When the Coriolis mass flowmeter was introduced to the market, despite its high price, it replaced some applications of volume flow meters, velocity flow meters, differential pressure flow meters, and others. With its irreplaceable advantages, it has occupied the market with excellent performance for many years.

The advantage of Coriolis meters

A Coriolis meter, also known as a Coriolis flow meter, has several advantages over conventional flow meters. Firstly, they provide accurate mass flow measurements regardless of fluid density, viscosity, temperature, or pressure. Coriolis meters are highly reliable because they directly measure mass flow, unlike volumetric flow meters.

Secondly, Coriolis meters are flexible and can handle a wide range of fluids, including liquids and gases as well as multiphase flows. As a result, they are suitable for diverse industries such as oil and gas, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage.

A second advantage is their high precision and repeatability, which make them ideal for applications where precise measurements are crucial to controlling and optimizing processes.

Additionally, Coriolis meters are compact and have no moving parts in the flow path, reducing maintenance requirements and minimizing the risk of mechanical failure. This results in increased uptime and lower operational costs over the long term.

Overall, Coriolis meters provide accurate, reliable, and versatile flow measurement solutions for industries that require accuracy, reliability, and versatility.

Disadvantage of Coriolis flow meter

One of the major disadvantages of Coriolis flow meters is that they are relatively costly compared to other flow measurement technologies. While they offer numerous advantages, they also come with some limitations. As a result of their advanced design and precision manufacturing, Coriolis meters require a higher upfront investment, which can make them a deterrent for budget-strapped projects.

A second drawback is their vulnerability to external disturbances and vibrations. In order to measure Coriolis forces induced by fluid flow accurately, Coriolis meters need to be insulated from external vibrations or mechanical shocks. In order to mitigate this limitation, additional measures may be necessary, including vibration isolation or mounting considerations.

The Coriolis effect becomes less pronounced at extremely low flow rates, resulting in decreased sensitivity and potential inaccuracies in measurement. At very low flow rates, the Coriolis effect becomes less pronounced. In applications requiring accurate measurement of low flow rates, this limitation limits the applicability of Coriolis meters.

Despite these disadvantages, the benefits of accurate mass flow measurement and versatility often outweigh the drawbacks, making Coriolis flow meters a preferred choice for many industries. Nevertheless, it is important to consider these limitations when selecting flow measurement solutions.

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