individuals. High street, bricks and mortar as well as some online retailers, have not been spared either. However, we are grateful to our customers as they have stayed loyal and lifted our sales higher.

The finance director said: “Covid-19 has been a challenging time for all of us; however, our online presence and customer loyalty has only gone from strength to strength with the decline of high street stores."

She added that they have always planned 9-12 months ahead, and this has allowed them to see a 130%+ year growth rate. "We are looking forward to what the future has to hold, as we continue to expand globally," she added.

Shinning Style’s strategy to plan forward helped them minimize disruption during a period where supply chains were disrupted.

The online store stocks bodysuits, casual sets, dresses, gym sets, sweatshirts, jackets, jumpsuits, mini dresses, midi dresses, crop tees, and tops, among others.

Shopping made easier

The company representative says they have made the shopping experience easier; customers can easily get what they are looking for. They can shop by category, where one can choose from the different categories listed on the website; clothing, active wear, swim, beauty, plus size, and accessory. “We have constantly improved our e-commerce platform to make it easy for our customers to navigate; we are always aiming at providing a seamless experience”, said the customer representative.

Shining Style also stocks a variety of accessories including gold and silver necklaces and sunglasses. Among the active wear that customers are likely to get at the store include active tops, casual sets, gym sets, gym tops, leggings, shorts, and tops. For swimwear, the online store stocks a variety of bikinis and swimsuits, including show-me-off strappy bikinis with a variety of colors, and high-waist bikinis, among others.

Shining Style also caters to women of different sizes, who can find a variety of clothes and accessories that meet their needs. Clothing stocked for plus sizes includes V-neck tops in different colors, loose leopard print long sleeve dresses, evening mini dresses, turquoise long sleeve bohemia dresses, satin backless blouses, midi floral party dresses, causal buttoned playsuits, and seamless active leggings, among others.

For those looking for beauty products, the online store has a variety of high-quality products including matte lipsticks, everyday brush sets that come in different colors, complete palettes, among others.

The Shining Style community

To stay up-to-date with the latest trends, styles, new arrivals, and hottest deals, customers can join the Shining Style community where they will be constantly updated on what is happening at the online store.

The positive Shining Style reviews that customers gave to the clothing store has also been hailed for giving confidence to first time buyers, as well as raising the reputation of Shining Style clothing.

About Shining Style

Shining Style started its operations in 2016 with one London-based office. The women’s clothing company has grown rapidly and they now operate in the U.S., Australia, and UK and across Europe. The women's online clothing company sells high-quality clothing, the kind where women can express themselves and feel empowered through their wear. The clothing company prides itself on having thousands of loyal customers worldwide.

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