With spa days, trips, and packages becoming more popular, we now have a massive range of treatment options at our fingertips. Leading brands are continually developing their range of spa facials with many Day Spa's offering both traditional and new innovative spa treatments.


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So what types of treatments are available?


There is a wide range of treatments on today's market; these are generally broken down into:


-Body Treatments - Body wraps, back treatments & cellulite


-Facials - Includes skin analysis, exfoliation, skin renewal & aromatherapy


-Massage - Such as deep massage, full-body, head & neck & sports therapy


-Hands & Feet - Includes a range of Manicures and Pedicures


-Tanning - Can include safe and trusted treatments such as St Tropez


-Maintenance Treatments - Leg waxing, eye-brow shaping, tinting


-Couples Treatments - Some day facial spa in boston have dedicated couples facilities


-Men's Treatments - Vary from facials to manicures and massage


-Teen Treatments - For treatment of those teen ailments such as acne


-Holistic Treatments - Reflexology, reiki, and Indian head massage


-Maternity Treatments - Can include massage, manicures, facials - check with your doctor first


Sample Spa Treatments


Below are some popular spa treatments, what they're for, and what to expect...


  1. Anti Cellulite Therapy


A facial spa treatment specially designed to stimulate the body's system and target areas of cellulite, water retention, and uneven skin tones. This treatment is centered on utilizing intensive massage techniques to restore circulation, and then a firming and detoxifying mask is usually applied. A course of treatments is normally recommended.


  1. Prescriptive Facials


This treatment uses a botanical product range to cleanse, exfoliate treat and protect your skin. This facial aesthetics is tailor-made a people's skin type and individual needs or issues. This facial can be applied to all skin types and is an ideal introduction to spa treatments.


  1. Reflexology


This facial spa near me treatment involves working on the reflex points on the feet. It can be tailored to give you a deeply relaxing massage or can be more prescriptive in rebalancing the body's systems or ailments as part of a course of treatments. Some people may find mild discomfort during some of the movements.


  1. Indian Head Massage


This massage concentrates on the scalp and neck using pressure point massage and can be carried out with or without oils. Indian Head Massage is deeply relaxing and can help to alleviate symptoms of stress, migraine headaches, and encourages relaxation.


 Cancer Spa Treatments - in home facial


Advantages of Home Spa Treatments


Some best facial spa in boston gives you the home spa options also. The advantages of such spas are as follows:


  1. Make sure home spa treatmentsare arranged in complete privacy when you have uninterrupted time for self-pampering. You should not be bothered about household chores or have others in your family bothering you with their regular problems.


  1. You could change the lighting in the room to create a special relaxed and peaceful ambiance that helps you unwind and forget about your stresses. You can have scented candles or dim lights for that quiet solitude.


3.During the time that you are actually relaxing you may as well indulge in other facial aesthetics treatments like conditioning your tresses or applying a facial mask or rubbing the skin with a loofah or simply going for a massage.



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